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Method Acting

Call me “Bruce”, said the drama teacher.  He was listed as “Professor Thomas” in the catalog, Donna noticed.  He seemed too young to be a full professor.  He was tan and very fit.  This will be a fun class, Donna predicted.

Bruce went around the class, and learned everyone’s name.  There were just eight girls and four boys in the class.  After the introductions were over, Bruce began the day’s topic.  “You all want to be actors,” he began, “but you can’t be an actor unless you’re willing to bare your soul.  You must reveal everything; hide nothing.  Most people aren’t cut out for this, including, perhaps, some of you.”  Donna gulped.  She didn’t know if she was ready for this.  Bruce pointed and said “You.”  Donna pointed at her chest and raised her eyebrows, then breathed a sigh of relief when Bruce continued, “Crysta, come on up here.”

Crysta walked up onto the stage, which was lit with a spotlight.  She was starting to feel exposed already when Bruce said, “Crysta, I want you to relive the most embarrassing moment of your life.  Tell us all the details.  Hold nothing back.”  Without hesitating, Crysta told the story of her audition at Buxom’s.  She captivated her audience with the story, and took a good ten or fifteen minutes to tell it.  At the end, everyone applauded.  “That was terrific, Crysta.  With some more training practice, you’ll learn to free your inhibitions, and become an actress.”  Crysta is pretty free from inhibitions as it is, Donna thought.  As she was thinking, she heard her name.

“Break a leg,” Crysta said, as she sat down next to Donna.

Donna got up, and went to the stage.  Her heart was pounding in her ears, and the spotlight was blinding her.  She knew what she had to do.  There was only one time in her life that she was embarrassed almost to the point of passing out.  This is the story she had to tell; not just tell, but relive.

“I wasn’t feeling so well that day,” Donna began, timidly.  “My stomach was a bit queasy.  But I had to go to class; it was my Organic Chemistry final.  Now, I have to tell you what I wore, because it’s important to the story:  a tight sweater and white cotton short-shorts.  These shorts are my favorite — they look really cute on me.”  Donna blushed as she continued.  “They didn’t quite cover my cheeks, you see.  And the sweater was long enough that it almost covered the shorts, and sometimes people do a double-take because they think maybe I’m not wearing anything under the sweater.  I loved those shorts, and the attention they drew, but it was hard to wear them.  I mean, it took a lot of preparation.  They were so thin and tight that I couldn’t wear panties under them, or the panty-lines would show.”  Donna was getting embarrassed all over again just telling about her shorts, but she felt she had to press on.  “Since I didn’t wear panties, then you could see my…” She paused to search for the right word, “…my bush.  I have dark features, you see.  So I had to shave completely.  So this is the outfit I wore to my Organic final.  I didn’t feel sick when I started to take the test, but then after a little bit, I started to feel a kind of rumbling in my belly.  There I was with my skin tight sweater and shorts when it happened.”  Donna covered her face with her hands as she continued, “I had to go to the bathroom, number 2, really bad.  I didn’t even ask permission, I just jumped out of my seat and ran to the door.  I barged through it and felt my bowels start to let go as I ran down the hall.  You know how things move in slow motion when a disaster is taking place?  That’s how I felt as I was running for the bathroom.  As I was shitting in my pants I had the sense to lift my sweater so it wouldn’t get dirty.  I finally got to the bathroom, but it was too late.  My shorts were totaled.  I cleaned myself up, and tried to rinse my shorts in the sink, but it was no use.  They were a brown mess.  I couldn’t wear them.”  Donna looked like she was in a daze as she relived the moment.  “I just couldn’t,” she repeated. “So I threw them in the trash.  There I was, standing in the john, wearing just a sweater, and I still had an Organic final to take.  I looked at myself in the mirror.  Oh, shit, the sweater is shorter than I thought.  It didn’t cover nearly enough.  I was clearly bottomless.  My, um…”  She paused, trying to think of a different word for it.  “My pussy was totally visible from the front, and when I turned around and looked over my shoulder I could see my whole butt-crack in the mirror.  I considered my options.  I could run back to my dorm and change, but then I wouldn’t get back in time to finish the exam.  Or I could fish the shitty panties out of the garbage, put them on, and finish the exam, but I would stink up the place, and people would laugh at me.  Or I could pull my sweater down and hope it covered just enough.  Another look in the mirror, and oh, who am I kidding?  I’m completely bottomless.  Let me narrow down my choices.  I have to go back and finish the exam, so the question is shitty panties or bottomless.  I made a decision.  I went back into the room bottomless.  I opened the door with one hand, and held the sweater taught with the other, hoping it would cover my clean-shaven pussy.  When I stepped into the room, every head in the room popped up and saw me.  Suddenly the room was alive with whispers.  I was mortified, but I held onto my sweater with all my strength, and headed for my seat.  I was about to sit down when the proctor spoke.

