FTSFD – Part Four (the Dorms)

(Part 3.5)

After such an eventful day, Genevieve was in a hurry to get to her new dorm room, located in prestigious Tayken Ett Hall, to unwind and relax. Taking her leave of her new friend Val, she decided she could live with the jiggly discomfort and broke into a light jog, the cool air brushing across her naked body as she ran and stiffening her nipples. Bouncing her way across campus, she managed to make it to the door without even being stopped for a groping. Maybe they were too distracted by my bouncing breasts to pull me over… well, my luck can’t last forever. And indeed it did not.

Standing right by the entrance was the boy she’d termed Mr. Undresser and a small gang of his friends, the boy who’d taken lead on helping the Inspector strip, humiliate and arrange for Genevieve to be fucked silly by strangers almost immediately on arrival. She felt her cheeks grow warm with remembered humiliation, and her pussy grew warm with remembered fucking. She froze in spot, hesitating. Can I slip past them without trouble? Or try to find another entrance? But the decision – like, earlier, her clothes – was swiftly taken from her as she was spotted.

Mr. Undresser swiftly pivoted and gave her a crooked grin. “Well hello, sweet. I’ve been waiting for you.” What?! How could he have known I was coming here? Sensing her confusion, he explained: “See, I’m going to be your RA. They told me you were coming. Here, let me show you to your room.” And coming up behind her, he promptly used his thumb and two forefingers to take hold of both her asshole and pussy at once and begin to steer her forwards with this grip. She let out a girlish squeal and her cheeks instantly turned bright pink from embarrassment. “Oh – my name’s Liam, by the by,” he explained casually as he pressed her forward. His grip was especially distracting for Genevieve on the stairs, as he let his thumb sink deeper and then slide back out with each step up as he aided her ascent. Genevieve couldn’t understand why she was just going along with this outrageous treatment, but between being half-paralyzed by humiliation, no one else commenting on the situation, and a half-formed desire not to accidentally break any more crazy rules, go along with it she did.

After what seemed like an age of slow-burn humiliation (and mounting sexual arousal for Genevieve), they reached her floor at last. As they began to walk along the hall, Liam casually directed her attention to scenes of interest in the other dorm rooms (most of which seemed to have open doors) or called out greetings to other residents. None of these people seemed to comment on Liam’s thumb in her asshole or fingers in her pussy either, so Genevieve resigned herself to simply taking in the sights.

Like what appeared to be either a mass pussy inspection, or perhaps a beauty contest of some kind.

Or one roommate administering some loving admonishment to another, perhaps over some breach of the roommate contract.

Or simply a happy couple enjoying an intimate moment together.

Genevieve could certainly see she could look forward to a lively dorm life. And just like that, they were at her room. She stared at it, mouth agape, surprised enough not to notice not only Liam’s hand still DPing her, but one of his friend’s beginning to grope her breast. “So… I see there’s no door.” “That’s right.” “And there’re no sheets on the bed.” “Yep.” “And the entire exterior wall’s just one giant sheet of clear glass.” “Very astute.” “So… one question. WHAT THE FLIPPING FUCK?!”

Liam threw back his head and laughed, doing nothing to improve Genevieve’s mood. She stamped a foot angrily, doing her best to ignore how this made his fingers shift inside her. “I’m serious! What’s the deal?!” “Ah, that. Well, the thing of it is, word came down that in light of the truly egregious nature of your offenses, you were to be put in a Display Unit. No door, no sheets, no opaque wall, and of course absolutely no clothes whatsoever. The idea is that at any point in the day or night, any person at all who might be walking by, inside or out, can simply look inside and view you in your full naked glory.” He reached up with his unoccupied hand to tweak the nipple of the breast not already being groped by the other boy. “And quite some glory that is, too. It’ll last at least until the hearing, I expect.”

Genevieve swayed in shock, and might have stumbled if not for Liam’s strong hand on her shoulder, and inside her holes. So… no rest at all? She’d really been looking forward to having at least one place of refuge, and it was becoming perfectly clear she was deliberately to be denied that. Liam spoke up again, more softly. And were her ears playing tricks, or was that a note of actual concern? “Oh, don’t take it so hard. You’ll be used to it in no time. Really, the hardest part will just be all the pictures.” Pictures??

“But don’t worry,” he said with the increasingly-familiar mischief in his eyes. “We’ll be helping you to get used to that right now. It’s important for a Peer Inspection to be well documented, after all.”

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