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Paint (FF, exhib, humil)

“Alright, what’s your dare?” asked Crysta, her ample breasts puffed out in a defiant gesture.

“I dare you to go all day wearing just body paint,” replied her beautiful brown-haired roommate, Donna.

“Body paint?” Crysta echoed, stalling for time.  When Donna didn’t answer right away, Crysta continued, “Do you mean I should put paint on my body instead of clothes and go out in public that way?”

“It’s not ordinary paint,” Donna replied.  “It’s special paint that colors completely.  You’re covered up with color instead of with clothes.”

“Is it thick, like clothes?”

“No, it’s thin.  It has to be thin to let your skin breathe.”  Seeing Crysta’s doubt, Donna added, “but don’t worry: the color covers you.  People will have to look very closely to see it’s paint and not tight-fitting clothes.  Let me show you what I mean.  Look at this website.”  Donna went to the computer at her desk, and logged on to, which had an excellent tutorial about body painting.  It explained the different techniques: oil-based makeup, latex, and tempera, for example.  Then Donna went to another website, (unfortunately no longer in existence), which had more pictures and links to still other websites.

Crysta sat down at Donna’s desk, and spent a lot of time taking in all this information.  It amazed her that the rich vibrant colors and sharp contrasts can completely obscure facial and body features.  Some of the models in these photos are completely naked under the paint, but their body parts are indistinguishable from the design overlaid on them.  Most models have their face painted as well as their body.  This makes their face unrecognizable, which many models prefer.

Crysta said, “I like this picture of Yamila Diaz from the 1999 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.”  She’s wearing a latex bathing suit that was painted on.  “Do you see how it doesn’t cover completely to the bottom of her cheeks?”Donna leaned closer to the screen.  “Oh, yeah.  It’s just painted onto the upper part of her cheeks, with nothing at all between her legs.”
Crysta’s eyes really lit up when she saw the next picture.  It’s a pair of blue jeans, airbrushed on.”Except this model is wearing a bikini bottom,” Donna said.  “You could get a design like this, just without the bikini bottom.”
Clicking the mouse, Crysta said, “I like this one, too.  It’s a floral design.  These pictures show the front and and the back.  I wonder how long she’s been wearing this paint.  It’s starting to wear off in the front right by her lips, where her left leg joins her body.””It still looks OK to me,” Donna replied, anxious not to dissuade Crysta from wearing body paint..  “Do you think you could go in public dressed only in paint?”
“I think so, Donna.  But I would want to be wearing more color on my body, like this girl with the lobsters painted on her chest.””Oh, that is pretty,” Donna agreed.

Donna said, “If you’re not sure about these paintings, maybe there’s something else you can do.  Let’s talk to Tommy.  He’ll show us some of his work, and then you can decide whether you are willing to take the dare.”  Tommy was a hair dresser they both knew.  His real name is Tamaro, with the accent on the second syllable, and he owns the salon called Hair Today Gone.  The sign outside the salon reads “Hair Today Gone by Tamaro”.

Although Donna made the dare seem spontaneous, she had been planning it since last week.  She had already spoken to Tammy, and together they agreed to talk Crysta into the barest coverage possible.  After the sprinkler incident on Monday, Donna had come into the salon again, and Tommy was shocked to see the condition of Donna’s dress, and together they vowed revenge.  Tommy even agreed to trick Crysta into taking a very provocative design.  He said he would even use the less durable Tempera paint, which tends to flake off after it dries.  But Crysta didn’t know any of that.

“Will you pay for it?” she asked.

“Yes, if you’ll take the dare,” Donna replied.  Tommy had already agreed to do it for free, and although Tommy is usually booked months in advance, he made time for the painting the following Monday at 9:00 AM.  Donna didn’t let on that the appointment was already made, saying, “I’ll call Tommy and make the appointment.”

Knowing Tommy’s popularity, Crysta was pretty sure she had a few months before she would have to follow through with this dare.  So she was surprised the next day when Donna casually mentioned she had set her up with an appointment with Tommy the following Monday for the full treatment — hair, nails, bikini waxing, and painting.  “He also wants to talk to you ahead of time to get an idea what style you want,” Donna said.  “He said to drop in today.  Do you have time now?”

