An Educational Inspection

I have been around at this college a good few years now and have matured as a person, as well as a college code inspector. So when I saw this new girl standing in the hall, I knew she wasn’t some upstart trying to deliberately flout the rules and that there was a genuine reason for her to be breaking the dress code.

I deduced that somehow, she had never even read the dress code guide and was totally unaware she was in breach. As I spoke to her, my suspicions were confirmed. She told me that there was a postal strike around the time she was due to receive the college materials. She knew that there was some kind of dress code and had to take a guess at it and hoped what she had on now was decent enough.

“Far from it,” I said. “You’re lucky I was the first one to stop you as any other inspector would not have believed you did not know about the code and would have had you completely naked and in huge embarrassment by now. Not to mention the hearing you would have to attend later.”

This took her by surprise. She genuinely thought she was exceptionally decent compared to some of the other girls she saw walking around in micro miniskirts, ultra short dresses and very low cut tops. I decided to take her to a private room where I could give her the experience of an inspection while educating her to the code at the same time. I didn’t want to have her humiliated unfairly on her first day by stripping her publically.

“Right, I’ll start with your top half. The top you’re wearing breaks the code because it is too tight. It shows off your curvy female body, which is a distraction to the male members of the college and sends the wrong signals out to them. You’re wearing a bra, aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am,” she said astonished. “How did you know?”

“You see, bras are not allowed for precisely this reason. The tightness of your top lets your bra show through and seeing a girl’s bra is just not decent. Let me inspect your bra anyway.”

She lifted her top up.

“Oh dear! Do you realise your nipples are not covered?” I asked.

“Yeah, unfortunately, my breasts are so big, it’s often hard to find a correct fitting bra that covers me completely.”

“A very common problem which is another reason why bras are banned. Take off your top.”

The tightness of her top was making her struggle.

“Do you see how long that took you? In an ordinary inspection, you would be in serious trouble if you took that long removing an item of clothing when an inspector asked – another reason why tight clothing is a bad idea. If you had spilt something on your top in the lunch hall and had to take it off to clean it, the boys would see your breasts like that and you would be in serious danger of exciting them which is another offense. As I said before, it’s a banned item so take off the bra and sit down over there.”

She was hesitating.

“Don’t worry I’ll give you something proper to wear in a moment.” I said trying to put her at ease but she still hesitated and then I understood.

“I’m an experienced inspector,” I told her. “There’s no need to be bashful around me. You haven’t got anything I haven’t seen before.”

She shyly took the bra off and sat down.

“Now, before I tell you why jeans are against the dress code, I’ll explain why panties are.”

I took a photo of her from behind then showed it to her.

“Tell me, what do you see?” I asked her.

“Oh, no! I can see my thong!.” She exclaimed.

“Exactly. Which is very indecent. Again, think about the message this sends out about yourself. You will need to take them off soon but first the jeans. Jeans and other trousers are against the code because they do not reinforce a girl to behave in a ladylike manner. Girls wearing jeans subconsciously behave tomboyishly and end up sitting around with their legs open. A problem arises when the girl later dresses in a skirt or dress. She is so used to wearing jeans that she still crudely sits with her legs wide open, exposing her panties, which is filthy. This leads me onto another reason why panties are forbidden. If a girl is wearing a skirt and no panties, she is extra conscious of not having any underwear on so will be very careful to behave and sit like a lady and not to expose herself. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I think I do. This college is trying to produce girls of a very high calibre, turning girls into true ladies who will fit in the highest echelons of society.”

“Brilliant! If only other female students were so quick to catch on.”

“I guess I should take the jeans off then…”

“…and the panties.”

“I’m glad I didn’t have to tell you although, I should tell you that you must not cover yourself up like that. The inspectors will think that you’re trying to hide something.”

“That’s much better. I see you are completely hairless which is good. Pubic hair is also against the rules as it is a form of underwear and inspectors will check for this by performing a tactile inspection of your vagina. I’m almost out of time. Your new class and dorm mates will have to fill you in on the rest of the code and of course you should study the code manual religiously. Before we part there is one last thing of great importance I should tell you. One of the most lewd things a girl could do is become sexually excited in public. If you are inspected and the inspector performs a tactile inspection, he may decide to check you for wetness so you must stay dry at all times. Now I doubt very much that you have become sexually excited while you’ve been with me but I will check you nonetheless so that if you are inspected this way, it will not come as a surprise to you.”

“Ok. So, this will be like a practice run for me.”

“Exactly. Now just stand with your legs apart. That’s good.”

I gently moved my hand all over her vagina and slipped a finger between her labia. It was not necessary for me to penetrate her as she was obviously not moist.

“Good. Some inspectors may be more thorough in their inspection of your vagina. It depends on the situation. Right. I have something more suitable for you to wear. It’s one of our old gym uniforms found in lost property. How does it fit?”

“Isn’t it a bit short?”

“It certainly is not! It is the perfect length to show inspectors that you are not wearing underwear and are clean shaven thus obeying the rules completely. I am out of time and have to be going now. Remember, study the dress code.”

I headed towards the door.

“Ok. I get it. Then really, I should wear the top like this…”

“…that way, the inspectors can see that I’m not breaking the dress code by wearing a bra.”

I was about to tell her that she didn’t have to go that far but as I was late for an appointment, I figured any friends she make would fill her in, and I left her to carry on with her day. Only when I was half way across the college campus did I realise that I had forgotten to tell her about the fondling rule…

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8 thoughts on “An Educational Inspection

  1. base

    Public inspections are done for two reasons – one for the embarrassment of those found in violation, but also as a protection against overzealous inspectors. Taking a fresh newbie into private may have seemed like the right thing to do, but really, you could have told her anything and she would be forced to believe it. There was no check and balance to the power of this inspection. It ought to be avoided in the future, lest some young thing be reduced to absolute nakedness for no other reason than the inspector’s pleasure. Fortunately, this was not the case, and you meant well for her, and did not abuse the powers granted you as an inspector. Unfortunately, you left her to discover the dress code by any friends she might meet. You know some students will give her misinformation. The girls hope to get her inspected more than they would be, and the boys, well, boys will be boys and try to convince her less is more. No, a proper inspector would get her phone number and dorm room for later consultations. Perhaps even a demonstration of the Orientation meeting she missed. A wise inspector might have her become familiar with the donation boxes around campus as well.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      You’re probably right. The inspector didn’t want to dishearten the girl on her first day. I think the inspector selfishly put his own time commitments above the girls understanding of the rules and figured that as she caught on so quickly, she’d muddle along.

  2. leon

    wow, never i have seen such a girl violating the dress code so badly and her breasts size are beyond proportional. her bottomless look is hot, but i would like to see pics of girls wearing only bras or socks.

        1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Yeah! But that last pic had me wondering whether it was just the angle the photo was taken at or if she really did managed to fit that much inside her.


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