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Valentine’s Day

“Where’s your red or pink?” the inspector asked Manni.

Manni said, “What are you talking about?”

The inspector sighed. “Not another one who did read read the notices. All last week, there was a notice in the student newspaper about it, and the Dean even had the announces posted in the Study Union.”

Manni said, “What are you talking about?”

The inspector said, “The Dean decided the campus ought to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Any female not wearing something red or pink would have her clothing taken so she could show her natural pink for the rest of the day.”

Manni said, “What? I newer heard anything about that new rule!”

The inspector said, “New rule? No, the rule has been in effect for four years, but it was not published; therefore, inspectors relaxed the punishment to simply a stripping and returning the clothing with the advice they ought to celebrate the holiday. It was only this year, the Dean requested the inspector to take the clothing in hopes to discourage non-compliance.”

Manni said, “So this is not a regular inspection. If you take my clothes, I can still wear something else before the trial, right?”


Manni spotted her friend, “Zee! I need you over here!” Manni knew not to dawdle about removing her clothes. This inspector was kind enough to explain before calling over some brutes to strip her.

Zee said, “Oh, Manni, what did you do? Why are you getting inspected?”

Manni, now quite naked, handed her black lingerie over to the inspector. She turned to Zee, and asked her, “Loan me your top for the afternoon. I really don’t want to go to class naked.”

Zee said, “I think that’s against the rules, right?”

The inspector explained how it was not. The red clothing rule was a special rule to increase school spirit and make everyone feel good in the shared love of the holiday.

Zee reluctantly removed her red top and handed it to Manni.  The belly shirt did nothing to hide Manni’s pussy and butt, but she had gone bottomless many times before. Zee was used to going topless now and then, but each time she had, her bottoms were definitely more secured than her little impromptu skirt made from a red scarf.

Manni asked Zee, “Will you come to my trial tonight? I’ll return your top then. The inspector said, I’d get my lingerie back, and clearly I cannot wear lingerie and this top.”

Zee said, “Sure will, just stop by my room when you are leaving.”

Both girls were now in the spirit of the holiday,and the inspector walked off carrying Manni’s black lingerie. When he turned the corner, he ditched the bra in a donation box, and crammed her panties into his pocket for later. He spotted another inspector dumping some clothes in the donation box.

“I see you tricked one, too. Worth it?”

The other inspector said, “Definitely. Look for the blonde with a gorgeous pair wandering around for the trial tonight. You can consul her. How was your pigeon?”

The inspector said, “Do you know Manni?”

“Sure do. Nice girl, but…”

“But wait until you see her girlfriend Zee. I suspect they both with come together tonight.”

Around the other side of the building, Zee asked, “What time is your trial?”

Manni said, “That’s the odd thing, he never told me or gave me a slip. I don’t know.”

Zee said, “We’ll not want to be late. We can walk over there after dinner.

The girls eventually discovered the red/pink rule was a hoax. An inspector prank, if you will. They had to chuckle at what happened.  They realized this same trickery might be played out on St. Patrick’s Day. They decided to go shopping for green lingerie on the weekend.

Here are a couple of lovely young ladies expressing their spirit for Valentine’s Day:

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