“Well, OK,” Crysta said, not quite over the shock of having to go through with this dare so soon.  The girls walked to the salon.

“Hello Donna,” Tommy gushed when the girls walked in.  “You must be Crysta.  I’ve heard so much about you, I’m so glad to finally meet you,” he continued, the whole time walking in a circle around Crysta.  The salon was very busy.  Most of the customers were women, but a few men were there, too.  Some of the women were wearing bikinis.  One was wearing just a bikini bottom, and she was half-painted in some abstract design..  Others were waiting to be painted, Crysta supposed.  Body painting was evidently a big part of Tommy’s business.  Looking around, Crysta could see two of the hairdressers were, themselves, body-painted.  Both appeared to be wearing body stockings that were painted in a vibrant style, but on closer examination, she could see the only thing covering them was paint.  Looking closely at the man’s genitals, she was amazed by the degree the paint disguised the shape of body parts.  The man’s paint-job was a jungle scene, with dozens of lions, zebra’s, and other creatures running up his legs, and onto his chest.  At the front of the stampede was an elephant, whose trunk was the man’s penis!  What a clever job, Crysta thought.

Tommy asked “What kind of style were you looking for?”

Crysta said, “I was hoping for something that people would mistake for ordinary clothing.”

Tommy said, “I know what you mean.  You want them to think at first glance that you’re wearing some sort of skin-tight stretchy thing with a floral print or some such thing, and then maybe they won’t stare at you long enough to see that it’s paint.”


Tommy continued, “But they will stare at you.  If it looks like a body suit with a floral print, they’ll be interested to look closer at your curves, and then they’ll see it’s just paint.”

“Then they’ll look away,” Crysta said, “because they’ll be embarrassed for having looked so closely.”

“Maybe so,” said Tommy.  “Would you want to be wearing a thong?  I can paint right over the top of it, and disguise it with the design.  No one would know what you’re wearing until they look very close.”

Crysta looked at Donna, who was shaking her head no.  “No,” Crysta said.  “Nothing but paint.”

Tommy suppressed a grin, because he knew the dare required Crysta to be naked under the paint.  “Well, if that’s what you want, I can do it.  But you should know about some limitations.  I can paint over your nipples, but I can’t paint over your lips or your butt-hole — we can only paint regular skin, OK?”

“OK, but can you work these things into a pattern so they won’t be so noticeable?”

“Absolutely.  A dark diagonal stripe that goes across both lips, for example, would hide any shapes underneath it, and draw the eye away.  That’s the key to these designs — to draw the eye away from your private parts, and toward the focal points of the design.”

Crysta nodded, and said, “Could you make it look like I’m wearing one of those two-piece stretchy work-out sets, you know the ones?  The top is like a sports bra, and the bottom is shorts.  Maybe with an abstract design…”

“Sure, I could do that, but I think you’d be much happier with a floral design — more colors, more shading.  And I don’t want you to be limited by the outlines imposed by the sports bra and shorts look.”  Tommy was starting to get impatient.  “Can you trust me to make a good design for you?”

“I suppose so, I mean yes,” Crysta said, not wanting to make Tommy any madder.

“Good,” Tommy said.  He reached into a drawer, and pulled out a smock, folded into a small shape.  “Wear this when you come in Monday morning,” he said as he handed her the smock.  “Nothing else.  Just the smock.  Nine o’clock.  Don’t be late.”

Having been so abruptly dismissed, Donna and Crysta walked quickly out of the salon.  Once outside, Crysta held up the smock.  It was very thin, and also very short.  Crysta held it under her chin.  “This is quite a bit shorter than the dress I have on,” she said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Donna said.  “You only have to wear it from our dorm room to here — a 10 minute walk.”  That’s what Donna said, but what she was thinking was Donna’s minidress just barely covers her front and doesn’t even fully cover her cheeks as it is.  This smock won’t cover anything at all, and Tommy knew it.  Donna smiled as she realized Tommy gave Crysta the smock to help Donna take revenge on Crysta.

When Monday morning finally came, Crysta put on the smock.  Besides being way too short, it had only one button in the front, at waist level.  So whenever the breeze blew, the smock opened up completely.  Crysta thought, I might as well be naked, but she said “OK, I’m ready to go.”

