Archived: Shorts, part 1: Donna Gets Nabbed (exhib, humil, FF)


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Shorts Part 1: Donna Gets Nabbed (exhib, humil, FF)

Donna returned home to her dorm room, finding Crysta already there, wearing just a camisole.  Donna was topless, which aroused Crysta’s interest.  Donna rarely went topless in public.  “What happened to your shirt?”  Crysta wanted to know.

Donna handed Crysta the summons she had received.  “I was nabbed by the Panty Patrol.”  That was the girls’ pet name for the Dress Code inspectors.

Crysta admired Donna’s firm breasts for a couple seconds, then took the ticket out of her hands.  “That was the second time you were stopped this month, wasn’t it?”

Donna’s breasts jiggled as she put her hands on her hips.  She was annoyed.  She still had not come to terms with the basic unfairness of the Panty Patrol whose ostensible purpose was to enforce the Dress Code and thereby promote decency, but whose practical effect was just the opposite.  “Third, actually.  I was stopped twice before, but both times I was able to avoid a ticket by doing a little strip-tease.”  She winced as she recalled having to pull her shorts down to her ankles and wait patiently while the Inspector made sure she wasn’t wearing panties.  “But this time I got a ticket for indecency.  I tell you, Crysta, I’m sick and tired of being hassled like this.”  Donna frowned, but only for a second.  Then she smiled, and said,  “The one that stopped me today was kind of cute, though.  He asked me if I wouldn’t mind taking off my shorts so he could verify I wasn’t wearing any panties.  I tried to flirt with him in hopes of avoiding a public inspection.  I smiled, and put my arms around his neck, and whispered in his ear that I know the dress code, and I would never wear panties under shorts.  I even pushed the shorts aside and showed him my pussy.”  Donna demonstrated for Crysta, and Crysta nodded — it was pretty convincing evidence of no panties, she agreed.  Donna continued her story, “He insisted, though.  I should have just taken them off and showed him my naked pussy, because there wasn’t much of a crowd then.  But I’m really getting tired of taking my shorts off in public every day.  So this time I begged to keep my shorts on.  I guess the discussion got heated, because we attracted a crowd.  He made me assume the “arms-up at-ease” position.

Crysta said, “Uh oh, I guess the flirting didn’t do the trick.”  The inspectors usually reserve the “hands up” treatment for girls who are giving them trouble.

Donna said, “Yeah, I know.  And that just attracted a bigger crowd, do you know why?”  Crysta shook her head.  “Do you remember the shirt I was wearing today?”  Crysta looked at Donna’s pert little breasts, and tried to remember what covered them this morning.  Donna answered her own question.  “It was one of my cut-off T-shirts.”

Crysta remembered now.  “Oh yeah, it was cut off from a ‘Guinea T’.  That shirt had a lot going for it — it was short, so your breasts hung out the bottom of it.  It was thin, so your nipples showed through it even when you didn’t have hard-ons.  And the arm-holes were big, so your breasts could be seen from the side.”

Donna nodded.  “That’s all true.  But there was one thing I didn’t like about the shirt.  I couldn’t put my arms up without exposing my tits.  And here was this cute guy asking me to do just that.  At first I hesitated, because of all the people looking at me.  But in the end I figured I might as well comply with his request, because he would just make it harder for me if I didn’t.  So I raised my arms, and let my girls flop out of my little shirt.  The crowd seemed to like it, but the cop thought I was a little slow to comply, so he was a bit rough with me.  He backed me up against a chain-link fence, snaked his handcuffs through it, and handcuffed me that way, with my hands over my head.”

Crysta said, “Was that hard for you?  I mean, standing there with all those people looking at your breasts, and being immobilized so you couldn’t cover up?”

