Crysta’s Outreach Program — Thursday, May 14, 2009 (archives)

Still naked, the girls made their way out of the dining hall. “It’s dark now,” Crysta said. She knew their clothes were long gone; no point in looking for them now.

“Yes,” Donna said. “It’s dark.” Then both girls burst into laughter. Somehow it was OK now, to be naked and together, even in public. They sat down on a bench, and intertwined their legs and arms.

“You were right,” Crysta finally said. “I want something from you.”

Donna couldn’t stop giggling. “What is it?” She nuzzled her sexy roommate. There was something liberating about being naked with her best friend in the fading light of the late afternoon.

“I want you to come with me to do an ‘outreach’ at the local high school.” She made air quotes around the word “outreach”.

“What’s that?” Donna asked, her pony-tail bobbing.

Crysta paused to admire her friend’s beauty: her perfect tits, delicious smile, and—inhaling deeply—intoxicating fragrance. “That’s where we go to the high school, and we tell them about the Dress Code, and how great it is.”

“Is this the same Dress Code that caused you to be raped, and forced us to fuck each other and lose our clothing? That Dress Code?!”

“Yes, Donna, except we can’t talk about the fondling or the raping. We’ll just tell them about the Dress Code itself.”

Donna was quiet.

“And we can tell them about the Inspections. But that’s it.”

“That’s it?!” Donna was incredulous. “What would I have to do?”

“You would just stand there and look pretty. And I’ll drmmf…”

“What? I can’t hear you. I stand there and look pretty, and then you’ll do what?”


“Tell me!”

“I’ll use you to demonstrate things.”

“Demonstrate things? What things?”

“Like how to dress without panties, and without a bra, that kind of thing.”

Donna gaped at her sexy naked friend.

“I’ll just use you as a model, that’s all. I’ll put you in a mini-dress, and then, you know, I’ll show you off.”

“Are you going to show the kids how an inspection works?”

Crysta covered her face, and then peeked between her fingers at Donna. In a tiny voice, she said, “maybe.” She decided to save the part about “fondling” until later, after Donna agreed to this crazy idea.

Donna laughed. “I think I get it.   You’re going to dress me and undress me in front of 30 drooling adolescent boys and girls.”

Crysta joined in the laughter. “Yes.” She kissed her sexy friend. “Will you do it?”

Donna kept laughing long after Crysta stopped laughing, then stopped abruptly. “No!”

“Please?” Crysta begged, pressing her voluptuous body into Donna’s, pressing her lips against Donna’s, and stroking her pretty brown hair.

“Are you serious? You want me to be your little love slave in front of those high schoolers! I’ll do it only if you agree to be my love slave tonight.”

“It’s a deal!” said Crysta.

Crysta’s speedy agreement to this condition caught Donna off guard. “At the mall,” She added.

“Would nudity be involved?” Crysta asked, looking up at Donna with puppy-dog eyes.

“You’ll do anything I ask. You will be my slave.”

Crysta gulped. Being naked at the College was one thing. It was safe here. People expected to see half-naked (and sometimes fully naked) girls here, and took it in stride. She thought it over for a long time. She was essentially asking Donna to be her slave at the high school, so it was reasonable for her to ask me to be her slave at the mall. If she puts me through hell at the mall, then I’ll get her back at the school. “OK,” she agreed, at last.

Didn’t your mother tell you it’s impolite to look up a girl’s skirt?  Give this poor girl a break! Have some decency!

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The art of negotiation. Donna thinks by stripping Crysta first, she has the advantage, when in fact, she does not. She should see how bad the demonstration goes, then strip Crysta to match.

or a more devious player would say, ‘At a time and place of my choosing’ then choose the high school demonstration.

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