Donna said, “There’s time for breakfast.  Would you like to stop at the dining hall?”

“Like this?” Crysta asked, posing with her legs apart and arms out in a sweeping gesture.  As she did this, her smock opened up in the front, revealing everything.

“Well, yes,” said Donna, moistening at the sight of her beautiful roommate being forced to wear less than usual.  “but you could try to keep your legs together.  And take off your shoes.  Remember what Tommy said.  The smock and nothing else.”

Crysta put her legs together, took off her shoes, and stood in front of the mirror.  Donna stood behind Crysta, and together, the girls admired Crysta’s figure in the mirror.  The smock barely covered Crysta’s front, but it did cover it.  Donna could see the bottom half of each of Crysta’s cheeks, but she didn’t say anything.

“OK,” Crysta said.  “we can stop for breakfast.  But could you take off your shoes, too?  I don’t want to be the only barefoot girl in the dining hall.”

To Donna this seemed an odd request, but she took off her shoes anyway, and walked out of the dorm room.  Crysta hesitated.  Donna assumed Crysta was shy, wearing so little, or maybe because she was worried about the painting.  Little did she know what was in store for her, Donna thought.  After a bit, Crysta came along, Donna closed the door, and they started walking barefoot toward the dining hall.

Donna admired Crysta for being so comfortable wearing so little. If Donna had been required to wear this smock, she couldn’t have done it.  She would have hid in her room, or something.  There’s no way Donna would willingly go out in public with her butt cheeks hanging out like this.  But Crysta was different.  Maybe she didn’t know her butt was on display, but more likely she knew and didn’t care.  Or she knew and liked the way it teased the guys who look at her.  In any case, Crysta looked totally comfortable as she walked with Donna to the cafeteria.  “Tommy seems to be leaning towards a floral design,” Crysta said.  It was a bit breezy as they walked across the open space in front of the cafeteria, and the front of Crysta’s smock blew up on both sides, the flaps of thin cloth pinned to her belly by the wind.  Crysta did nothing to try to correct the situation.  Some boys were just leaving the cafeteria, and they got a good look at Crysta’s front, but Crysta pretended not to notice.  As they neared the cafeteria, the wind shifted, and blew up the back of Crysta’s smock just as the boys passed, and got another good look.  Crysta didn’t even put her arms down to keep the smock in place.  “Don’t you think, Donna?”

“What?” Donna said.  She hadn’t been listening.  She was too busy being amazed at how open Crysta is, and wishing she could be the same way.

“I said, maybe I should just let Tommy paint what he wants on me, because he seems to get annoyed when I give him suggestions.  Don’t you think?”

“Oh, yeah,” Donna said, remembering Tommy was going to try to paint the most provocative design he could.  Donna seized the opportunity to encourage Crysta to let Tommy do his thing.  “He’s a temperamental artist.”

As they entered the cafeteria, the guy at the desk held out his hands for the girls’ meal tickets.  “Oops,” Crysta said.  I forgot my meal ticket.  “and there’s no time to go back for it now, we’re running late as it is.  You go ahead, Donna.  I’ll just skip breakfast.”

The guy said. “You can leave something as collateral, and bring me your meal ticket later.”

“What do you mean, collateral?” Crysta asked.

“Anything,” the guy answered.

Crysta looked at her hands.  No rings, no watch.  Nothing for collateral.  “I have nothing to give you, except the smock I’m wearing.”

“That’ll do,” said the guy, eagerly.  Crysta had already unbuttoned it when Donna stopped her.

“No, you can’t, Crystal,” Donna said.  “You need to give that to Tommy.”

Crystal stopped undressing, and just stood there with her smock wide open, and faced Donna.  “What else can we do?”

“Maybe I have something for collateral,” Donna said.  She thought carefully.  I’m wearing just two items of clothing, my panties and my sun dress.  I hate to go without panties, but I hate to go without breakfast even more, so I’ll just take them off, and offer them as collateral, she thought.

“That would be OK, too,” said the guy, looking disappointedly at Crysta’s pussy, which was fully exposed, as her smock hung loosely at her sides.

