Dress Code — Coverage Standards, Rear (archives)

Dress Code — Coverage Standards, Rear

We at the College understand you girls want to be attractive, and we approve of that. That is why the Dress Code was carefully designed not to dictate any minimum standards of coverage. Rather, by prohibiting the wearing of underwear by girls, we place the burden of decency right back where it belongs: on you girls yourselves. We expect will will exercise good judgment when it comes to the length of your skirts, so that you feel decent, despite your lack of underwear.

Most girls find that a skirt that covers a small fraction of their butt crack is sufficient for them to feel decent. Skirts, more than dresses, have the advantage of adjustability. Even though most of your butt is visible, you can pull the front of your skirt down so that your pussy is exactly covered, as in the illustration, below. This shows a girl who has exercised good judgment, balancing her need to be attractive with her need for decency, and coming up with a very fair compromise between the two.


It is certain this girl would have dared to wear a much shorter skirt if she had been allowed to wear panties, because in that case, she would not have needed to depend on the skirt to hide her most intimate of areas from public view. We credit the cleverly crafted Dress Code with the high degree of decency attained by the girls of our College.


A dress, as opposed to a skirt, presents a girl with a different set of challenges. Girls who wear micro-minidresses (ones that reach crotch level at the longest) sometimes tug on them to temporarily give them better coverage. It is typical for a micro-minidress to cover less than half of a girl’s butt cleavage, so a girl who is not used to wearing such a short dress may feel a draft on her behind, and instinctively tug on the dress. This is natural. It is caused by your desire to be decent in spite of your knowledge that you are not wearing underwear. The girl pictutred, above, tugs on her dress for this very reason. One can only imagine how much shorter her dress would have been if she were allowed to wear underwear. The decent length of this girl’s dress is a direct result of the ingeniously crafted Dress Code, here at the College.

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