Ashley’s Diary — Monday, April 13, 2009 (archives)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Taylor, Liz, and I have really bonded since we all accepted body paint.  I find their paint jobs really sexy, and apparently, they find mine attractive as well.  We always jump to the front of the room when the selection process begins, and we can’t keep our hands off each other.  We love to hug and kiss, and since my butt is bare, they love to smack it playfully.  Part of the fun, for them, is when they spank me, it makes me excited, and they giggle when they see my pussy all pink and wet.

But I can get Taylor back, because I know her weak spot.  I discovered quite by accident that if I kiss her full on the lips while she strokes my asshole, then she, too, gets excited.  So the more she smacks my butt and plays with my tenderness, the more I press my tits into hers, stroke her pretty hair, and kiss her.  Eventually, she can’t suppress her excitement any more, and she breaks free from me.

Since our body paint always gets us 2, 3, and 4 points, respectively, then after we get each other all worked up, we can gently stroke each others’ pussies as we watch the other girls squirm.

This week, we’ll be watching Becky.  She’s in the doghouse, and trying desperately to get out of it.  But unless she’s willing to try something really bold, she won’t succeed.  Today, for example, she wore a tiny little dress, and no bra or panties under it.  But even though it didn’t even cover her pretty butt, it wasn’t long enough.  You see, the girls like Becky who have so few points have to try that much harder to wear a short enough dress.  So once again, Becky earned no points, and once again, she has to bear the shame and humiliation of wearing a dress so short that her lack of panties is clearly evident.

“You’ll have to try harder, Becky,” I whispered in her ear, as I stroked between her legs, from her pussy to her asshole, and then back again.  To my surprise, she responded not by pulling away, but by kissing me, and stroking my own asshole.

“I will try harder,” she promised.

Today’s pretty girl is wearing a semi-sheer micro-minidress.  “You can’t wear anything under a dress like this,” she says, and I agree.  A bra or panties would show, and that wouldn’t look good.  Luckily, the dress is just barely long enough to look great on her.


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