Donna said, “I’ll give you my panties, OK?” and slipped them off.  She was quick about it, because she didn’t want to attract too much attention from the people behind them in line.  She handed over the panties, and the guy took them and held them up to his nose and smiled as he breathed in.  He seemed satisfied, but said, “Sorry, panties aren’t good enough.”  He pointed to a box behind him that was full of various kinds of underwear.  “People don’t come back for ’em.  You’ll need to give me something else in addition.”

“I’ll promise I’ll come back with the meal card,” Donna begged.  But the guy wouldn’t budge.  Meanwhile, the line of students forming behind the girls was starting to act restless.  “OK, give me back my panties, and I’ll give you my dress,” Donna said.

“No, I said in addition.”  They guy was firm — very firm by this point.

“If I had offered my dress first, would you have asked for my panties, too?”

“Probably not,” said the guy.

By this time, the line of hungry students had grown longer and much more restless.  Donna continued, undaunted by their catcalls, “Well then give me my panties back, and I’ll give you my dress.”

“You give me your dress first,” the guy replied, “and then maybe I’ll give you back your panties.”

“Come on, let’s just forget it,” Crysta said as she started to leave.

“No, I really want my breakfast,” Donna said.  Without waiting for Crysta to respond, Donna pulled her dress over her head, and handed it to the guy, who took it and threw it in the box behind him.  “May I have my panties back?” Donna asked.  She was mad now.  She stood naked in front of the desk, legs slightly parted, left hand on her hip, and right hand out, waiting for her panties.

“Let’s just have our breakfast, Donna,” Crysta said.  “You can get your panties later, OK?”  Crysta felt there was no way to win this argument, and that the girls might as well just cut their losses.

“That’s a good idea,” the guy said.  Have your breakfast, and get your clothes later.”  But Donna didn’t move.  After a tense moment, one of the students on line said, “Give the girl her damn panties.”  The guy started to hand them to Donna, but when Donna reached for them, he pulled them back.  On the second try, Donna was faster.  She snatched them out of the guy’s hand, and put them on.  The crowd cheered.  By this point, Donna was furious, but felt satisfied she won a minor victory.  As the girls got to the food line, Donna became aware of being topless now that she had calmed down.  She covered her breasts with her hands.

Crysta’s smock had been open all this time, and now Donna noticed it had slipped off her shoulders, and Crysta was wearing it around her hips.  Only her arms were holding it in place, and it was covering nothing except her behind.  “Here,” she said, slipping the smock off the rest of the way.  “Take the smock.  You can walk with me to Tommy’s, and return it to him there.”

Donna said, “But then you’ll be naked.  I’m fine wearing just panties, really.”  She really didn’t feel fine, but she didn’t want Crysta to go naked, so she pretended the panties were all she needed.  She took her hands off her breasts, and pulled her shoulders back.

“That’s OK, Donna.  It’s my fault I forgot my meal card.”  Crysta held out the smock for Donna.

Donna really wanted to cover herself up, so she thought about this, and finally realized it still won’t help.  “But then when I get to Tommy’s he’ll want his smock, and I would have to walk home topless.  I would be better off going back to our room in the dorm, and putting on another dress.  You should keep the smock.”

“But I was hoping you would walk with me to Tommy’s,” Crysta said.

Donna though about it some more.  “I know.  We’ll have a quick breakfast, go back to the room, get your meal card, come back here,” and Donna realized this was already too much running around. “oh that won’t work, either.”

The girls got to the front of the food line with Crysta still holding her smock in one hand, and Donna wishing she could cover up her exposed breasts somehow.  She felt herself becoming excited by the partial nudity, and fought a strong urge to rub her wet pussy through her panties.  Finally, she couldn’t fight the urge, and massaged herself through her panties.  The thrill of nudity was so strong that Donna pulled her panties down, just a little, so she could rub her clitoris directly, and hoping no one would see her do this.  The girls got their trays, picked out their food, and soon reached the end of the line.  The girls went to the drink area next, Crysta stark naked and Donna wearing just her wet panties, pulled slightly down.  Then they sat down.

“At least put on this smock while we think about what to do,” Crysta said, holding it out.

