Dress Code Guidebook — Perfect Length Dress 2 (archives)

Perfect Length Dress, Part 2

This page is part of the Dress Code Guide, which will help you dress appropriately for all campus activities.  We’re talking to you, the typical College girl, who wants to remain decent and modest while following the Dress Code.  In case you’re wondering what a perfect length would be for a dress, here is your answer.  Any dress that completely covers your butt just invites inspection.  The reason is clear: you’re hiding something!  Maybe you’re just being decent, which is good.  But maybe you’re wearing panties in violation of the Dress Code, which is very bad.  An inspector’s job is to find out which is the case, so he will ask you to remove your dress, which, if you’re a good girl, will leave you naked, defeating your motivation for wearing such a long dress in the first place.

So, to be safe from inspections, you should wear a dress in which you feel mostly decent, but which leaves uncovered a portion of your butt.  Some girls think they can get away with showing just an inch or two of their cheeks, and this is certainly admirable.  However an inspector might still suspect such a girl of wearing a thong.  So to feel safer from inspection, and only a little more vulnerable to casual glances, it is best if you wear your dress short enough that fleeting glimpses of your asshole are possible from time to time.  It takes some practice to settle on the perfect length, covering just about half of your butt, and you will find after some time that you are able to feel completely comfortable dressed this way.

Here is a pretty white dress with a red belt, that illustrates the perfect length dress.


It’s a nice, tight dress, in which a girl can feel decent and comfortable.


It’s strapless, as you can see.  For very active girls, the natural shaking of their breasts sometimes dislodges the top.  It’s a simple matter to pull up the dress each time this happens — nothing to worry about.


Of course, if you pull up your dress too much, you’ll find it covers you less on the bottom.   You will strike the perfect balance with practice.


A dress that covers just about exactly half of your butt crack is the perfect length.  You can feel fully decent, if perhaps just a little sexy, and you can usually avoid inspection because it becomes clear from time to time that you are not wearing panties.


If you should ever need to climb onto something, a stool, in this case, then it is possible that your dress might hike up as a result of spreading your legs.  This is perfectly natural, and it is unlikely that anyone would notice how vulnerable you are, or take advantage of your predicament to enjoy the view of your pussy.  Instead, all the students understand your predicament and sympathize with you.  They know you would prefer to wear a longer dress, but that your disdain of inspections drives you to wear one short enough to avoid them.


So when your dress hikes up this way, sometimes completely uncovering your buttocks, you should just play it off as something you intended to do all along!


Then, when no one is watching, you can pull your dress down again so it covers you.  Of course, when you do this, you risk uncovering your top, but that’s a small price to pay for full pussy coverage, isn’t it?


With some practice, you will be able to strike a happy balance, in which your breasts are partly covered, and so is your pussy.


Then, you will experience full freedom of movement, knowing your dress is the perfect length!


In conclusion, we see this dress is capable of nearly completely covering this beautiful co-ed, though as she moves, the dress sometimes loses full coverage.  This is natural and inevitable, so you should wear a perfect length dress, knowing you are unlikely to be inspected.  When your breasts or pussy are be exposed from time to time, you should shrug off the embarrassment you might feel, as this is perfectly natural and understandable.



The perfect length dress ought to split the opinions of inspectors. If a dress is too long, every inspector will stop her due to excessive modesty might lead to panties/pubes underneath. If a dress is too short, she will never be stopped by defeat the whole intent of being modest. A dress neither too long nor too short is the perfect length. To find such a dress, half the inspectors would declare it too modest and inspect her, but the other half would hardly give her a second look towards inspection.

How to find such a dress without going through all the inspection or leaving too much on display? Some girls start long and hem it short. Lots of inspections in the meantime. Other girls wear their shortest micro minis first than gradually go longer until they get inspected. Somewhere between their last skirt and their latest is the perfect hemline for her.

Comment By base At 8/3/2008 7:46 PM

It is important that everyone keep telling the girls that of course we wouldn’t dream of taking advantage of their exposure to get a good look at their tits and pussies, or enjoy seeing them inspected and take all those nice nude pics for the school intranet – and we only put those shots of them being stripped by inspectors in the school magazine to show how the code works, right? he he!

And if their nipples are a bit hard or their pussies a bit wet after an inspector has taken all their clothes, well, we are just obeying the code when we slide our hard cocks into them, honest!

Comment By college boy At 8/23/2008 10:48 AM

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