Dress Code — Boots (archives)

Dress Code — Boots

Boots are a nice accent to any outfit. If your boots are taller than your knees, they take the place of a bottom, but you may still wear a top with your tall boots, if you like.


As you can see, the boots are the centerpiece of this outfit, drawing attention away from this girl’s nudity — this effect, called the “clothing effect” allows her to feel modest even though she is almost completely naked.

When I see a girl like this. I stop her for an inspection. Why? Well, if she is wearing thigh highs she would be in violation of the Dress Code – two bottoms. Some girls roll their stockings down to conceal their length. It is embarrassing for these types of girls to attempt to pull off their tall boots. Often they need help, and their positions expose them more than if they were standing.

She might have avoided the entire inspection by one simple thing… don’t smoke on campus.

Comment By Inspector #212 At 10/27/2007 9:19 PM

If her boots were any shorter, she would have no place to keep her cigarettes and lighter. Clearly the rules were never meant to harass people for smoking, they should have a different rule set that that of the allowed clothing.
Comment By Blatant Coward At 3/15/2009 5:47 PM

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