Finally, her intense need for modesty got the better of her.  Donna took the smock, and put it on.  It was quite a relief for Donna to be covered up once again.  Meanwhile, Crysta turned quite a few heads as she ate her breakfast naked.  The most amazing thing, Donna thought, is that she didn’t act like she was naked.  For example, when she finished her orange juice, she just got up, and got some more.  As it happened, when she pressed the button of the orange juice machine, nothing came out, so she turned around and called out to the worker.  When he didn’t hear her, she waved at him with both hands in the air, jumped up and down a little, and yelled again.  Donna thought Crysta was drawing more attention to herself than necessary.  Could it be that Crysta likes people to see her naked?  The worker came over, and as he fiddled with the machine, Crysta stood with her back to the audience that had now gathered, and her legs were slightly parted.  The worker hunched over the machine, and Crysta seemed curious about something.  She leaned forward slightly, bending at the waist to get a better look, and said something to the worker.  As she did, she separated her legs just a bit more, giving the whole audience got a good look at Crysta’s butt-hole and lips.  That couldn’t have been accidental, Donna thought.  Crysta must be showing off on purpose.  Just then, the worker closed the door of the O.J. machine, and Crysta straightened up, and got her orange juice.  As she turned around, the whole audience dispersed instantly as if it had never been there.  She returned with it to the table, apparently oblivious to the attention she had been receiving, and sat down.  “Have you figured out what we’ll do?” she asked.

“About what?” Donna asked.  Donna had been so interested in Crysta’s little show she had forgotten what they were talking about.  Actually, Donna had been more than just interested.  She had gotten even more excited, and still had her hand in her panties, rubbing herself absently.

“About getting your dress back, and returning my smock to Tommy.”

“Oh, that.  I guess I’ll just wear your smock to Tommy’s, then I’ll walk back without it.”

“That’s very nice of you, Donna.  I really appreciate it.”

As Donna got up, she realized her panties were wet.  She hoped it wasn’t obvious, but they were clinging to her, and that was uncomfortable.  The girls bussed their trays, and went out the exit into the bright sunshine.

Donna was a bit taller than Crysta, so the smock covered much less on Donna than it had on Crysta.  Donna’s panties were visible, both front and back.  After they had walked for a while, Crysta said, “I can see through your panties, Donna.”

Donna looked down and saw that the wet front of her panties had made them transparent.  She blushed, and put one hand over them.  Crysta said, “Don’t do that.  It just draws more attention.  Act natural.”

So Donna relaxed a bit, but couldn’t help thinking about how everyone could see her.  The more she tried not to think about it, the more she thought about it.  Worse, these thoughts were exciting.  Donna was dripping wet.

Crysta said, “Don’t be embarrassed.  I’m excited, too.  See?”  Crysta stepped into a doorway and faced Donna.  Crysta’s nipples were protruding from her beautiful breasts, but Donna couldn’t see any more evidence that Crysta was excited.  Crysta opened her legs, and said again, “See?”  When Donna still didn’t see, Crysta took Donna’s hand, and placed it over her own vulva, and said, “Now do you see?”.  Donna understood at once.  Crysta’s vulva was dripping wet.  Crysta placed her hand over Donna’s, and Donna’s middle finger slipped inside her friend.

“What got you so excited?” Donna asked, innocently.

“You did,” Crysta replied.  “That argument with the guy in the dining hall turned me on.  Seeing your panties, soaked as they are turns me on even more.”  Crysta then put her free hand around Donna’s head, and pulled her in.  She put her tongue in Donna’s mouth, and Donna surrendered.  Time stopped while they kissed.  Donna felt Crysta’s vagina pulse, and knew her friend came.

After a minute, Crysta let go of Donna’s hand, and Donna slowly pulled her hand away.  She said, “We’d better hurry,” although she was thinking let’s do that again.

“Yes.  Let’s get going,” Crysta said, and they started walking again.  Donna’s panties were completely soaked.  After they passed two guys on the sidewalk, Donna waited a second, then suddenly turned around to catch them looking at the girls’ backsides.  Donna just got more embarrassed and also more excited.

As they neared the Hair Today salon, Crysta stopped and said, “You’d better give me the smock now.”

Donna hesitated, because it was the only thing between her and total nudity now that her panties were see-through.  “Why?” she asked.