‘Where do you think you’re going, young lady?’, he said.

‘Um, to my seat?’ I replied tentatively, pulling at the bottom of my sweater in an effort to stay covered up.  Everyone was looking at me, and I noticed I was starting to lubricate.  Even though I felt humiliated, I was getting excited at the same time.

‘Sorry, but once you leave the room, you’re done.  You can’t leave and come back,’ he said.

‘But I had an emergency.’ I insisted.

The proctor paused.  I thought maybe he would change his mind and let me finish my test.  But it wasn’t that easy.  He said, ‘I see you pulling your sweater down.  I think you’re hiding something.’  I sure am, I thought.  I’m hiding the fact that I’m completely bottomless!  The proctor continued, ‘How do I know you didn’t write some notes upside down on your belly so you could cheat?’

I just gaped at him.  I couldn’t believe what he was suggesting.  Then he smiled, and I thought, oh good, he’s just kidding.  But he wasn’t kidding.  He said, ‘Why don’t you come up to the front of the room, and unbutton your sweater and let me see if you’ve written anything on your belly.’

I thought, Because I’m naked under this sweater, that’s why.  Instead, I said, ‘I didn’t write anything on my belly.’

No one was taking their test now.  Everyone was focused one hundred percent on my conversation with the proctor.  He said, ‘Either you let me see your belly or you fail.  Which is it?’

By this time I was literally dripping with a horrible mixture of sexual excitement and humiliation. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have to bare my whole belly, just part of it.  But I didn’t know whether to start at the top of my sweater or the bottom.  Finally, I decided I might as well show the proctor the real reason I was pulling my sweater down.  I walked up to the front of the room, and with my back to the class, I relaxed my grip on the sweater, causing it to rise up, completely uncovering my ass.  Then I unbuttoned the bottom button, and held my sweater open for him to see my pussy and the lower part of my belly.  The students craned their necks to get a better view.  He said, ‘One more button, please.’

I figured I’d come this far, so I might as well do one more button.  I just wanted to get this inspection over with, so I could finish my test.  I unbuttoned the second button, and held my sweater open, flashing him my whole belly.  He didn’t say anything, so I turned around, and started toward my seat.  I had taken two steps, when he said ‘Just a minute, young lady.  How do I know you didn’t write the answers on your breasts?’

That’s when I got really mad, and said, ‘If I strip naked will you let me take my test?’  I didn’t really have any intention of stripping, I was frustrated is all.

He acted like he was really hurt by this remark, and said, ‘Don’t get upset, young lady.  I need to check for cheating is all.’  Then he answered my question.  ‘Yes, if you take off your sweater then I’ll let you finish the test.’

He called my bluff.  I said, ‘I will not strip just to finish my test.  You have to let me wear something.’  I felt my pussy lips swell at the thought of stripping stark naked before the whole class, and a new surge of wetness moistened the special place between my legs.  My nipples hardened as well, as if they were yearning to be free of my sweater.

