Central High Principal Apologizes

The Central School District School board reported today that the high school’s principal, Alfred E. Neumann, has agreed to make an apology to the junior and senior girls who were forced to strip down to their underwear in the cafeteria during lunch period. “Girls should not be forced to strip in front of their classmates,” said a school board spokesman.

The incident stems from a complaint made by a senior named Dawn Dewey, who came to school wearing nothing but a t-shirt and panties. When she and several other girls were asked to stand up during their lunch period and strip down to their underwear, Dawn initially refused, citing her lack of a bra. She said she would be embarrassed to remove her t-shirt in front of all her classmates. It wasn’t immediately clear whether Dawn’s relatively small breasts were a factor in her reticence.

The incident occurred during a busy lunch period, and was witnessed by about forty students, including the 24 girls who were asked to remove their outer clothing and an equal number of boys, mostly juniors and seniors.

Besides Dawn, one other girl, identified only as Sandra, also refused at first, to remove her t-shirt, while all the other girls stripped down to their underwear without any complaint. Several of the girls were not wearing bras, yet didn’t show any embarrassment at being forced to bare their breasts in front of all their classmates.

This left Sandra and Dawn still wearing their t-shirts. Sandra was a senior taking a College Prep class, and she was in the midst of a class project to grow out her bush in lieu of panties. As part of this project, Sandra had to avoid wearing any kind of bottom to school, and to wear the shortest t-shirt she could. On the day in question, Sandra was wearing a crotch-length t-shirt that covered her bush, but still left her cheeks quite exposed. As her bush wasn’t fully developed on the day of this incident, she was understandably reluctant to remove her shirt. But after she was allowed to turn her back to the boys, she agreed to remove her shirt, leaving only Dawn still wearing a top.

The principal commended the girls for their willingness to strip down to their underwear, and told them all the girls but Dawn are now free to leave the cafeteria, and attend their afternoon classes wearing only their underwear. But the roughly two dozen girls stayed put, because they knew the principal typically makes another offer. “Here it is,” he said. “If you all agree to let me pick one of you to strip naked, then I’ll let the rest of you put your clothes back on. As usual, I want every girl to close your eyes, including Dawn, and raise both your hands if you agree to let me pick one of you to strip. You, too, Dawn.”

The girls all closed their eyes, and then one, by one, they began raising both their hands. It didn’t take long for each girl to decide for herself that a one-in-24 chance of being stripped naked was better than attending classes in their underwear. All except Dawn, that is, who steadfastly refused to agree to the principal’s game. “Keep your eyes closed, girls,” said the principal as he paced behind and between the girls, playfully slapping some of them on their panty-clad butts. When he got to Dawn, he said, “It seems we’ve got a lone hold-out. One girl who wants to go to her classes dressed just how she is, right now. Can you guess who that is?” Dawn knew the jig was up. Her hands shot into the air. The principal was delighted.

“You can open your eyes, now, girls. You all voted for me to pick one of you to strip naked so that the rest of you can put your clothes back on. Guess who I’ll pick?”

One of the boys said “Dawn,” and everyone laughed. Everyone except Dawn, that is.

“How did you know?” the principal said light-heartedly. Then to Dawn, he said quietly. “If you take off your panties right now, and hand them to me, then I’ll pick a different girl.”

“No,” said Dawn indignantly.

“You voted along with all the other girls for me to pick one girl to strip. Now, I pick you, unless you take off your panties this minute, do I make myself clear?”

Dawn held back tears, but took off her panties, and slapped them into the principal’s hands. It was pretty clear why Dawn didn’t want to take off her panties. Her t-shirt was pretty short. Sure, it covered her belly button, but, well, let’s just say it wasn’t at all hard to tell she was completely shaven.

“Good girl,” said the principal. Turning to the other girls, he said, “I see some of you are wearing bras, and some aren’t. Is that fair? Dawn doesn’t think so. Cindy, and Kathy, would you please take off your bras? Any girl who agrees with Dawn that bras are unfair should go ahead and take them off now.” He waited, and sure enough, not one girl opted to leave her bra on. Some girls kept their shoulders back defiantly, while others covered their adorable little breasts.

