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Shirt and Panties

A lot of girls at the College go for the “shirt and panties” look. This is because the Dress Code forbids the wearing of panties under short skirts. Rather than go without panties, many girls simply choose to go without the skirt.

Here’s a girl who would much rather cover herself up better, but she knows she’s not allowed to wear both a skirt and panties. She seems a bit concerned about the Dress Code, because although it purports to foster decency, it seems in practice to require semi-nudity.


As all the girls at the College know, she’s not allowed to wear a bra under her shirt, and she may be required to prove at any time that she isn’t wearing a bra. A lot of girls just leave their shirts unbuttoned to save time. That way, they’ll never be asked to show their titties — they’ll be on display all the time.


Once girls get used to the Dress Code, they’ll see that all the girls who wear Shirt-and-Panties do the same thing, leaving their shirt open. It’s comforting for the girls to know they can fold the lapel of their shirts over their boobs at any time, so they feel fully dressed, even though their boobs are on display.

It is also important for girls to be fully shaved at all times, since pubic hair is forbidden by the Dress Code. Some girls argue that their panties should be enough to satisfy the Dress Code — after all, by wearing panties, their pubic hair, if any, is covered, so it is not on display as required by the Dress Code. But this argument doesn’t hold water, because panties are not required by the Dress Code, and they may be removed at any time for various reasons. So here, this girl is demonstrating that she does not have any pubic hair.


As with their shirts, many girls simply leave their panties at half mast so they won’t be called upon to demonstrate, again and again, their lack of pubic hair. At first, girls may feel a bit self conscious about this, but as they see other girls with their pussies on display, they will become less shy about showing their own pussies in public.


You know, on second thought, there’s no real need to wear the shirt. I mean as long as I’m leaving it open anyway, I might as well leave it off entirely. What do you think? Leave me a nice comment. Thanks.


An open shirt is as good as a shirt still in your closet. Panties at half mast might as well be left in your dresser. That’s what I do.

If I feel a need to cover up, and I’m not sure why I would, I can hold a notebook in front of my pussy and an arm across my breasts.

I know what some are thinking, but your butt is uncovered! It is, but I never see those looking at my butt. So, I’m never embarrassed leaving it exposed.

This also saves time with inspectors, and the No Topless buildings are accessible since I’m not wearing bottoms.

Comment By Wendy At 10/17/2007 5:06 AM

I don’t like to wear panies. Bothering textile. So better be decent in a long top or short dress. That way I feel confident not violating the rules. But every time an inspector may check, so a one piece decent cloth avoids any check and let me feel safe.
Comment By Mildred At 1/28/2008 10:11 AM

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