Rock Climbing (archives)

“Oh, please don’t make me go bottomless”, Donna begged. Donna was getting ready to go out with Crysta to the amusement park, wearing a t-shirt and panties. Crysta wore just a t-shirt, but she didn’t want to be the only girl without panties, so she was trying to convince Donna to go without panties, too. But Donna wasn’t having any of it. To try to get on Crysta’s good side, she brushed back her hair, and kissed her full on the mouth. Crysta kissed back, and relaxed her body so it conformed to Donna’s. The two girls were one as they lost themselves in the kiss. Donna stroked Crysta’s naked butt as they kissed. Crysta relaxed her cheeks, and let Donna probe between them with her fingers.

Finally, Crysta broke free. “It’s for your own good, Donna. Besides, you won’t be bottomless, just panty-less.”

“It’s the same thing,” Donna retorted.

“Not at all!” Crysta stepped back, held the hem of her t-shirt out with her fingers, and did a twirl like a runway model. “See? My bottom is fully covered.”

Donna didn’t respond right away. She was thinking. It was true that Crysta’s bottom was covered — just barely — by the t-shirt. And her own t-shirt was just about as long.

“But what if the wind blows?”

“So what? So someone gets a quick look at some more of your skin than you really wanted to show. It’s no big deal. Just smooth your shirt down over your cute little butt, and everything will be OK.”

Donna’s heart was racing. “I can’t help thinking that everyone will look at me and know I’m bottomless.”

“Panty-less,” Crysta corrected.

Donna looked at herself in the mirror. “I can see my panties,” she said.

“So?” Crysta replied.

“So,” Donna answered, exaggerating her words like a frustrated school teacher, “when I take them off, people will see the skin that’s normally covered by my panties, and they will know I’m not wearing panties!”

“WHEN you take them off?” Crysta was smiling. She was making headway.

“IF” Donna corrected herself. “IF I take them off. I don’t think my shirt is long enough.”

“For crying out loud, Donna, so a little bit of your butt cheeks are hanging out of the bottom of your t-shirt. People will think you’re wearing a thong.”

Donna sighed. She really wanted to experience the excitement of going out in public with nothing on under her shirt. Her pussy was already wet just thinking about it. It was such a big departure for her, though. She was really attached to her cute little panties, and relied on them to keep her covered. Donna always felt free and uninhibited in her t-shirt and panties, sitting with her knees up, or cross-legged, knowing her panties would protect her. Now, with her heart racing, she was imagining all the situations she would have to shy away from without her panties to protect her.

“Let’s do a trial run,” Donna said.

Crysta lit up. “OK! What do you have in mind?”

“I’ll go bottomless to the bookstore,” she said. “I’ll browse the shelves for a while, and pretend to be shopping. You watch me, and let me know if I make any mistakes.”

“Mistakes?” Crysta asked, although she knew full well what Donna meant.

“Yeah, like if I forget to keep my legs together, or something.”

“OK,” Crysta said. “Let’s go.”

Donna strode out of the room, with Crysta following behind her. “Aren’t you forgetting something, Donna?” Crysta was pointing at Donna’s panties, clearly visible below her t-shirt.

“I thought I would take them off there, at the bookstore,” Donna said. She was standing in the hallway outside their room.

“What, so you will have them to put on again if you get scared?”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“No.” Crysta was firm. “Leave them home. Take a chance. You need to break free, and go out without a lifeline!”

Donna put her hands over her face, and panted — she was that scared. “OK, I’ll take them off here.” But she just stood there in the hallway with her hands over her face.

Crysta gently lifted her shirt, and eased Donna’s panties down. Donna didn’t make a move. Crysta threw Donna’s panties on her bed, and returned to her stricken roommate. She smoothed Donna’s t-shirt over her naked ass, allowing it to cover exactly half of it — even with her cute little sphinxter in the rear, and exactly covering her pussy in front. Crysta continued smoothing Donna’s shirt, stroking her back and chest in the process. Gradually, Donna began breathing normally, and tried to relax. “OK, I’m fine,” she said, squeezing her legs together in an exaggerated effort to hide her naked pussy, which she imagined was on full display to everyone in the world, but which was, in fact, exactly covered.

The girls walked to the bookstore. Crysta walked normally, not caring if the wind blew, or if someone could see her asshole or pussy, because she was used to going without panties. But Donna took little steps, and held her t-shrt against her sexy body, in an effort to make it cover more of her, because she was desperately afraid someone would see under her shirt. Crysta said, “You know you’re only drawing attention to yourself by doing that.”

