The Truth About Thigh Socks and Stockings

Hi, girls. Oh, and boys, too. (I keep forgetting that boys are as interested in the Dress Code as girls, especially now that boys have begun sharing some of the responsibility for Inspections!) Many of you know me, I’m Donna, the preceptor for the 3rd floor of Bodacious Hall. This letter is another episode of my “Truth About The Dress Code” series to help you girls (and boys) better understand the rules, and most important, to dispel some rumors that have been going around.

Today, we’re going to talk about thigh socks. These are basically stockings, but without a garter. They’re fun to wear, aren’t they? I know I used to wear them with a miniskirt in high school. You can imagine my surprise, then, when I came to the college and I was told I couldn’t wear a miniskirt with thigh socks. I wish someone had told me the reason, though, because I spent my whole freshman year having to choose between either a miniskirt or thigh socks. And those of you who remember me from my freshman year know I was such a scardy-cat, I hardly ever wore just the thigh socks.

It wasn’t until the very end of my freshman year, when a bunch of us girls were planning to wear thigh socks on a particular Tuesday morning. That morning, I got out of bed, sighed, and put on my favorite stripey blue and white thigh socks, along with a pair of sexy shoes, and nothing else. As usual, Crysta was sleeping like a baby. I can’t function without a good breakfast, so I woke her up just before heading out the door. But Crysta sprang uncharacteristically out of bed, and stopped me. “Wait,” she said, panting by the door.

I laughed, because she was stark naked, half-way out the door, and physically restraining me in a way that made it look like we were wrestling. Meanwhile other students, including some girls wearing nothing but shoes and thigh socks were walking past us, pretending not to notice what they must have thought was a spat between roommates. “What is it? Wait. Are you blushing?”

Crysta rarely blushed, but she had a secret, and I knew what it was. She covered her face, and then her boobs.

“You’re blushing! Because you’re scared to show your boobs in public!”

“Shhh!” Crysta said, pulling me back into the room. “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Your boobs?” I laughed.

“Well, kind of. Why can’t we cover our boobs when we wear thigh socks?”

“Because of the ‘overlap’ rule, silly.”

“But a top doesn’t overlap a pair of thigh socks.”

I sighed. It’s so tiring to repeat ad nauseum  the official College rules. “Yes, honey, but thigh socks cover a girl’s thighs, and so they’re a bottom. And a girl can wear only one bottom, even if it doesn’t cover her pussy.”

“But I’m talking about wearing a top, silly.” She playfully smacked my bare bottom, and then noticed that I was excited, and licked her finger seductively.

I tried to ignore what we both knew: talking about the Dress Code gets me excited. “Yes, honey, but when you’re wearing any kind of stockings, then you can wear a garter to hold them up, but no other top. It’s right there in the Dress Code rules.”

“Have you looked it up and actually seen that rule?”

“No,” I admitted.

“So you’re basing this on our freshman orientation, right?”

“Of course–”

Crysta doubled over with laughter. “So the whole reason all the girls in the entire campus go completely topless whenever they wear stockings is based on that stupid orientation presentation?”


“Don’t you get it, Donna?” Crysta began stroking my butt cheeks, and it felt really good, but I pretended not to notice. “They were saying that the stockings count as a bottom and the garter counts as a top, so if you wear stockings and a garter, you can’t wear any other clothes. Then they said that thigh socks are like stockings; anything covering your thigh counts as a bottom.”

“No, that’s not true. Once I wanted to wear a pair of thigh socks as a bottom, and a t-shirt as a top, and you said it would violate the Dress Code, do you remember?”

Crysta stroked my hair, and gave me a quick kiss before answering. “I remember your t-shirts, Donna. Short enough to show a lot of cheek, but baggy enough to pique the imagination. Do you still wear them?”

“Sometimes, but not that often. They don’t really cover my pussy that well.”

“Do you ever wear a bottom with a t-shirt like that?”

“Of course not!” My eyes widened as I realized where Crysta was going with this. Even though the top wasn’t quite long enough to fully cover my pussy, it was still too long to wear with a bottom, and since thigh socks count as a bottom, well… “Oh,” was all I said.

“But you could wear a belly shirt, or a little sweater, or even a sports bra, right?”

I nodded. “I never thought of that, Crysta. But what’s the use, anyway? If I have to wear a top so short it doesn’t cover anything, then why bother?”

“It’ll cover your tits, at least.”

I laughed. “Oh, yeah, I never even thought of that. But on the other hand, if only my pussy is exposed, won’t it attract even more attention?”

“So then you won’t mind if I borrow your little red sweater, then?” I relaxed to let a pair of her beautiful slender fingers inside.

“When you put it that way, how could I say no?”

So off we went to breakfast, Crysta wearing nothing but my little red sweater, and me wearing just my blue and white thigh socks. What a sexy couple we were!

So, girls, that’s my story. Go ahead and wear stockings with a garter belt if you like. But if you want to wear the kind of stockings that don’t need a garter belt, or a pair of thigh socks, then if you want to cover up your boobs, you can wear a little top if you like.