“Because Tommy will get mad if I’m not dressed exactly as he requested.”  Donna started to say that she didn’t want to be naked, but then she felt silly because Crysta really was naked.  Donna unbuttoned the smock, and slipped it off.  She tried to act casual, as if exposing her breasts in public was the most natural thing to her.  She straightened her back and even puffed out her chest a little.  For one thing, my tits might distract people from my wet pussy, she thought.

The girls started walking again as Crysta slipped the smock on.  She didn’t even have time to button it by the time they were at Tommy’s.  Crysta went in first, followed by Donna.  “What happened, Donna?  Did you lose a game of strip poker?”  Seeing Donna’s panties, Tommy said, “Let me dry those off for you,” and he held out his hand.

At first, Donna didn’t understand what Tommy wanted.  Then she realized he wanted her to take off her panties.  Donna didn’t know what to do.  It would be nice to have dry panties again, these were really starting to annoy her — so cold in the air conditioned salon.  But she was already topless, and without her panties, she would be naked.  After a moment’s hesitation, Donna removed her only item of clothing, and looked around the room to see no one was paying any attention to her.  “Crysta,” Tommy continued, “could you give Donna your smock, please?”  Crysta obediently slipped out of the smock, and gave it to Donna.  Donna put it on, and buttoned it.  It only covered down to her belly button, leaving her bottom exposed.  “Donna, have a seat, while we get Crysta ready.”

“Well, actually, I can’t stay,” Donna said.  I have a class this morning.  Donna turned to leave, then remembered the smock belonged to Tommy.  “Oh, your smock,” she said as she unbuttoned it.

“That’s OK, give it to me later,” Tommy said.

“Thanks,” Donna said as she turned to leave.  As she absently smoothed the back of the smock with her hand, feeling her bare backside, Donna realized she didn’t know what Tommy did with her panties, but they were probably not dry by now anyway, so they wouldn’t do her much good.  I might as well just wear this smock as a top, and go home bottomless, she thought.  Maybe I’ll have time to go home and put on some clothes before my class.

Tommy watched Donna’s nice round ass walk out the door, and then remembered her panties.  Before the door closed, he called “Donna!” but Donna didn’t hear him.  Tommy got the panties from under a hair dryer, where they were now not only dry but toasty warm.  Tommy looked to see if Donna came back, but she wasn’t in the store.  He went to the door, and called again, “Donna!”

Donna had already reached the end of the block.  She turned around when she heard Tommy call, and as she did, the wind blew the little smock almost right off her, since she still hadn’t bothered to button it.  She walked back to the salon with the smock hanging behind her like a Superman cape.  “What is it?” she asked.

Tommy held out her panties on one finger while he put his hand on his other hip.  “Forget something?” he asked.

“I didn’t think they would be dry yet, and I’m in a hurry.”

“They’re dry.  And if you put them on now, they’ll still be warm from the dryer.”

Donna took the panties, but didn’t put them on.  She wanted to air-dry a little more before putting them on again.  “Thank you, Tommy,” she said as she put her arms around him and kissed him on his cheek.

Donna didn’t see Tommy blush because she had already turned back to campus.  I’d better hurry, or I’ll be late, she thought.  She walked back to the end of the block, carrying her panties, and having still not buttoned her smock.  She just missed the “Walk” signal, so she pressed the button, and waited with her legs apart to dry off.  There were several near-crashes at the intersection as drivers focused on Donna instead of the road.  By the time the “Walk” signal appeared, and Donna crossed the road, she felt dry enough to put on her panties, but she didn’t want to do it in the middle of the sidewalk.  She ducked into the same doorway where she and Crysta had kissed, put on her panties, and resumed her trip back to campus. She passed half a dozen people on the sidewalk before she remembered to button the smock.  Even so, it showed a lot of cleavage.  She tried not to get herself excited again, although she couldn’t help wondering what was happening to Crysta.