“Doing what?” Donna asked.

“Clutching yourself all the time. Just relax.”

Donna took a deep breath, and tried to relax. Crysta stroked the exposed part of Donna’s bottom. Donna slapped her hand away, then said, “Sorry. I’m on edge.”

“It’s OK,” Crysta said, and started stroking Donna’s exposed butt cheek again.

Once inside the bookstore, Donna was so self-conscious, she stuck to Crysta like glue. “Is anyone looking at me?” she asked again and again.

“No,” Crysta replied each time. But it wasn’t true. Donna’s self-conscious attitude was causing her to attract attention. There were quite a few other shoppers, and they all seemed to be curious about Donna’s bottom.

“Oh, look at that cute teddy bear,” Crysta said, pointing to a stuffed bear on a rack just above eye-level. She went over to it, and pointedly reached up with both hands, and took the bear down from the rack. Donna watched in amazement as Crysta’s t-shrit rode up, exposing the full extent of Crysta’s lovely ass. Crysta held the bear lovingly in her arms, not bothering to adjust her shirt, which was fairly tight, and so it stayed hiked up, leaving Crysta’s ass on display. Normally, Donna just smiled at that. Crysta will be Crysta, she thought. But today it really bothered her that Crysta was leaving her shirt hiked up like that. When Crysta turned around to show Donna the bear, Donna opened her eyes wide with amazement, because Crysta’s shirt was hiked up in front, too, exposing her entire pussy! She practically ran over to Crysta, and pulled her shirt down over her naked bottom. Crysta pretended not to notice. She put the bear back, and then saw another bear on an even higher rack. Donna cringed as Crysta reached for it in vain, making visible once again her entire nether region. “Can you get that down for me?” Crysta asked.

“Me?” Donna pointed to herself in disbelief, and looked around to see if there was a store clerk who could help. The boys who had been watching the girls ducked their heads. No one was around.

“Yes, you’re taller than me.”

It was a cute bear. No one was around (so Donna thought, although all the little heads were once again popping out of the woodwork to watch Donna reach). “OK,” Donna said, hoping her racing heart didn’t show. She adjusted her shirt, got up on tippy toes, and tried to raise her arm as little as possible. All eyes were on her cute little butt as she reached high in the air. Donna’s shirt rose up several inches higher than the top of her butt crack, making it plainly obvious to everyone that she was bottomless. Moreover, she widened her stance for stability, and leaned forward just slightly, which was enough for everyone to get a good look not just at her asshole, but her pussy, too. To make matters worse for Donna, she had been so excited by the prospect of going out bottomless, that her pussy was puffed out and bright red. Donna reached for the bear but couldn’t quite get it. Crysta watched all this with amusement, and held Donna’s bare leg as if to give her added stability. But she was unable to resist stroking Donna’s inner thigh, right up to pay-dirt. The girls exchanged a look when Donna knew that Crysta knew — she was sopping wet from the excitement. “See?” Crysta said. “Isn’t it fun to go bottomless?”

Donna ignored her. “I can’t reach it,” she said.

“Use both hands,” Crysta advised, knowing this would ride Donna’s t-shirt half way up her back. Still pretending to steady her roommate, Crysta stroked the full expanse of Donna’s naked butt — partly for the thrill of it, and partly so Donna would realize her butt was fully on display. “There’s nothing left to lose,” Crysta added, as if Donna didn’t already get the point.

Donna spread her legs farther apart for stability, and raised both arms, lunging for the bear. She came down with it, and her t-shirt settled by itself back into its normal place, covering once again her pink, wet, pussy. She handed the bear to Crysta, who stroked it for a minute, and then handed it back to Donna, grinning. “Can you put it back now?”

Donna laughed, and set the bear down on a lower shelf. “Oh, you!” she said, giving Crysta a playful shove.

“Do you feel more comfortable now, with just a t-shirt on?”

“I’m getting there,” Donna admitted, as the two girls headed out of the bookstore.

Crysta patted Donna’s half-bare butt for encouragement, and said, “let’s go to the amusement park now.”

Donna took a deep breath and said, “OK, I’m ready.”

Crysta put her hand around Donna’s waist, under her t-shirt, lifting it slightly. Donna playfully lifted Crysta’s t-shirt a whole lot further, fully exposing Crysta’s pussy and ass.

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I enjoy seeing naked girls climbing rocks as much as the next guy, but what did this have to do with amusement park or book stores dressed in a tee shirt?
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