Being Bottomless – Gina

Gina was like every other freshmen running naked back to the dorm following freshmen orientation. How a college thought it could get away with stripping the girls was a hot topic all night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Gina left the discussion when she realized two things: the girls were arguing about being stripped, yet they were all still naked in the dorm’s co-ed cafeteria, and the subject of having to shave their pubic hair to wear a skirt was a little too much for Gina.

Gina loved her little patch of womanhood. In fact, all during the debates, she caught herself running her fingers through the patch of hair. She decided, ‘I am not going to shave bare. No way. No how.’

Her roommate the next morning said, “Gina, didn’t you forget to do something in the shower?” as she rubbed some baby oil on her freshly bare pussy.

Gina said, “Nope. Allison, I refuse to shave myself completely bare. Pubic hair is a sign of womanhood, and I will keep mine.”

Allison said, “But the dress code? If they catch you, you know what the Dean said can happen. Do you really think you can keep it hid forever? Other girls in the dorm will know, and your secret is sure to escape. I heard one junior telling another freshman that some inspectors will let you off easy if you can give them the names of offenders, and the main one is pubic hair.”

Gina said, “It won’t be a secret. Everyone will know.” She slipped on a cropped tank top, and grabbed her bookbag. “Ready for first day of classes?”

Allison said, “No way! You are going bottomless?”

Gina said, “Not according to the Dress Code. My pubic hair is my bottom. It’s their rules. I’m just following them.”

Allison said, “I don’t think an individual protest will make them change their mind.”

Gina said, “Well, grow your bush back and join me.”

Allison’s knees involuntarily snapped shut. “I couldn’t.”

Gina said, “Suit yourself.” She turned and walked out of the room.

Allison threw on her sundress, not too long, but not too short, and hurried after Gina. Running, Allison barely noticed the sundress hem bouncing up and down giving the nearby inspector an excellent view to not stop her.

Allison caught Gina on the Common Grounds. As Allison pulled Gina to a stop, two upperclass girls walked by wearing sheer lingerie outfits and laughing to each other.

Allison said, “I never could do that, or what you are doing, but Gina, you have to be reasonable. Look around. You are bottomless regardless of what the booklet says.”

Gina started pointing out various girls walking around campus. Some had skirts so short, everyone could see they shaved. Others wore mesh or otherwise see-thru outfits and walked past the inspectors.

Then Gina and Allison caught the eye of an inspector. He stopped them. He took a glance at Gina and smiled. “No violations here, although I’d love to see what is holding those diamond cutting nipples of yours.”

Gina said, “Is that an official inspector order, or a fantasy?” She flicked her right nipple, “And my nipples are not hard, they are just always extended. I thought an inspector would be able to tell the difference.”

He said, “First day on the job, and loving it. But I’m almost out of inspection slips. So, we’ll call it a polite suggestion.”

Gina said, “Maybe some other day. You’ve seen enough other girls tits for one day if you used up all your slips.”

He said, “Very well, but your friend here. I suspect you both did not get the word about grooming below. You are fine, but her dress is probably hiding a pretty little bush.”

Allison said, “No, it isn’t. I shaved this morning.”

He said, “I’ll have to see for myself, and we’ve seen some girls wearing tops with built-in bras, so I’ll need you to remove your dress completely.”

Allison said, “What?”

A small group formed around them. The inspector said, “You can remove your dress for the inspection, or I can ask for help in stripping it for you.”

Gina said, “Allison, just think of last night at the orientation. Do it quick, and get it over with. He’ll have to give your dress back once you prove it.”

Allison’s hands shook, but she pulled the dress over her head to reveal her tight body and freshly shaven pussy. The inspector smiled and touched her pussy. “Smooth. Well done. No bumps either?”

Allison said, “Can I have my dress back now? We’ll be late to class.”

The inspector handed Allison her dress, “Shame to cover that body.” He wrote something on the slip of paper and handed it to Allison. “Email me. I love to take you out sometime.”

Gina saw a few people breaking an opening in the circle around them. She grabbed Allison’s hand and pulled her out and towards class. Allison had to use all her strength to stop Gina. Allison slipped back on her dress. “You might want to run around half naked, but I’m not going to run around naked.”

Gina said, “You didn’t even notice, did you? Look at your nipples. My are naturally poking out. yours popped when everyone was looking at you. Then after the inspector felt you up, look at what happened. Those dumb guys would have seen or smelled your scent in the air. I did.”

