Strip Tease (archives)

I have a secret, please don’t tell my boyfriend. He knows I like to wear just a t-shirt and panties in public, and he’s not too happy about it. I like it because I feel sexy. The sexiest feeling is when my t-shirt covers my panties, so people look at me wondering if I’m bottomless. When I’m at the mall dressed this way, I imagine what it would be like to take off my panties. Who would know? My t-shirt covers my panties anyway, so it would be impossible for anyone to know that I took them off. That is, unless I did something dumb, like bend over or something. I could avoid doing that, I think.



I have these thoughts about going bottomless more and more often, now, and they’re scaring me a little bit. Every time I think about it my heart races, and my pussy gets a little wet. I know I’ll have to do something to stop myself from taking off my panties, but for a long time I didn’t know what to do. The thing that kept coming back into my mind was my t-shirt, and how it would cover me. Then I knew what I had to do. In order to force myself to keep my panties on in public, I needed to get rid of the t-shirt. For some time now, I’ve been sneaking out of the house fully clothed, and taking off my top in the back yard before hopping the fence and going out shopping. Sure people stare at me because not too many girls go shopping wearing only a pair of panties, but the urge to take off my panties has practically gone away, now that I can’t hide them. I feel snug in my panties, and I know I’m covered up where it counts. I don’t have to worry about bending over, and I don’t have to panic at thoughts of going up the escalator bottomless, and having some old guy looking up my crotch.



But lately I’ve been plagued again with thoughts of taking off my panties. My pussy gets all warm and gooey thinking about it. In public I’ve started pulling them down, just a little, so the strap is loose about my pussy. At the food court, I slide my panties down while I’m sitting, and I spread my legs apart to get the feel for what it must be like to be naked in public. Some people can see my pussy whan I do that, so I realize it doesn’t matter if I slide my panties all the way to my knees, and then it doesn’t matter if I slide them to my ankles. Ankles are good, because I can spread my legs again. It feels good to spread my legs when my pussy is wet. And with my panties about my ankles, I can always pull them up before I get up to do some more shopping.

Gradually, over time, I started to lose the thrill of pulling my panties down to my ankles. I wondered what it would feel like to let them drop all the way to the floor. Once or twice I even built up the courage to let them hit the floor. I can’t tell you the thrill I felt sitting in the food court, totally naked. I even thought about getting up without my panties, and walking around the mall, but I wasn’t able to build up the courage to do that. I felt like such a wimp. I went to the ladies room, and took off my panties, and walked around inside the ladies room naked. I dared myself to walk out of the ladies room naked, and I was about to do it when two old ladies entered, and looked me up and down disapprovingly. So I ran back and got my panties, and ran out of the ladies room naked, but with my panties in my hand. Outside the ladies room were two men, who must have been with those old ladies, waiting for them. I felt so naked and embarrassed, I just put on my panties in front of them, and went back into the mall, ashamed at my lack of courage.

I was upset by the way I kept clinging to my panties, and racked my brain to think of a way to break free of them. But every time I slipped them down to my ankles in public, or quietly slipped them off when I thought no one was looking, I got cold feet, and pulled them up snug against my throbbing pussy. My panties were a curse. During the brief moments when my pussy was uncovered, I felt so free with it. When I felt someone looking at me, I could casually rest my hand in my lap, covering my pussy and stroking it at the same time. Then, when no one was looking, I could lean back and stretch my arms, freeing my pussy to the open air. Oh, it felt so good, I really wanted to be free of my panties.

I knew there was only one thing I could do to be free of them — strip them off at home, and go to the mall naked. I made a date with myself to do just that. My boyfriend would be furious if he knew, so I dressed in my t-shirt and panties, and went into the back yard. He saw me take off my shirt, so I waved at him, and jumped over the wall wearing only my panties. He wasn’t happy about me going topless to the mall, but he knew (or at least he thought he knew) that not having a t-shirt would force me to keep my panties on. So after he waved bye-bye to me, he went about his business inside the house. That’s when I hopped back over the wall into our back yard, and I took off my panties.


Now, gloriously naked, I was petrified that he would look out the window and see my bare bottom. My heart was beating a mile a minute. I knew I had to hop the wall again, and start heading to the mall. But I was deathly afraid to leave my panties behind. I “posed” for a while, imagining people looking at me. With my legs together, you could hardly see my pussy, right? I mean, I have no hair, so it’s just skin. My ass cheeks cover me from behind, so being naked is really not a whole lot different from having clothes. You can’t see much, if I’m careful. At least that’s what I told myself.


I thought about grabbing my panties before jumping one last time over the wall. What if I get cold feet? I’ve been to the mall a million times wearing just panties, but I’ve never been there naked. I mean I’ve never been there naked and without my panties close by. Somehow I couldn’t bring myself to jump over the wall without my panties, so I grabbed them and jumped over the wall. They were like my saftey blanket. But then I realized it would be the same old thing. I would get afraid, and put on my panties again. So I threw them back over the wall, and let them land next to my t-shirt in the back yard. There I was, naked, on the sidewalk with little boys playing, and old men walking their dogs. I was scared to death, and my pussy was leaking like a faucet. I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I was partly covering it, and partly stroking it as I walked. Whenever someone was behind me I felt as if their eyes were penetrating between my cheeks and seeing the “real me”. So at every park bench I sat down and put my hands between my legs, watching people pass. They pretended not to notice I was naked, which was kind, I think.

