Going to Lynn’s House

“Why is Lynn upset with you?”

“Oh, Lynn got her panties in a wad. hehehe, Literally, too. I went home to her house last weekend.” Jaime said.

“I saw you two leave. you both seemed so excited to be getting out of here for the weekend.”

Jaime said, “We were! And well, I had a great time, but Lynn didn’t like what happened.”

“Spill it!”

“So we get to her house late, and race to her bedroom, and her mother comes checks on us, and sees Lynn in her tee shirt and me in my babydoll.”

“Yeah, just like you left here. So?”

“Well, nothing really, except Lynn wonders if her mother figured out that’s all we wore on the ride home. Doesn’t matter to me, but Lynn gets a little weirded out. I mean I take off my babydoll to go brush my teeth, and Lynn shows up wearing the tee shirt with panties!”

“Wow! that is strange. I haven’t worn both in ages.”

“Me neither. But I shrug it off and we finish up and go back to her bedroom. The weird thing is she climbs into bed fully dressed like that!”

“In her tee shirt and panties? No way!”

“Way! But okay, I figured I’m so tired we wouldn’t be fiddling around anyhow. Actually, I fell asleep right away, but when I woke up, Lynn wasn’t in the room. So I head to the bathroom. No Lynn. I brush my hair and teeth. Still No Lynn. So I head downstairs because I hear people talking, and there’s Lynn sitting at the breakfast table still wearing everything!”

“She was still wearing the same thing she wore all night? Wasn’t it all, you know, sweaty and yucky?”

“Not really. They keep the air on, and I actually had a sheet over me most of the night.”

“Wow! Freezing cold. Brrrr. Isn’t it nicer how they keep the dorms so warm?”

“Definitely nicer warm. As it was I was embarrassed coming down into the their kitchen and seeing their family. I mean my nipples were like on high beams and everyone was staring at them! I knew it wasn’t sexual excitement, but the cold air. They all went speechless.”

“Oh my! That would be embarrassing. But wouldn’t a dry pussy be enough for them to realize? Didn’t you have goosebumps, too?”

“All true, but being embarrassed, I sat down next to Lynn right away. So maybe they didn’t notice my pussy.”

“I always notice your pussy. It’s like perfect. So smooth and touchable.”

“Hey! Ask permission first! We are not on campus where you can grope to your pleasure!”

“I’m groping to our mutual pleasure.”

“True, but a girl likes to be asked, even if you already know the answer.”

“May I manually stimulate your vagina area?”

“Funny, if you want to finger fuck me, just say so.”


“You’re too funny. Here.”

“Wider. I may need to replace the finger with my tongue soon.”

“No need to ask about that! So, where was I?”

“Sitting next to Lynn at breakfast.”

“Oh right! So, her little sister is giggling, and her parents are looking at each other. Her mother says to Lynn, ‘Perhaps your guest would feel more at home if you made her more comfortable.’ Then our Lynn objects to taking off her clothes.”

“Lynn? She did that?”

“Yes, her mother gave her a hard time, and I tried to say it was no big deal. I could see Lynn was really upset, but then her father said, ‘None of that. You are embarrassing your friend. If she is used to being naked in the house, you should respect her and get naked, too.’ Well Lynn stands up and strips and sits down, and I see she is really pissed. To make matters worse, her little sister asks, “Can I get naked, too?” Her parents decided it was fine if she did, and off came all her clothes. A robe, gown, bra, panties, and socks.”

“No wonder. It sounds like an ice box in their house.”

“Actually, you sort of get used to it fast. Just a little chill if you are doing nothing, but feels good when you are moving around the house.”

“No thank-you. I’m warm blooded.”

“So after eating, I asked Lynn what was the problem. Get this, her father hadn’t seen her nude since she was a little girl.”


“For real. So, I figure it is a good thing, not her. So she gives me the silent treatment as we sat down to do some homework. After a bit, I head off tot he bathroom, and as I’m returning I see someone approaching the front door. So I opened it. This guys is shocked and babbling something about wanting to see Kelly, that’s Lynn’s little sister. I tell him to come in and follow me. Now once he steps foot in the family room, Lynn and Kelly scream and run out to the kitchen. I mean they were screaming like a spider crawled on them.”

