The Gym Contest (archives)

The Gym Contest
“What are you so happy about?” Mary asked Anne.

“I’ve just been at the audition for the gym team for this semester” Anne responded, smiling.

“So it went well, I guess?” Mary said. It seemed like the answer was quite obvious, when Anne is smiling like that, but Mary, being new at college, wanted to hear more about that gym contest.

“Yes, it went great. Only 4 girls enter into the gym team every semester, and they get free trips and sponsor gifts and everything. It’s really great, so there are almost 40 girls that try to get on the team each semester.” Anne said and continued “I’ve been on every year!”.

“Wow, that’s great, Anne!” Mary said. “What’s your secret?”

Anne acted like she didn’t hear Mary. “And we get to be trained by some of the best trainers in the area.”

“You heard me” Mary said “What’s your secret!?”

“Well, I am just good at gymnastics and very flexible and …”. Anne stopped.

“And?” Mary asked again.

“Well, promise you won’t tell anyone?”

“Sure” Mary said, knowing such a promise doesn’t mean anything between a group of girls.

“Ok” Anne said. “You know, there are lots of flexible girls at college, so I’ve thought of an advantage that I don’t think the other girls have thought about. All the auditions are private so there is really no way they could figure it out.”

“Yes?” Mary was really curious now. “Tell me!”

Anne started explaining to Mary how it goes:

“I start in my opening position. I call it that for several reasons”


“It’s a good position which demonstrates my flexibility, but a problem is that my underwear crawls up between my legs. It’s annoying and it prevents from moving freely”

“I know what you mean” Mary said, “But that’s the same for all the girls”.

“EXACTLY!” Anne said. “That’s exactly the point”.

“Huh?” – Mary didn’t quite get it.

Anne continued her explanation. “When I get started with my routine, I first do a manoeuvre I practised, that allows me to drop my top in a matter of seconds.”


“Impressive” Mary said. “I couldn’t do that”.

“But that’s not all. I have practised doing that, and at the same time, still standing up, I move my foot towards my pantyline, and I can actually grab my own panties with my toes.”

“A quick jump and I am upside down with my panties elegantly slipped off by my toes. It takes a little practise, but it’s definately worth it”.


“Ok” Mary said, “That actually IS impressive. But is that really what they are looking for at the gym team?”

“Not really. But that’s not the point. I have all my clothes off within the first minute and then I am complete uninhibited by my clothes. All the other girls have the disadvantages involved with being fully clothed, but I don’t!” Anne stopped for a moment and whispered to Mary “That’s my secret!”

“That’s clever.” Mary said, finally understanding “And you perform your routine much better then?”

“Are you kidding?” Anne said “I can do a complete split. Because I am not wearing panties, I can even do it standing up.”


“Ok, I get it. But I’ve seen girls do a split standing up before” Mary said “And they were still wearing their panties”.

“You don’t get it then. I can move faster, I am more flexible – I can jump higher. With two equal gymnasts, one of them naked, one of them not – the naked gymnast will win every time”, Anne said triumphant.


“Wait and see – I will be on the gym team again this semester.”

“I finally fully understand something!” Mary said. “I understand why, when I walk in on you in your room, you are always naked and sweaty – and there’s no guy in the room. You are practising!”

“You are right” Anne said. “And now I know why you always walk in on me”

Mary blushed.

I bet Anne does well at the gym meets, too. The judges deduct points if a girl shows her underwear during her performance. A nude performance has no deductions for underwear creeping out of the leotard.

Also, the natural tendency of anyone watching a nude performance will not be whether her toes were pointed during the routine or not.

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