One girl, about my age, started following me, and got closer and closer. I speeded up to get away from her, because I felt her looking at me. But she speeded up, too. So when I got to a bus stop, I stopped and sat with the other people waiting for a bus. To my surprise, the girl came and sat next to me. She leaned close to me and whispered, “I wish I had your courage.” I was relieved, because I had this idea that everyone thought I was crazy to go naked in public, not courageous. I took a close look at her and saw she was wearing a skin-tight minidress. I spread my legs apart, partly because the girl put me at ease, and partly to show her I wasn’t afraid to be naked. She took my gesture as an invitation to put her hand in my lap, which I hadn’t intended, but I didn’t flinch, either. She must have noticed my pussy was wet, but she didn’t say anything about it. She gently stroked my clitoris, which not only made me a lot wetter, it practically brought me to orgasm. It’s bad enough to be naked with my legs spread apart at a public bus stop, but to cum would be worse, so I willed myself not to cum. This intensified my excitement. I spread my legs farther apart in a desperate effort not to cum, and put my feet on the bench under my buttocks. The girl kept stroking my clit the whole time making it that much harder to avoid cumming. I begged her to stop, but she kept stroking me. I whispered please don’t make me cum in public, and then she realized my embarrassment, and stopped stroking my clit. But she kept her hand in my lap, rubbing my tender inner thighs and my firm belly. As my excitement subsided (but only slightly — I was still seconds away from cumming) I noticed that her legs were spread as wide as mine, causing her minidress to ride up to her hips. I was ashamed that I didn’t notice this blatant invitation to return the favor, so I started stroking her pussy, too. I brought her as close to cumming as I was, and was delighted to hear her moans of joy. She wasn’t shy about cumming in public the way I was. She whispered, “finish me,” but I didn’t. I brought her to the brink, and left her there, wanting more. She begged me, and pulled my hand toward her pussy in a way that caused all the spectators to take notice. But I refused to finish her off. I knew what she wanted, and that was to be naked in public. I knew she had the same problem I did — she was scared to take the leap. So I made her a deal for her own good. If she would lose her dress, and come with me to the mall I would let her cum. She agreed at once, whipping off her little dress, and throwing it into the trash bin next to the bus stop. She spread her legs apart and leaned back, begging me to finish her, but I said “not until we get to the mall, and walk around naked for a while”.

It was so good to be with another naked girl. I felt so much more at ease, especially since my pussy wasn’t the only one that was pink and wet. We walked in and out of a dozen shops, and let me tell you, trying things on is a whole lot easier when you’re naked. There’s no need to go into a changing room, just try stuff on at the rack! She took delight in trying on tops that came down almost to her pussy but not quite. I made a joking display of tugging on the bottoms of her clothes in a vain effort to cover her girlhood. While she tried on hats, with her arms up, adjusting the hat one way and then another, I knelt down and licked her pussy, bringing her to the brink of orgasm over and over. She loved it when I fingered her asshole while I licked her clitoris. She was so vocal I knew exactly when to stop, and let her suffer over and over. Finally, she plopped down on the marble next to the fountain, with one leg in the water, and the other leg on the floor, her pussy wide open for public viewing. I realized I had to keep my promise, so I knelt over her, with my pussy and asshole next to her mouth, and sucked her to orgasm. I lifted my ass off her face because I was still embarrassed to cum in public, but I knew she wasn’t embarrassed. She really wanted to cum, so I kept licking her, and stroking her soft inner thighs. She resisted cumming for as long as she could, then let out a gigantic wale of delight as she came with the force of a thousand orgasms. She pulled my ass down on top of her and thrust her tongue into my pussy as she came. Something about her sheer abandon as she came over and over caused me to lose it. As much as I tried not to cum, with her tongue thrusting in and out of my vagina, I couldn’t contain myself. I came with such a force it scared me. As I was cumnming, a wave of love for this girl washed over me, and I kissed her all over. I kissed her pussy, and her legs. I kissed her belly, and as I turned around to kiss her face I fell in the water. We laughed as I dragged her in the water with me, and I hugged her, and kissed her with such abandon that the people watching us actually started clapping! We rolled in the shallow water, hugging each other tightly, and kissing a kiss that defied time and space. We were completely wrapped up in each other, our breasts pressed against each other, our legs intertwined, and we forgot we were naked. It was a kiss that lasted forever. We were overwhelmed with love for each other. That was an afternoon at the mall I won’t soon forget.


WOW! I thought I was the only one, too. I can’t count the number of times I arrived at the mall in my panties, but still too scared to remove them. Then one day, I saw two beautiful girls walking hand in hand nude through the mall. I envied them for having a friend that understood. I was too shy to introduce myself to them. I mean they were nude, and I was still wearing my panties. We had nothing in common except showing our titties in public. I knew I needed to do something. Something of no return, too. I walked into the sporting goods store and asked if that large knife was really sharp. The clerk handed it to me saying, Be careful! I took the knife and cut the waistband to my panties on both sides. The knife was really sharp! Now, I’d done it. Nothing to wear. I returned the knife and walked out leaving my cut-up panties on the floor.
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