College Newspaper Article – A Look Ahead Round Up

Peter Kent reports:

With our look at the 2012 gymnasts coming to an end, unfortunately, I did not have time (or the editorial space) to interview all the lovely gymnasts flying out to England for the Olympics next year. I had to disappoint several of them who could not be interviewed. To appease them a little, I promised to take photos of them all to include in this round up so that their popularity would be boosted by the publicity as has happened with the girls I interviewed. All the gymnasts we keen to show that practicing their art in the nude made them far better than their competition from around the world.

Here we have Jordon proving she has what it takes to be a top gymnast. She was demonstrating to me how she can touch the floor without bending her knees.

Carli here, like the rest of the gymnasts, is very excited to be a part of the 2012 Olympics. She is clearly keen to show these talents to the rest of the world.

After her leg stretch, I challenged Carli to perform a more strenuous move. She did not disappoint and produced this:

Team work among the gymnasts is very important. Celina and Shelly wanted to prove this to me by showing how they often worked as a team. Here they are helping each other with their warm up stretches.

When I photographed Carli earlier, her friend and fellow gymnast Paris was present. After I challenged Carli to perform a more strenuous move, Paris started a friendly competition, betting that she could copy Carli’s move and perform it better than her.

Danni here was deep in training when I took this. She was glad I was taking her photo but didn’t want me to interrupt her session and told me to just get as close as I could without her kicking my head as her leg went up and down.

Chelsea was practicing in her dorm room. She is one of the newer girls to the college who managed to qualify for the USA team and wanted me to take a photo of her proving that she is just as good as the girls who have been here much longer. However, being as new as she was, she wasn’t quite comfortable practicing completely naked…

…but she soon realised that while naked, she could push her body further and give herself a much better practice session without overheating.

Another newbie to the college who has qualified for the USA team is Holly. Like some of the other new girls, she fully believes in the practicing naked technique but doesn’t quite have the confidence to go fully nude just yet.

Lucy was keen to show me how she uses her panties. As readers of the college newspaper know, panties at the college are banned. Lucy however, has a stockpile of them as the sets of stockings she buys often come with the matching panties. As she is not allowed to wear them, rather than waste money and throw them away, she invented a workout routine using them that will strengthen her leg muscles.

I found April here in the fitness gym. She wasn’t sure what kind of pose to do for her photo. I told her about the poses Carli and Paris did when I challenged them earlier and asked April to demonstrate something highly technical and difficult. She said she could go one step better than the other two girls and this is what she came up with.

Being a top gymnast is not all about hard work and nothing else. It is very important to warm down and rest the muscles after a demanding session. Here is Nessa chilling out just after  her strenuous practice.

Another girl I found relaxing just after her session was Iris. At first, I thought she was still deep in a training session, as her posture suggested, but she told me she was actually in a relaxed position and said that as her body is accustomed to gymnastic positions, she finds it very comfortable to watch TV sitting like this:

And finally, Alyssa told me that the top gymnasts are actually always in training. All around the college are ordinary objects that a trained gymnast will see as a practicing tool. I awoke one night of thirst and took a trip to the kitchens for some hot chocolate. I was surprised to find Alyssa balancing in between the kitchen counter tops. She saw the astonished look on my face and told me she was getting in a little late night practice while she was waiting for the kettle to boil for her own hot drink and thus explained the previous statement about the gymnasts always being in training.

And that concludes our look at the highly skilled gymnasts representing the USA at the 2012 Olympics. We wish all these talented girls the very best of luck!

[I’ve forgotten to mention in all my posts that you can click on most of the images for full size pics but I guess most readers already know that. (That last pic is HUGE!)]

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    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      It must be a former Olympic great whose identity is a closely guarded secret so that he/she will not be poached by other colleges.
      I think the trainer is looking for an assistant, if you’d like to apply. No experience necessary as full training will be given. The only criterion is that you’ll have to show a keen interest.

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    I keep coming back to her!!! I can’t. Really stop myself. This is almost daily!!!!!

    A look ahead round-up.


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