Ashley’s Diary — Tuesday, April 14, 2009 (archives)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another naked day!  Taylor’s paint job is starting to show some signs of wear, especially on her pretty cheeks, most likely from sitting down on them.  Although at first I was upset that my butt isn’t painted, I’m starting to think I’m better off not having any paint on my cheeks, since my paint job is holding up well.  As usual, Taylor smacked my butt a few times, letting her fingers slip into my crack.  I responded by kissing her, and stroking her pussy, with the net result that we both got pretty excited.  “Stop,” I whispered as we hugged.  We both stopped touching each other, since just wearing body paint it was not possible to hide our excitement from our classmates.

Becky, Kathy, and Meghan are all in the doghouse, and trying hard to get out of it, all to no avail once again today.  Becky’s thong and halter top afforded a great side view of her breasts, and despite once again being nearly naked, it wasn’t good enough to earn even a single point.  Kathy wore an apron that might have covered another girl’s breasts, but Kathy’s are bigger than most, and her apron was a little too small.  And it left her bare butt exposed to the elements, just barely covering her pussy.  And Megan’s luck was no better.  Wearing just panties and a half-shirt, she failed to make the grade.  The problem these doghouse girls face is threefold: First, they’re competing against us body-paint girls.  Second, as we near the end, none of us want to be in the doghouse, so we’re trying harder to stay out of it, which lowers the median hem length to just about zero.  Third, the girls with the fewest points face a disadvantage in the selection process, because of two girls with equal length skirts, the one with more points already will be selected.

I felt so sad for these three girls.  I kissed each one, and stroked her hair as she was told her outfit wasn’t short enough to earn points yet again.  I felt particularly bad for Kathy, since she would have to spend the rest of the day sitting her bare naked butt down on one chair after another, exposing it to view by all the boys.  She patted me on my butt, and said it was OK, that she would just try harder the next day.  I watched her go to her seat, put her head down, and begin to cry softly.

This morning’s pretty girl emerged from her apartment to retrieve the morning newspaper, stopping only to enjoy the fragrance of a beautiful flower.


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