“Maybe one did?”

“One spider, two people?”


“Then I get the picture. Kelly’s boyfriend had never seen either of them naked.”

“Never? How old is Kelly?”

“She a senior. 17, almost 18 years old.”

“And her boyfriend never saw her naked?”

“Go figure. Well, I didn’t figure this all out until we walked into the kitchen and Kelly and Lynn were hugging each other trying to cover up.”

“Or sisterly love?”

“I don’t think so. Seems they both are quite competitive. So, I’m standing next to her boyfriend trying to figure out what in the world got into them. I’ve not seen a reaction like that since, since…”

“Since Orientation!”

“Exactly! That’s what finally dawned on me. I started laughing remembering how foolish we all were that night. Afraid someone might get a peek. I mean, how many times since then have you, Lynn, and I walked across campus to get a free ice cream?”

“Every Wednesday and Friday night! Now, that’s one cold shop! But if you sit with your knees apart the guys realize you are not sexual excited at all. Just cold. It’s nice when one rubs his hands and place them over my nipples.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure Kelly hadn’t plan on doing that with her boyfriend. But with all the screaming, Lynn’s parents came running. They find all of us naked with this boy, and while Kelly wanted to run to her room, her parents decided it would be rude to leave her guest. Lynn wanted to put something on, but she couldn’t unless I did. I couldn’t put anything on, because her mother grabbed my babydoll for the laundry service.”


“Oh, yeah, forgot that. Right after breakfast, Lynn and I do the dishes, while Kelly and her mother gather everything for the laundry. She asks me if I have anything needing cleaning, and I mention my babydoll. So, off it went in a truck. I’m sort of stuck now. Nothing to wear.”

“You didn’t pack a bag?”

“Of course. My toothbrush and paste, hair brush, lotions, textbooks, and laptop. It wasn’t like I was going somewhere for a month and might something else to wear. Just a short weekend.”

“Still I might have packed a thong or something.”

“And get stopped by an inspector on your way out? No thanks. so where was I?”

“Lynn’s house. Her kid sister and boyfriend?”

“Oh right. So, her parents think that Kelly running off to get dressed would be rude. She knew he was planning on picking her up, and still she did nothing to get ready. He said they were just planning on hanging out, so I said they could do that here. Lynn and Kelly looked positively horrified at the idea.”


“I had to ask, too. Just something like, ‘Duh, we’re all naked!’ and I’m like ‘Duh! I am, too!’ turns out the kids make a great couple. He gave Kelly all his attention, well mostly. But he was honest about looking, too. Kelly asked him, ‘Whose tits do you like the best?’ He said hers, but she wanted to know between Lynn and me. Well, you know how competitive Lynn can get. She sits up straight and sticks out her chest until the guy says, ‘Lynn’s tits.’ Kelly then wanted to know about butts. All three of us got on our hands and knees and wiggled out asses in his face. Her mother passes through the room and says, ‘I don’t even want to know what you are doing.’ We laugh and wiggle some more. Again, he picks Kelly’s but then her father says, ‘You should really do that blind.'”

“Like a blindfold? Wouldn’t he be groping your ass?”

I laughed. “No, he got out a bed sheet and had the boyfriend turn around. Then we shuffled positions, and got back down in position for her father to cover us with the bed sheet, well, all but our butts. Still, he picks Kelly’s ass. But her father smacks my ass, ‘Lynn, maybe less ice cream and more exercise.’ I laughed, and he got really red. He apologized like a dozen times and left the room. Their mother was laughing too hard, but she followed him.”

“Didn’t you tell him it was like okay?”

“I did like a dozen times, but he really was red in the face. So with the parents out of the room, Kelly says, One last thing to judge, ‘Whose pussy do you want?’ She makes him turn around, and we hide under the sheet, and spread our legs so the linen only covers our top half. He picked Kelly again, and that made Lynn upset. She claimed he cheated. Kelly was the only one with a tanline. Of course he knew her ass and pussy from ours. Lynn insists he wears a blindfold. Kelly asks, ‘How will he judge?’ and Lynn says, ‘His tongue.’ Kelly is shocked but Lynn and I are spreading out the bed sheet. We used his shirt for the blindfold tying the sleeves over his eyes. Then we played odd man for who went first. Me. No one said a word, as he crawled finding his way to my pussy. His tongue sure felt good. He came up smacking his lips. Scissors, rock, paper between Lynn and Kelly, and Kelly won. We had to stay quiet, and she got down on the floor and moved closer to him, Once they touched, he moved in. I thought Kelly was going to climax.”