Crysta was standing naked in the front of the salon.  She still felt wet, and so she didn’t want to sit down and leave a spot.  So she asked the receptionist if there was a restroom.  “Yes,” she said, “but it’s in the restaurant next door.  Let me give you something to wear.”  Feeling very grateful, Crysta held out her hand, but the receptionist gave her nothing more than a pair of flip-flops.  Crysta put them on, then tried to ask if she could wear a robe or something, but the receptionist was busy.  So Crysta started for the door wearing only her flip-flops.  “Come back,” said the receptionist, standing up.  Now Crysta could see she was wearing a fuzzy pink sweater on top, and a pair of hot-pants that were only painted on her bottom.  “Don’t you have any clothes to wear?” she asked.  Crysta said no.  She took off her sweater, and gave it to Crysta, saying, “This is all I have.”  Crysta thanked her and put on the sweater.  It covered her breasts, but nothing else.  Not even her belly button.  Oh well, Crysta thought.  Better than nothing.  And she walked out the door.

When she came back, Crysta handed the flip-flops and sweater back to the receptionist.  “Have a seat, Crysta,” she said, pointing to waiting area by the front door.  There was a couch there, along with a wooden chair, and two wooden stools.  There was already a man sitting in the middle seat of the couch, and Crysta didn’t want to sit next to him since she was naked.  She thought the chair looked best, but as she started toward it, a girl sat in it.  So she sat on one of the stools.  She tried to maintain a semblance of modesty by keeping her legs together.  Soon it became uncomfortable, though, because she couldn’t keep her feet on the rungs of the stool while her legs were together.  So she eventually relaxed her legs, and put her hands between them so people wouldn’t see anything.  It seemed to Crysta that a lot of time passed.  She got off the stool, and paced.  The couch was empty, so she sat there until a teenage boy sat next to her and couldn’t take his eyes off her.  At this point, Crysta would settle for any paint job or even no paint at all.  She was just starting to think about leaving, naked, when Tommy called her.

“Sorry for the wait, Crysta, we’ve been very busy.  Walk this way.”  Crysta imitated Tommy’s swishy way of walking.  It was her little joke.  Soon they were in an out-of-the-way nook near the back of the salon.  Crysta noticed two ropes hanging from the ceiling, each one ending in a loop at about eye-level.  Tommy crouched to take a close look at Crysta’s lips.  “You’re nicely shaved, thank you.”

“Yes, I shaved this morning,” Crysta said, hoping Tommy would find something else to look at soon.

Tommy straightened up, and said, stand up straight now, with your legs apart, and slip your arms through the ropes.  Crysta did as she was told.  As if reading her mind, Tommy said, “Don’t worry, this won’t take long.  The ropes are to keep you from accidentally scratching or touching yourself while I paint.  I’m going to draw the design on you lightly, then you can lie down while I do the actual painting.  I just need you standing up in one position so I can draw a single design that goes around your belly, and between your legs.”

“I understand,” Crysta said.  Then she couldn’t help giggling as he began his work.  “It tickles,” she said.  Tommy worked quickly, lightly touching her thighs, belly, buttocks, lips, and breasts.

“Now lie on the table with your legs apart.  I’ll put the paint on your front side.”  Tommy worked quickly, painting one color after another on Crysta.  They were deep, rich colors.  Crysta was pleased, because these rich colors would certainly cover up her nudity, and she wouldn’t have any trouble spending the rest of the day wearing just paint.  This dare was starting to look too easy.  Crysta was even starting to feel a little guilty for leaving her meal card in the room on purpose this morning so Donna would have to strip.

Soon, Tommy said, “Your front is done, Crysta.  Now stand up, and I’ll do your back.”  Crysta stood, and put her arms in the ropes again.  Tommy painted between Crysta’s legs, on her buttocks, and the top part of her thighs, and said, “You’re done.  Take a look.”  He brought her to the three-way mirror, and she stood there, stunned.

There was a bright flower covering each nipple, and vines and leaves growing up along her sides.  Another bright flower exactly covered her vulva, and not even a fraction of an inch more.  On each cheek of her buttocks were a few more leaves and vines, which don’t come anywhere close to her crack.  The overall effect was to draw attention to Crysta’s nakedness, rather than to disguise it.  Crysta wasn’t at all pleased by this.  “I wanted you to cover me more,” said Crysta.  “More like I was wearing clothes, I mean.”