In summary, here are my rules for wearing stockings or thigh socks.

1. Wear the stockings as a bottom, and then if you feel comfortable not wearing a top, there’s no need to wear one.


2. If you feel you must wear a top, make sure it’s short enough to show your belly button. Otherwise, an Inspector may quite rightly point out that your top is a short dress, and you can’t wear a dress with any kind of bottom, not even stockings. As an example, here’s a picture of a girl who unwisely decided to wear a really cute top with her stockings. She thought that just because her pussy isn’t covered, the top is okay to wear.


But as soon as she stood up, the unfortunate truth was revealed. Short as it is, her top touches the top of her thigh, which is more enough to make it count as a dress.


3. NEVER, EVER wear panties! Don’t even think about it! Why this girl left her dorm room wearing panties I’ll never know.


She is lucky a nice boy noticed her Dress Code Violation and encouraged her to remove them before an Inspector showed up. As you can see, the girl is very shy about removing her panties in public, but she knows it’s the right thing to do.


There! Doesn’t she look a lot prettier now that she’s obeying the Dress Code? Now, she just needs to throw her panties away. Sure, a girl might try stuffing them into her vagina, but that’s why we have Inspectors. Best thing is to just let go of them.


4. Some girls feel a little shy about leaving their dorm room in the morning wearing nothing but a pair of stockings. Rest assured that a pair of thigh socks or stockings is a full bottom, and no one will look at you and think your bottom isn’t decently covered. While most girls are satisfied by that explanation, some girls feel shy about exposing their breasts. Again, rest assured that wearing a top is completely optional with stockings. No one will expect you to wear extra clothes that aren’t necessary.

Here’s a girl who is fully dressed in a pair of fishnet stockings, but she’s a little shy about leaving her room. So she looks out the window for a bit, and imagines herself out there, in public, wearing just her stockings. She imagines that a boy might slip his hand between her legs, and since she’s required to let him fondle her, she stops walking, spreads her legs, and bends forward to give him full access. Most likely she’ll be able to refrain from becoming sexually excited, but if not, the boy may want to have sex with her, right out in public. And she knows she’s not allowed to say no if she’s sexually excited. It’s one of the rules. Some girls call it “rape”, but she knows it will only happen to her if her body says “yes” by getting excited. Her girlfriends who have already been raped a few times this year say it’s no big deal. Once it happens the first time, then you kind of know what to expect, and you just go with it, and try to ignore all the people watching you.


6. Wait for your dorm to have a special day for girls to dress a certain way, like “Socks day” or “panties day”, and then even if wearing just panties, say, is your greatest fear, you won’t be alone. Yes, it will be exciting, and your excitement may show, making it possible you might get raped. But lots of other girls will be excited, too, and most likely one of the other girls will be raped instead of you. Being partly naked among a crowd of other girls who are partly naked is what makes it fun.

7. Fondling isn’t just for boys. Girls can fondle other girls, too. If your pussy is showing, and you’re feeling uncomfortable about that, just find another girl whose pussy is showing, and begin fondling her. Just like that, all the attention is on her as she’s forced to spread her legs, and let you touch her. When she becomes visibly excited, you can strip her naked; she won’t object. Then it’s fun to tease her by forcing her to kneel with her legs spread apart, and stroking her breasts, belly, butt, and inner thighs, but leaving her pussy alone. Watch her nipples get erect as you trace a single finger between her shoulder blades, then down her spine to her coccyx, and gently into her butt crack. When you reach her asshole, her back will arch. Watch her vagina closely as it opens all by itself! Kiss her pretty cheeks, then “accidentally” brush your lips against her beautifully puckered asshole while you stroke one of her soft, tender thighs right up to her lips, but not quite, so she suffers. If she seems like she’s about to cum, stop, and let her settle down a bit before rubbing her some more. By this time, there will almost certainly be some boys ready to rape her. Tell them they can take off all their clothes while they’re waiting, and then tenderize the girl just a little more. Pick the most adorable of the naked boys, and let him fuck her until they both cum.


Did you cum, too? That’s normal. You might as well take off your clothes, and spread your legs so one of the boys can fuck you, too. If this was your first time being raped, well, it wasn’t that bad, was it? And it’s nice to be able to hold the hand of another girl who is also getting raped.


When the boys are finished raping you and the other girl, then you should look for your clothes. If the boys were gentle with you, it’s customary to offer them an item of clothing. It’s a kind of peace offering. Something to say there aren’t any hard feelings. It’s considered rude for the boy not to take the girl’s offering of clothes, so most girls spend the remainder of the day naked after they are raped. This is normal, and you shouldn’t feel upset by this. It’s not at all uncommon for a girl to lose her clothes during the day for one reason or another. Some of them lose their clothes after being raped. Others are forced to strip in class by teachers who use stripping as a punishment. Still others either fail an Inspection or opt to end the Inspection early, forfeiting their clothes. Surprisingly, another common reason girls end up naked is simply by playing stripping games with other girls, or even with boys. Just be aware that once you’re naked, you have an increased risk of being raped again and again.


The end(s).

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