“So fast?”

“Well, not exactly. He really went to town eating her out. I only had a little, and I knew if he continued, I would have came. So I knew she wasn’t faking it. He came up with his face covered in pussy juice. We fought the urge to laugh as Lynn took the final position. This time, he really goes at it. I mean dang. The only other time I’ve seen Lynn move like that is when I did her on the Commons last week and I had to crawl fast to keep my tongue inside her.”

“More than when you two went at it in the ice cream shop two weeks ago?”

“Much more! Tears were coming from Lynn’s eyes as she attempted to remain quiet, but she couldn’t hold back. When her parents re-entered the room, she climaxed screaming out. The boy sat up and pulled off his blindfold. Smiling. Lynn was pissed. She stormed over and took his hand and led him off to her bedroom.”

“And her parents said nothing?”

“Seems they were speechless. I mean they did contribute to the fun. After an hour or so, Lynn and him returned. Lynn was still naked of course, and he was hopping along putting on his pants. He grabbed his shirt and kissed Lynn before leaving.”

“So Lynn was upset Kelly got the screw? It was her boyfriend, right?”

“No, what really got Lynn mad was that her parents sat us all down. They told us about themselves. I could see Lynn and Kelly were shocked to find out their parents were swingers.”


“Yep, but apparently when they started it was still called swinging. I mean, like Lynn’s parents were really old, almost 40 like late thirties or something.”

“That is old. But why would Lynn be upset about them having multiple partners?”

“Lynn is all pissed because her parents will not let her join in until Kelly turns 18 years old in a couple of months.”

“Yea, that does sound unfair. I mean Lynn is already 19 years old. But why is she upset with you?”

“Because that night, Lynn had to stay home with her sister while I went with her parents to a party.”

“A party without Lynn? No wonder. What did you wear?”

“Nothing. My babydoll was still at the laundry. It was some party, too. So many hard cocks. And so many pink pussies. Let me tell you, next time four guys try to fuck me on campus, I’m not fighting it. Damn, eight hands all over you and well, their cocks in you, too.”

“Four? How does that work? three, okay. But four?”

“Sore jaw for a day.”

“Oh. But now I can understand why Lynn is so upset.”

I said, “That’s just it. She has no reason to be upset. Kelly’s boyfriend came back when we were gone, and Kelly shared. Apparently, Kelly wanted instructions and demonstrations since their session earlier was a bit hectic.”

“So why is she still pissed?”

Just then Lynn stormed into the room, “I’m still pissed because Mom and Dad made me wear this tee shirt on the drive home, but since her babydoll was not back from the cleaners, she got to ride back naked. And since sweet little Kelly wasn’t staying, she got to go naked as well. I felt like a fool at the convenience store being the only one of us  wearing shirt and shoes. I had to pay for everyone’s slushies, and no one even gave me a kiss in thanks!”

“At least your tee shirt is short.”

“Short? It covers my navel!”

“Well, I was trying to be nice.”

I pulled Lynn to the floor to join us. She smiled as I removed her tee shirt, and planted a wet kiss on her lips. She forgave me, but made me promise one thing. Never tell her how well her father can fuck an ass ever again.

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    I know there’s been a slow down in stories, but i enjoy the new look of the website and know stories will pick up again, just a matter of time. Don’t wanna see another one of these sites shut down. Happy writing.

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    So there’s never been this long of a drought between stories. Especially with the new design, which looks very nice.

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    1. this story is long but it never gets dull. kudos because i know this must have taken so long to write. 2. i like the competitions in stories, it allows for punishments for the loser.

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    Really sad to see this new updated site has such a dry spell. Maybe Thanksgiving should be used as inspiration.

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    What a great story. I’m glad little Kelly got to participate in the fun, wholesome stripping and girl-guessing. I’m sure she’ll enjoy the swinging parties in a few months, and will probably end up eating out her older sister too.


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