‘You offered to strip.  Now strip!’ he said.

‘I wasn’t serious.’ I replied, pressing my wrists against my hard nipples as I fingered the third and final button of my sweater.  When the proctor didn’t reply, I figured I might as well show him my breasts.  I felt like I was about to have an orgasm as I unbuttoned the last button.  I just let the sweater slip off my shoulders, and onto the floor.  I stood in front of the proctor, stark naked.  My vagina was dripping wet, and I felt like I couldn’t keep my legs together, so I separated them slightly.  I stood there as he looked at me very closely, up and down.  I felt so exposed because my pussy was shaved.  Everyone in the class must have noticed my swollen pussy, which felt like it was begging to be touched.

The proctor seemed somehow disappointed that he didn’t catch me cheating, so he asked me to raise my arms, and spread my legs farther apart.  He cupped my left breast in his hand, and massaged it as he gently lifted it.  I guess he needed to inspect under it.  My nipples got even harder as he touched me.  Then he did the same thing with my right breast, stroking my hard nipple as he lived it.  Then he ran his fingers along my belly, tracing a gentle path to my quivering pussy.  Why did he have to do that?  I felt totally violated by this inspection.  But it got worse — much worse.  He spread my pussy lips apart, and looked closely at the pink flesh between them, and even commented at how wet my pussy was.  He spread my ass cheeks apart, too.  I hoped he would just look to satisfy himself that I hadn’t written anything on my buttocks, but for some reason he felt the need to touch my asshole.  It was horrible.

Finally, he was done checking me over.  ‘OK, you may take your seat,’ he said.  I thought about picking my sweater up off the floor, but I was worried this would touch off a whole new set of negotiations, so I left it there, and returned to my seat naked.  As soon as my wet pussy touched my seat I came.  I don’t remember this, but Crysta told me later that I closed my eyes, spread my legs apart, and slid forwards and backwards on my seat while I rubbed my nipples.  Spontaneous applause broke out in the classroom, she told me, but I didn’t hear it.  When reality returned to me, I felt eyes on me.  I looked around, but everyone was bent over their test.  After a minute, I did the same.  I finished the test, and brought it up to the proctor.  He held out my sweater, and I took it as I left the room, but I didn’t put it on until I got outside the room, I was in too much of a hurry to put that whole experience behind me.

As I left the building I saw Crysta waiting for me.  She asked me to go to lunch, but I said I had to put on some clothes first.  She took a step back from me, and looked at me and said, ‘your fine like that, don’t worry.’  I buttoned the sweater, and then asked her if my pussy was covered up, because it sure felt to me like it wasn’t, but she said it was, and my big fat butt, too.”

“I was kidding,” Crysta said from her seat in the audience.

“Well, she made me feel comfortable, anyway, and less self-conscious.  I told Crysta that I felt naked, but she reassured me that I was just imagining that I was bottomless.  She insisted that the sweater came down plenty far enough to cover everything.  I kept tugging on my sweater the rest of the day, out of habit, I guess, but I did stay bottomless.  Only much later did I realize that Crysta was lying, to make me feel better and protect me from embarrassment.  My ass and pussy were really on display all day, and I didn’t even know it.”

Bruce said, “Very good, Donna,” and started clapping.  The class followed suit and applauded.  “Who wants to go next?” he asked.  One by one, the members of the class stood up and told their most embarrassing stories.  When everyone was finished, Bruce called for a vote to see which story was the best.  Crysta’s got quite a few votes, but the overwhelming majority liked Donna’s story the most.  “Now I have some wonderful news for you:  This class will rewrite Donna’s story as a play, and then perform it for the whole school.  Who wants to play the lead?”  No one moved for several seconds as Bruce eagerly scanned the faces of the twelve students.  Donna, fearing she would be chosen for the part, covered her face.  “Thank you, Donna.  I think you’ll be great in that part!”

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