Donna laughed. “No, not really.  I’m comfortable going topless.  I even arched my back to give everyone a good view, and the crowd seemed to appreciate that.  But I just wish I could get over my shyness about exposing my bottom.  I begged him not to take off my shorts.  He said he would just unzip them for now, so I heaved a sigh of relief and said OK.  He gently rubbed my inner thighs, prompting me to spread my legs apart a little further.  He unzipped my shorts, and pulled them apart, exposing my bush, but at least my pussy itself was still covered up.  He stood back and admired me, and I figured he was satisfied that I wasn’t wearing any panties.  I asked him if we were done, but he said no, he had to lower my shorts just a bit.  I got really mad then, and told him NO!  I yelled at him, saying anyone can just look at my bush and see I’m not wearing panties, but he insisted.”

“What did you do?” Crysta asked.

Donna could see Crysta’s pussy watering at the thought, so she decided to spin it out a bit.  Why rush the story, she thought.  “Well, I reminded him that all inspections are voluntary, and that seemed to slow him down, but for just a second.  He said if I didn’t want to lower my shorts, then he would respect that, but I would have to let him feel inside them.”

“You said no to that, I hope,” Crysta said.

“Well, he was kinda cute,” Donna replied.

“So you let him feel you?!  But why?” Crysta asked.

“Because I was feeling too exposed already — not just my tits, but my bush was on display, too.  I just wanted him to feel that I didn’t have any panties on, and let me go about my business.”

“There was more to this story, wasn’t there?”

“No, what do you mean?  I just wanted this to be over,” Donna said.

“I see your nipples are hard right now.  Were they hard while this was happening?”   Donna didn’t answer, so Crysta got to the point.  “You were getting a little juicy, weren’t you, and that’s why you were embarrassed to let people see your pussy.”

Donna blushed.  “OK, yes.  My pussy was getting a little excited from the public inspection, that’s true.  I was hoping to avoid showing it to the crowd of people who were watching,” she admitted.  Donna paused, and then said, “Well, should I go on with my story?”

“By all means!”  Crysta was getting a little juicy herself, Donna couldn’t help noticing.

“Where was I?  OK, so I told him he can put his hand in my pants.  But instead of starting with my pants, he put his hands on my breasts, and started making little circles around my nipples, which were already hard, as you guessed.  I was thankful for what little coverage my shorts still provided, because his touch was really turning me on.  Then he let his hands slip down my sides and underneath the waistband of my shorts.  He gently traced the edge of my shorts with his fingers, tracing the waistband around my butt cheeks.  Crysta, I can’t tell you how great he smelled when he rubbed his uniform against my naked breasts.  When he got to my butt crack, he began tracing along it with one finger.  My legs were apart, so my cheeks were separated, leaving me vulnerable.  He whispered in my ear not to tense up as he inspected me.  So I resisted the temptation to squeeze my cheeks together, giving him free rein to explore me.  He felt my asshole, and kept going until he reached my pussy from behind.”  Donna inhaled deeply as she remembered the mingled sensations of his scent and her own excitement.  “I was afraid he would feel how wet I was, but luckily he he changed direction, and brushed past my asshole again as he palmed my ass cheeks with both hands.  I have to admit, he gave me a nice ass-rub.  Then he traced his fingers around my thighs to my front, and brushed past my pussy again very lightly.  It made me shiver.”

“That seems like a pretty thorough inspection,” Crysta pointed out.

“Yes, it was,” Donna agreed.  “By the time he was done, I felt like I was about to cum, but I tried to pretend I wasn’t so excited.  He told me I could move my legs closer together, so I did.  You wouldn’t believe what happened next.”

“Your shorts fell to the ground, leaving your swollen pussy in full view,” Crysta guessed.

“How did you know?”

“Because when he was giving you that wonderful butt massage, he was also gently lowering your shorts, but you didn’t realize it because he was turning you on so much.  Then, when you put your legs together, there wasn’t anything to hold the shorts up any more, so down they went.”