Allison turned red. “Oh my! Thanks for saving me. How can I thank you enough? On my first day, too. This is going to be a long semester.”

Gina said, “You can thank me by not giving me a hard time about not shaving. Okay?”

Allison hugged her roommate, “Okay.”

In class, Gina did not feel bottomless at all. Several girls were naked. Clearly, they had been inspected and found in violation. The professor ignored lack of fashions on several girls and began his lecture.

After class a few girl gathered around Gina and asked, “How did you not lose your top during your inspection? They took everything of mine when they saw my pubes.”

Gina explained, “I wasn’t inspected. I left the dorm like this. According to their rules, I’m decently covered below. If they want to pretend that, then so can I.”

On Bush Day, Gina’s protest won her acclaim as the bushiest freshmen in the dorm. She would have lots to go to challenge Robyn’s bird nest of bush. Her pubic hair had never seen a razor. She had more pubic hair covering her bottom half than most girls wearing panties.

Gina told Allison, “There is taking a thing too far, too.”

It was Allison’s relationship to Gina that spared her a stripping for not even trying to grow a bush. Again, Allison was thankful to her roommate.

Gina started liking being bottomless. She would groom at times to a little strip with hairs on her lower lips. Minimal covering, but still reminding everyone she was a woman.

Then one day the unexpected, her mother was in the dorm room waiting on Gina to return. A cousin had died, and Gina’s mother came to tell her rather than phone. However, that story took an hour to come out as Gina’s mother threw a fit about Gina parading around campus bottomless. There was no sense in arguing the Dress Code’s definition. Gina knew she was bottomless even if the code allowed her to pretend otherwise.

In a fit of rage, Gina’s mother took all of Gina’s skirts, dresses, and pants, shorts, and panties. “If you are not going to wear them, we might as well donate them to someone who will!”

Four months ago, Gina would have been in tears to lose all her clothes, well, the bottoms at least. Today, she was a stronger woman. She helped her mother carry the outfits to a donation box. Her mother stormed away, then stopped. She turned around and came back to Gina. She kissed her, “Be good. I love you.” Gina hugged her mother.

Nothing was said of the bottomless daughter at college. Gina got the full surprised expressions when coming home for break. Her dad laughed his ass off hearing Gina explain the Dress Code and its effects. Gina’s little sister just kept staring at her older sister’s pubic hair. She wondered when she would start growing some herself. Gina’s brothers thought it a riot, and they pleaded with their mother to allow them to have friends over in the evening.

Gina’s mother decided a half naked daughter at school should remain half naked at home. Besides, Gina found out her closet and dressing drawers were cleaned out of anything that might cover her belly or on down.

Before Gina knew it. Relatives were stopping by, and word spread fast. Cousins were coming over in numbers never seen before. Aunts and uncles, and even word around the neighborhood brought friends by to see the returning college girl.

The day Gina dreaded was the day they went to visit her grand parents. Surprisingly, Grandma and Grandpa thought it wonderful. Grandma said, “I’ll be a great-grandmother in no time!”

Gina laughed, and said, “Can I finish college first?”

Grandpa said, “Depends on whether you can outrun those boys with their pants down.”

Gina was relieved her grandparents were so accepting. It was no wonder she loved them so much, and why she feared letting them down with her embarrassing bottomless situation.

On the drive back to college, Gina’s mother said, “Well, it seems everyone thinks your little bottomless protest is wonderful. I can’t stop you, but you do have to be careful.” They talked about everything happening on campus. Gina’s mother grew more concern, but when she realized Gina was handling it all without problems, and without ever being punished, Gina’s mother started to accept the idea. At the college, Gina’s mother hug her and told her, “I’m so proud of you. Be good. I love you.” Gina squeezed tighter until her mother playfully slapped Gina’s bare butt.

Gina’s next semester was now with the blessing of her mother and family. Every trip home become a family reunion. Grandma checking to find out if Gina had met a nice boy or not.

When summer break finally arrived, Aunt Sally called Gina, “We sure could use some help up here at the lake. Without Kirby, we’ll we are having a difficult time of it.”

Gina said, “Oh, I’d love to work at the lake, but well, mom still hasn’t given me anything to wear on my bottom.”

