Topless? or Bottomless? (archives)

Topless? or Bottomless?

Every now and then, just to break up the monotony, the gym teacher would have a stripping game instead of having the girls do sports. Ellen always looked forward to these games. They usually involved tricky choices. Today’s game was go take off either your bra or your shorts. Either one? asked one girl, to clarify. Either one, said the gym teacher.


Panties, too? asked another girl. You shouldn’t be wearing panties was the response. Ellen’s cameltoe revealed she was following the rules. Can we put our clothes back on again after gym class is over?

Just then, the boys filed in, to a chorus of complaints. Hey, we never have co-ed gym on stripping days! said the girls. Well today you do, so choose wisely. And as for whether you can get your clothes back, I’m not sure. But my thinking is that I should favor the girls who choose to go bottomless.


Ellen got to thinking. If I take off my top, I’ll probably lose it, and then I’ll have to go to my next class topless. Not the end of the world, but I’d rather keep my tits covered. In fact, if I had to pick topless or bottomless, it would be hard, because both have their advantages. While seated, my boobs are a lot more visible than my pussy, so if I only had one thing to wear, I would almost rather wear my bra. She thought these things as she worked her shorts down to her ankles. She had almost made up her mind to go bottomless, but she needed a push.


The gym teacher pointed out that bottomless girls who keep their legs together can consider themselves fully clothed, because their legs cover their pussies. As you can see, above, Ellen’s pussy is almost completely hidden between her legs. She’s not completely happy about this, especially with all the boys looking at her, but it’s the best that she can do, under the circumstances.

She handed in her shorts, not knowing if she would get them back. Finally, the gym teacher revealed her plan. Bottomless girls will get their shorts back at the end of the gym period, but only if they lift their bras up over their tits, for the entertainment of the boys during the gym period.


This made Ellen very happy. She had been afraid she would be flashing her pussy for the rest of the day, since she had no other clothes. She spent the rest of the gym period nearly naked, which was very entertaining for the boys. Finally, as the end of the period neared, the teacher handed back the shorts to all the girls with their little titties exposed. But by the time she got to Ellen, her box of shorts was empty! She was awfully sorry, but Ellen would have to stay bottomless.

Oh well, Ellen thought. At least I still have my top. She pulled it back over her tits, and mentally prepared herself to walk her naked ass into public view. The gym teacher was happy that Ellen wasn’t too mad. Which made it all the harder for her to give Ellen the bad news: it’s a violation of the dress code to wear just a bra, and no bottom. So she should strip naked before leaving.

Ellen had just gotten used to the idea of being bottomless. Her nice snug top was all that was keeping her going. She stripped off her top and threw it in the box, very upset. What seemed like a very good idea at first — taking off her bottom, and exposing her boobs to the boys — ended up in total disaster. She dragged her naked body to her next class, feeling very exposed and embarrassed.

I’m so sorry Ellen. I really didn’t think about. I didn’t wear a bottom to gym that day, but the instructor handed me one at the end of the day. So I slipped it on and left. Had I known it was yours, I would have returned it.
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3 thoughts on “Topless? or Bottomless? (archives)

  1. Ellen

    I really enjoyed being nude. It was fun. And I didn’t have to handle the hassle of clothes. I look forward to remain this way for the rest of the semester.

    1. Wendy

      At first the rest of us in gym felt bad about what happened, but after hearing all the people in your next class tell us how good you looked nude we kind of envied you!


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