“Debbie, I love that cute little top you were wearing with that micro-miniskirt. But, you know what? I think it would look even cuter without any bottom at all, what do you think?”

Debbie’s heart must have been beating right out of her chest. “Um, no, well, it’s meant to be worn with a bottom, sir,”

“Well, I’ve decided that your bottom is too cute to cover up, Debbie. Please take off your panties, and let’s see if I’m right.”

Debbie did as she was told, and stood tall, covering her pussy with her hands.

“Very pretty,” said the principal. “I think you’re the one. Would you like to be naked this afternoon?”

Debbie shook her head and looked pleadingly at the principal.

“I understand. You’re shy. So if you put on that cute top, and get out, I’ll pick a different girl.”

Debbie eagerly put on her top, and all the boys and girls watched her pretty bare-naked butt walk out of the cafeteria. It was hard for Debbie that afternoon, the poor girl was completely bottomless, but at least she wasn’t naked.

“What are you going to do, make each girl strip halfway? That’s not fair,” Dawn said.

“You’re right,” said the principal. “It’s not fair for me to pick which girl has to strip halfway. I want you to pick a girl, and you will offer her the choice of wearing just her panties the rest of the day, or going naked. If the girl agrees to go naked, then the game is over, and the rest of you can put on your clothes. But if, one by one, the girls leave the room wearing just their panties, then you, Dawn, will be the naked girl. Does that sound fair?”

Dawn shook her head.

“PICK!” yelled the principal.

“I won’t,” said Dawn.

“Then I’ll spank you, Bend over.”

Dawn bent over, and covered her face. Her little top rose up , and the boys could see she was excited. The principal gave her a gentle caress then SLAP! He hit her hard.

Dawn started crying, but refused to name any of the girls. But one by one, the panty-clad girls came to Dawn, and offered to leave. The principal made Dawn spread her legs, and he continued spanking her as the girls left one by one wearing only their panties, until Dawn was the only girl left. With tears in her eyes, she removed her top, and left the room,

The boys followed her, and tried to console her, saying things like “The principal is a real dick, etc.” And, indeed, her classmates were very kind to her all afternoon, taking care not to draw attention to her lack of clothing, or her rosy cheeks.

When she got home, Dawn explained to her mom that she had been punished for refusing to take off her top. Dawn expected sympathy, or even outrage from her mom, but instead her mom agreed with the school that she needed to be punished, so her own mom made her stay naked that evening.

“But I have a date with Doug,” protested Dawn.

“You should have thought about that before you disobeyed your principal.”

Dawn thought fast “But it’s cold out. Can I wear a sweater at least?” She had a big bulky sweater that was almost a sweater-dress.

Alas, mom saw through that ruse. “I’ll let you wear your cute little red sweater, but that’s it.”

There’s no question it’s a cute sweater. It barely covers Dawn’s tits, and leaves her belly exposed. With a miniskirt, it’s extra cute; a fun outfit to wear without any underwear. But the sweater by itself? That was a little too sexy, even for a date with Doug.

“Can I wear panties, at least? Just on the date. I promise I’ll take them off when I get home. Please?”

“Okay,” mom finally agreed. “You can wear panties and the little red sweater, but that’s it.”

“Oh, thank you, thank you!”

“But if Doug asks you to take anything off, you have to do it, even if you’re in public, do you understand?”


“Dawn, you have to learn a lesson!”

Needless to say, Doug enjoyed his date with Dawn that evening, and to be completely honest, Dawn did, too.


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    1. Amazing Dough

      What, him worry?

      Seriously though, there’s something about these Central High stories that’s incredibly sexy.

  1. sexy_pants

    I disagree, I think the principal’s conduct was fine and he should not have apologized. Girls will get stripped or spanked as part of school — that’s just life.


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