College Newspaper Article – A Look Ahead # 3

Peter Kent reports:

It’s that time again where we interview (hopefully) a star of the 2012 Olympics. This time, it’s the turn of Rosalia.

I met Rosalia in her dorm and as she was warming up for gymnastics practice, it should come as no surprise that she, like the previous gymnasts I have interviewed, was completely naked.

PK: “Hello, Rosalia. I’m not interrupting am I?”

Rosalia: “Oh no, not at all.”

PK: “So, I see that you prefer to practice in the nude as well.”

Rosalia: “Absolutely. The first time one of the other gymnasts suggested it to me, I thought she had lost her mind! But I noticed that all the girls who practiced naked always out performed me so I eventually tried it and instantly found myself more agile and skilful. I haven’t looked back since!”

PK: “Excellent. So what are you up to now?”

Rosalia: “I’m just getting ready for my session. You know, stretching all my limbs like this…”

PK: “And you’re looking forward to 2012 then?”

Rosalia: “Yes. I’m very excited. Sometimes I can’t sleep thinking about how it will be with me on the balance beam with the whole world watching.”

PK: “Ahh, the balance beam. Is that your speciality? You must have great stability then.”

Rosalia: “Yes, it is my speciality. My balance is exceptional. I’ll show you. See how I can balance on this small table?”

PK: “Mmm. Yes, that is good, but I think I’ve just noticed something that you may have missed.”

Rosalia: “What? No, I don’t think I’ve missed anything. I would do more on this table to impress you but I must get to the gym now. Can we continue this in 10 minutes?”

PK: “Sure, but I really think you should check the mirror before you go.”

Rosilia: “Huh? No, I’m fine. I haven’t got the time anyway. See you in ten!”

PK: “But…”

[Rosalia slings a towel around herself then dashes out her dorm room.]

[10 minutes later]

Rosalia: “Sorry to have paused the interview but it’s just that there’s a lot more space in here for me to stretch out like this…”

PK: “Don’t worry. Your training is very important and that should always come first. Did you have a chance to check the mirrors here?”

Rosalia: “Oh, I don’t need to bother with that. I know my routines well enough to not use a mirror to practice with.”

PK: “Okay… but I didn’t mean that… So anyway, when manoeuvring on the balance beam, will all the flashes from cameras put you off? It must be easy to lose concentration and then lose your balance.”

Rosalia: “Well, one just has to try hard and concentrate. Going through the complex routines in your head is what helps you keep your focus. For instance, I’m going to have to go from this position…”

“…to this…”

“…and then to this…”

“…all in one move.”

PK: “Wow, you’ve got really nice lips!”

Rosalia: “Why, thank you! I’m very flattered. I try not to wear lipstick as I prefer the natural look.”

PK: “Gosh! I didn’t realise I had said that out loud. I wasn’t actually talking about those lips… Erm… anyway, going back to what I asked you before, that routine you just showed me looked pretty tricky. Will you be able to keep your concentration and not be distracted by the crowds?”

Rosalia: “Yes! With all my focus, I’ll be able to ignore the crowds completely and…WHOOPS!


PK: “Oh dear! Are you all right? That was quite a bad fall.”

Rosalia: “Oh, I didn’t fall. I intended to do this move…”

PK: “Are you sure you’re alright? That looked like quite a hard knock”

Rosalia: “Yes, alright, I did fall. And yes, I’m fine thanks. As long as I don’t do that in the competition, I’ll be ok… you didn’t take a picture of me falling over just now did you?”

PK: “Err… No… I didn’t…”

Rosalia: “Are you sure? Let me see the camera stills!”

PK: “Err… Ok, well I think now is the time to tell you that the reason I thought you should have checked the mirror before was because it looks like you might be in violation of the dress code. I think you have forgotten to shave.”

Rosalia: “What?! Of course I haven’t, see… Oh no! Why didn’t you tell me before I left my dorm?!”

PK: “I did try to but you kept insisting you were fine.”

Rosalia: “Oh, great! If an inspector comes in right now, I’ll be in big trouble. This is your fault! You’ll have to fix this!”

PK: “Huh?!”

Rosalia: “Look, there’s some spare shaving cream and sticks in the showers. Grab them quick then come back here. You’ll have to shave my vagina as I think I sprained my wrist when I fell.”

PK: “Can’t one of the other girls do it?”

Rosalia: “There’s no one else around right now so come on, please!

PK: “Well… I… Okay then, if I really have to…”

[Five minutes later]

Rosalia:  “Wow! That’s really smooth. You’ve gotten rid of all my pussy hair! You’re good at this! If my wrist’s not better by tomorrow, I’ll have to get you to shave my vagina again.”

PK: “Err… I don’t think that’ll be necessary as it will take a day or two too grow back.”

Rosalia: “No need to be shy, you did a good job!”

PK: “I better leave you to it now. Thanks for the interview and good luck for 2012!”

Rosalia: “Thanks for the shave. You saved me an inspection! Bye!”

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    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Exactly why does it matter so much? I refer you to the discussion that took place here, from comment number 15 downwards.

  1. ...?

    I checked the Dress Code, and pubic hair is considered a bottom and therefore not prohibited, provided that you are not wearing anything else that could be considered a bottom or body cover such as a dress, skirt, pants, panties or stockings. As Rosalia was wearing absolutely no clothing, her pubic hair was the only bottom she was wearing and thus she should have had no reason to worry when she saw the inspector. Peter Kent also did not have to point it out, either.

    This fact has been applied by girls many times in the past. This is just one of many examples that can be found.


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