Crysta’s bright pink pussy betrayed her enjoyment of Donna’s story, a fact that didn’t go unnoticed by Donna.  She rested her hand gently between Crysta’s legs, and traced the soft, slippery folds of her inner lips as she continued her story. “So there I was, my arms tied up above me, and just about naked, with a big crowd around me.  Exactly what I wanted to avoid.  The only saving grace was with my legs together my bush covers my pussy, so people in the crowd couldn’t see how excited I was.  It was pretty clear the inspection was over, so I asked him to untie me and let me go, but he said not yet.  I said why not?  I’m obviously not wearing any panties, so I should be allowed to just go on my way.  He said he didn’t like my tone, and I should assume the position again.  Well there’s no way I was going to open up my sopping wet pussy for everyone, so I said after you pull my shorts up I’ll assume the position for you.  He said I could stay tied up like that for ever, unless I assumed the position.  He was very insistent, so finally, I obeyed him.  I swear I heard the crowd gasp as they saw my swollen pussy.  My glistening inner lips protruded between the outer ones.  I was so embarrassed.  I had no idea what he had in store for me, so I just stood there for a minute.  The crowd was all around me, but thank God none of them were touching me.  They were looking closely at my pussy and my breasts.  All this attention was making me more and more excited.  I felt like the next breeze that caressed my bottom would make me cum.  Finally, he revealed his plan.  He said although my shorts comply with the dress code, my shirt violates it by not covering my breasts well enough.  He untied me so he could take my shirt as evidence.  What a relief that all wanted was my shirt, and I could finally cover up my throbbing pussy.”

“So you put on your shorts and came home?” Crysta prompted.

Donna continued rubbing her roommate’s slippery clitoris.  “Not right away, unfortunately.  Right after he took my shirt, he put my hands back in the cuffs.  He said he wanted to make sure the crowd had gotten a good chance to look at me, if that was OK with me.  I was tied up, completely naked, and about to explode in orgasm, so I wasn’t in a position to disagree.  I just stood there with my legs apart, and my pussy wide open, hoping I didn’t cum with everyone watching.  He invited the crowd to take a closer look, but thankfully no one did.  At least, not at first.  Finally, one pretty girl asked me if she could touch me.  I glanced at the inspector, who was holding my shorts, and then turned back to the girl, and said OK.  She knelt before me, and put one hand on each side of me.  Then she rubbed my ass, slipping her fingers between my cheeks, and fondling my asshole.  I can’t tell you how exciting this was!  Then, she gently licked my pussy as she continued gently stroking my asshole.  Please stop, I begged.  I was so afraid of cumming in public.  But the girl kept on taking long strokes with her tongue.  My knees buckled, spreading my legs farther apart.  I felt my pussy and asshole start to twitch, and I knew there was no turning back.  I must have let out a scream, because the girl backed off, and everyone in the crowd took one step back, leaving me all alone.  It felt like a thousand orgasms, crashing in on me all at once!  And with everyone watching me writhe with excitement, too!  When it was over, I was too exhausted to feel shame.  The inspector untied me, gave me my shorts, and the summons, and sent me on my way.  I remember walking a long way before realizing I was naked, and then I put on my shorts.”

Donna’s story, now finished, had brought Crysta to a fever of excitement.  “Do you mind if I take off my shirt?” Crysta panted.

“Sure, Crysta, you never need to ask that question.”  Donna felt a bit uneasy that their door was still open, but if Crysta is comfortable being naked with the door open, it was OK with Donna.

Crysta, now free from the confines of her camisole, leaned back on her bed, and spread her legs apart, letting them hang over the edge of her bed closest to the door.  Anyone walking past at this point would have seen everything Crysta had to offer, but as it happened, no one walked by.  Donna knelt over her roommate, and started licking her sweet nectar, while rubbing her belly and legs.  As she licked, in sixty-nine position, her shorts-clad ass came ever closer to Crysta’s lips.  Before Donna knew what had hit her, Crysta pulled the strap of Donna’s shorts aside, and plunged her tongue into Donna’s pussy.  Donna let out a yelp of surprise, but kept licking Crysta’s pussy.  Some boys stopped outside the girls’ door to watch, but the girls didn’t notice.  As they kept at it, one of the boys commented, “It’s a thing of beauty.”  Another agreed, “It sure is.”  Before long, Donna came for the second time in as many hours, and Crysta wasn’t far behind.  The two girls collapsed in a heap on Crysta’s bed.


author: Richard Hertz


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