“This is one of my finest works,” said Tommy.  “You’re covered where it matters, aren’t you? Your front, your breasts…”

“But this design draws attention to these parts.  What ever happened to drawing attention away with diagonal lines and focal points?”  Just then, some of the paint flaked off Crysta’s left breast.  Crysta rubbed it lightly, and more paint flaked off.  “What kind of paint did you use, anyway?”

Tommy was starting to get impatient now.  “This is my design.  If you don’t like it, don’t wear it.  I’ll wash it off.  You can lose your dare with Donna.”

Crysta wheeled around to face Tommy.  “You know about my dare with Donna?”  Crysta was really mad now.

“I don’t know, I mean, I was just saying…”

Crysta interrupted Tommy’s stammering to say “You will wash this off, and you’ll paint a good design on me, or else I’ll tell Donna you betrayed her confidence.”

Tommy thought it over, and said, “OK, what do you want?  I’ll do a good job.  Just don’t tell Donna.”  He was clearly nervous.

After another hour, Crysta was done.  This time, it really was a masterpiece.  Tommy had painted fishnet stockings on Crysta, along with high-heel shoes and a bright red and black garter belt that is just low enough that it seems to cover her privates.  In fact, Tommy had incorporated the shape of Crysta’s lips into the design of the garter belt so it really looked like she was — just barely — covered by it.  Tommy made the garter belt red, he explained, so even if Crysta separated her legs, the pink color between her lips would still look like part of the garter belt.  He even added a tiny bit of red food coloring between her lips to improve the effect.  In back, the garter is pulled up a little higher so it rides above Crysta’s butt-crack.  This way, it appears to be a complete piece of fabric, and also it doesn’t cover her butt-hole.  You won’t have any problem going to the bathroom, or wiping, Tommy explained.  On top, Tommy had painted a man-tailored shirt, cut off and tied just under her breasts with only the top button done up.  The creases and folds in the shirt look so real!  He had even painted a bow-tie, with a shadow under it, giving it a real 3-D effect.

Crysta was stunning.  When she walked into the main waiting area, everyone clapped, including Donna, who had been expecting something completely different.  Later, Tommy would explain to Donna that he just couldn’t go through with the plan because it was too mean to Crysta.  But now this is Crysta’s time to shine.  The waiting room was packed with people who were waiting to see Crysta’s first moments of glory.  As if to demonstrate the cleverness of Tommy’s design, Crysta set her legs far apart, and stood on her toes as if the painted-on shoes were real, and in this pose, even with her legs apart it was almost impossible to see that her shirt, stockings, and even garter belt were all just paint.  Even Donna was impressed.  Then Crysta  took a deep bow.  Those standing behind her could now see the paint for what it was, and that Crysta was completely naked.  Crysta knew very well she was giving an eyeful to the people behind her.  To make sure no one was disappointed, Crysta turned about-face, and did another deep bow.  Everyone applauded.  The elephant stretched out his trunk in appreciation.

Donna and Crysta went out to a club, and danced with their boyfriends to celebrate the paint job.  A lot of girls wear wild outfits to the club, but Crysta’s turned the most heads.  Even though they got back late, quite a few of the guys and girls in the dorm were up, sitting in the hallway as usual.  The paint job was so good, Crysta felt comfortable sitting in the hall with the other people in the dorm, legs crossed, Indian style, as she usually did.  That night, Crysta slept in her paint.  The next morning, the paint was still in good shape, so she spent another day wearing just paint.

By Wednesday morning, some of the paint had peeled a bit, so she decided to take a shower.  She probably needed one anyway, she figured.  In the shower, she was very gentle, because she was still hoping at least some of the paint job could be saved.  Amazingly, most of the paint stayed on her through the shower, though the garter belt was looking a bit worn in places.  So on Wednesday, Crysta had been planning to wear a miniskirt over the paint, but still leave her top out.  But Donna convinced her to give the paint one more day’s use.  By dinner time, her nipples and vulva weren’t very well covered any more.  By the end of the day, most of her shirt had been rubbed away, and her stockings had a few runs.  So by Thursday she was back in regular clothes again.

This had been a fun way to start the week.  But now, Crysta’s thoughts returned to this: How to get back at Donna for trying to turn Tommy against her.

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