Freeway Overpass Dare (archives)


“It seemed simple enough,” recalled Millie later, after her heart stopped racing. “Sally and I wore overcoats to the freeway overpass, where we were supposed to flash the afternoon commuters.”


“But we didn’t expect Officer Flannery to be on the lookout. He was sneaky. He waited until we were both naked, then he arrested us. He made us put our hands behind our backs, handcuffed us, and made us get into his car. Then he drove us to the police station.”

“There is where it started to get strange,” Sally added.

“Yeah. He just left us in the parking lot with the car unlocked, and told us we could come into the police station whenever we were ready.”

“We thought about escaping…”

“But then we didn’t know how we would get home, or how we would get our handcuffs off. Finally Sally figured out how to get her hands out from behind her body–”

“So I could cover my bush,” Sally interjected.

“She felt self-conscious about her landing strip. I was glad to be fully shaved,” Millie added, “because when we finally built up the courage to come into the police station, they refastened our handcuffs over a water pipe in the waiting area, so our hands were over our heads, so our pussies were on full display.”

“At least they let us go without any charges.”

“And without our overcoats,” Millie lamented. “They said we could come back next week to get them if we want.”

“Yeah, but we have to show up naked. I’m not sure it’s worth it.”


Of course, the police let you go. What were they going to charge you with – indecent Exposure? There is not one thing indecent about either of you.

In fact, if you want to press a lawsuit, I’m willing to sue the police department for you. We will show, in a court of law, they you two fine girls are quite decent. We will reconstruct the scene of the arrest, entering your coats into evidence. We will demonstrate the humility you each felt being handcuffed at the police station. The jurors will get a up close look to see everything.

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