The Gift (archives)

My boyfriend called me at six this morning. “Happy birthday!” he said.

“Oh, that’s right, I forgot.”

“I’ve got something special for you, but I won’t give it to you unless you can prove it’s really your birthday.”

“I’ll show you my driver’s license.”

“Not good enough. The only proof I’ll accept is if you show up here in your birthday suit.”

“My birthday suit?” I laughed. “That wouldn’t prove anything.”

“Do you want your gift or not?”

“So you want me to walk clear across campus, naked?! Someone will see me.”

“Not if you hurry up. Who’s out at six o’clock?”

“Maybe I could wear panties.”

“No panties.”

“A shirt then? I could wear a really short t-shirt that just covers my tits and nothing else. Please?”

“No shirt.”

I hung up the phone. I wanted to keep him guessing whether I would show up. Whatever present he had in mind probably wasn’t worth traipsing all over campus naked. I just went back to bed and closed my eyes. But I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t keep from wondering what my boyfriend had for me. I sat up in bed. Then I got up, and brushed my hair. I went to the bathroom, down the hall. At this hour there was still no one up, so I didn’t bother to put on any clothes. After I got myself ready for the day, I thought again about going to my boyfriend’s dorm — after all, I was already naked, so it was just a matter of taking a deep breath and walking out the door — but I couldn’t muster the courage. I only got as far as the lounge in our dorm. I was surprised to see two other girls there, and instinctively I covered myself with my hands.

Then I noticed they were naked, too, so I relaxed and sat down with them. I recognized them as Mandy and Mindy, from the second floor.

“Couldn’t sleep?” Mindy asked. She sat with her legs apart, letting Mandy gently finger her pussy.

“My boyfriend wants me to see him naked.”

“Have you ever seen him naked?” Mandy asked.

“No,” I clarified, “I mean he wants *me* to be naked and go over there.”

“Oh!” the girls both said together, then we all giggled.

Then Mindy told me I should get over there before people start getting up and going to breakfast, because the later I start, the more likely someone will see me naked. I thought maybe Mindy is just trying to get rid of me so she can get it on with Mandy, but maybe she’s right, too. So I thanked her for the advice, and did it. I opened the front door, and walked outside, stark naked.

This was the first time I had ever left the comfort of the dorm building completely naked. It was scary. I felt like covering myself, even though I was alone, so I put my hand over my pussy. I imagined hundreds of pairs of beady little eyes staring at me from all the dorms on campus. But then I realized that was silly, they were all sleeping. I thought back to other times I felt underdressed, like when I wore just a t-shirt, with nothing underneath. But I wasn’t so exposed, then. The t-shirt covered my butt almost completely, and if someone saw my cheeks, they would just assume I had a thong on. This was different, and not just scary, either. It was exciting. Instead of just covering my pussy, I started stroking it, too. It felt a little too good, in fact. I wondered if I would cum if I kept it up, so I willed myself to stop stroking my pussy, and just walk normally to my boyfriend’s place. I finally got there, and tried the door. Thank God it was open. I went up the stairs to his room, and knocked on his door.

“Come in,” he said.

I tried the door, but it was locked. “The door’s locked, you idiot,” I said.

“Just a minute,” he said. It sounded like some sort of commotion, then he opened the door.


About a hundred people were packed into his tiny dorm room — just about everyone I knew from my dorm, plus a bunch of my boyfriend’s friends. I tried to run away, but he grabbed me and dragged me into the room. The crowd parted, and made a circle, and I stood in the center while they sang Happy Birthday to me. I have never been more embarrassed in my whole life! When I finally regained my composure, as much as a naked girl could, I yelled at my boyfriend, “You promised me a present!”

“Relax,” he said, and to my further humiliation, people tittered at that. He reached behind him, and produced a small package, neatly wrapped with “Happy Birthday” paper. I snatched it out of his hands, and unwrapped it. It looked like a fishing net. “It’s a dress,” he said, sensing my confusion.


“A dress!” I exclaimed, so happy that I wouldn’t have to be naked. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him. “Thank you, thank you!”

“Put it on,” he prompted.

I did, although it wasn’t easy. It was so tiny fishnet dress, full of loose ends. It was a challenge finding the top and bottom, but I did, and it fit me perfectly. It felt so good to have clothes on again, that I didn’t even care that it just barely covered my pussy. At least I was covered, finally. “Thank you,” I repeated, and gave him a long lingering kiss, while everyone whooped and cheered.


In our dorm, we all do the same thing. Wear our birthday suit on our birthday. It’s a lot of fun for the birthday girl to go to class nude. Even if your birthday is on the weekend, we go to the ball game or whatever special event is on campus. Everyone except me. I’m a leap year baby, born Feb 29. I only get a birthday once every four years.

Fortunately, the girls decided I was special for having a special birthday. I get to wear my birthday suit every 29th of the month. I get to celebrate all those birthdays I never had.

btw, happy birthday!

Comment By Marcia At 10/11/2007 7:58 PM

In my family my birthdays were always spent in my birthday suit. As i grew older I enjoyed it more, the extra attention was well worth the ‘chilly-ness’ (December birthday!)

When I was given clothes for presents I was allowed to try them on but not leave them on. It seemed odd that I was naked before trying on the clothes but taking them off in front of everyone was a bit exciting.

Anyway, Happy Birthday!

Comment By Heather At 9/11/2008 9:06 PM

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