Eva Mendez Showing Off Her Hot Tight Ass (archives)

Eva Mendez Showing Off Her Hot Tight Ass

Panties, if worn, may be either “bikini” or “thong” style. Bikini style panties must be smaller than a girl’s butt crack, as Eva Mendez demonstrates here:


This is important, because if bikini style panties cover a girl’s butt crack completely, then they must be classified not as panties, but rather as “shorts”. Please note that shorts may not be worn as underwear. A word to the wise, girls: if your bikini panties are too big, they can’t be worn as underwear. But I don’t think you want to wear your “granny panties” as outerwear either, so now’s the time to pitch ’em in the trash, girls!

Note, too, that Eva is wearing a bra, which is a definite no-no. Girls caught wearing a bra will be cited for indecency, so please dress accordingly!

There is one exception to the “bra” rule, which applies to beach wear:


Here, Uma Thurman demonstrates the rule. When worn as a matching pair, a bra and panties (a.k.a. bathing suit) may be worn as outer wear. Again, the panties, if they are “bikini” style, must be smaller than the girl’s butt crack, as pictured here, in order to be classified as panties and not shorts. Note that a bra can’t be worn at all (and certainly not as outerwear) with shorts.

Girls, pay attention, because there are a lot of rules associated with the wearing of panties. It is important that you follow them in order to comply with the Dress Code. Remember, failure to comply with the Dress Code can result in being cited for indecency, an offense that will require you to appear before a judge in order for your case to be decided.

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