Aunt Sally said, “No matter, you come up here, and I’ll set my big sister straight.”

Gina talked it over with her parents. They agreed, but Gina’s mother said, “You started this bottomless protest. I expect you to see it through.” She ignored the fact they were out of school for three months. There was no one to protest.

Aunt Sally and Uncle Roger greeted Gina and her mother warmly that night. Ate dinner and had drinks on the porch watching the sunset and talking. Talking about Gina. Gina fell asleep having heard her mother carrying on all day on the drive.

When Gina woke, she was naked in bed. The sun wasn’t even up, but she heard voices below the loft. Gina’s mother called, “Gina, get down here. I’m leaving in a few minutes, and your Aunt Sally will need help opening the shop.”

Gina said, “Where’s my top?”

“Just come down here and give me a hug.”

Gina shrugged, and climbed down the ladder to the loft. She hugged her mother, and promised to be good. They hugged each saying together, “I love you.”

Gina walked her mother to the car, even though she was naked, it was still dark, and no neighbors could see through the trees. Another mother’s hug with a “Be good, I love you.”

Gina walked back inside the cabin. She heard the shower turn off. Gina asked Aunt Sally, “Where did mom put my top and things?”

Aunt Sally pointed to a small toiletry bag on the counter. “As far as your top and other clothes, we’ll those are moving 60 miles per hour away from you at the moment.”

“What?” Gina said.

Aunt Sally said, “It was the deal I made with you mother. She thought you were far too used to going bottomless.”

“So what, now, I’m going to spend the summer naked at the lake?” Gina asked.

“Is that so bad?” Aunt Sally asked.

Gina remembered all the girls who were stripped at school at one time or another. She always told them to tough it out. Accept the unfair conditions. Protest it. But abide by the rules. Her words came back to haunt her.

Uncle Roger appeared buttoning his shirt. He slapped Gina’s bare butt. “You’ve gained some weight over the last ten years or so. I had trouble carrying you up that ladder.” He reached over and grabbed his cup of coffee, “But my record is intact. Never dropped a naked girl in my life!”

Aunt Sally said, “Hush!” She turned to Gina, “Breakfast, then shower, then work. Roger will open, and we need to get over there soon.” She smiled, “At least we won’t have to wait around for you to pick out an outfit to wear.”

All summer, all naked, Gina measured out cups of worms for the fishermen, filling their thermos full of coffee, slapping their wandering hands, and surprisingly having a great time.

Aunt Sally teased one young man, “Either you have a hole in the bottom of your thermos or you like how the coffee is perked here.” There was no mistake, he had eyes for Gina, even more than the lust in many others stopping to see the local attraction.

It took half the summer before Aunt Sally allowed Gina to go on a date with the young man, and that date was spent on the dock just talking and watching the moon glow on the lake. That was the first of several evening they spent together.

Family visited now and then – often for a long weekend, but her mother stayed a week.

Summer ended early for Gina, as college started. The big family reunion at the end of summer had everyone admiring Gina’s full tan. Grandma still wished for a great-grandchild. Gina thought back to one moonlit night on the dock. Had the timing in the month been different, Grandma might have got her wish.

Gina didn’t even think to ask whether she could take some shirts and tops to college. She ignored them in her closet when she packed. Her mother did not say a word when the naked Gina appeared at the foot of the stairs holding a bookbag and her laptop backpack.

When Gina stepped out of the car at college, she heard, “That girl is naked over there!”

Before Gina could say a word, her mother yelled back, “That’s my daughter you are talking about. Please mind your manners.” She hugged Gina, and added, “Be good, I love you.”

Gina greeted Allison inside their new dorm room, “Hiya roomie!”

Allison looked at the golden tan all over Gina, and said, “Carrying your protest a bit further this year?”

Gina hugged Allison and said, “Mom’s idea, actually.”

Allison giggled, “I went a week bottomless this summer just to see if I could. Mom had a fit at first, but she got over it. And look!” Allison raised the hem of her pretty dress, “I grew my bush back. Shame, I’ll have to shave it off for tomorrow.”

Gina smiled, “Why? Didn’t I teach you a thing last year? What about your week at home?”

Allison said, “It wasn’t so much a week, but six days.”

Gina said, “That’s just one day after another. Keep adding days, and before you know, the semester will be over. Besides, we are sophomores now. We have to show those incoming freshmen how a college girl handles herself.”

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