Conflicting Dress Codes (archives)

Conflicting Dress Codes
I had to take the job. I simply had to. Most of the girls on campus get money sent from their parents. I don’t. I have to take part time jobs instead. One of the easy jobs to get, is maid services. I do maid services for one of the teachers.


The job itself is ok – I get to wander in my own thoughts, cleaning the house. Most of the time I am alone in the house when I am cleaning, and that’s my luck. The maid job has a dress code. I have to wear a red uniform and stockings. The rest of the outfit is optional. That is a pretty standard dress code for a maid, nothing special there.

Of course, the problem is, that when I’m in the teachers house, the College Code of Conduct is in effect! – and along with it: The Dress Code. According to The Dress Code, stockings count as a bottom! That means, that if I have to comply with both the dress code for maids and the college dress code, I have to go bottomless.

Well, I really need the job, so I have no choice.


The red maid’s dress was never meant as a full dress. It is impossible for me to stretch it to cover my pussy. I tried.


Although, if I really try hard and stand in the right position, I can almost make it cover my pussy. That gives me sense of calm, even though I know it doesn’t give too much coverage.


Luckily, when doing the maid services, I am usually alone in the house.


One afternoon, the teacher came home early. I was in the middle of cleaning the floor, so I was on all four. I had let my thoughts wander, and didn’t really notice him coming home. Then I heard him – the teacher had entered the room and stood behind me.

There was no need to stand up, it was too late. I was sure the teacher had had a full view of everything. He was silent for just a few seconds, then said “Wow, you really clean up everywhere, huh?”

I take pride in my work and I DO clean up everywhere. I never really understood why he felt he needed to mention it.


Although not everything is perfect with this job, I like it very much. The teacher also seems to be quite satisfied with my services.

Dear Gyxi, I’m just blown away by your stories, and the pictures, too. First, the pictures. The maid outfit is absolutely delightful. Its length is just perfect! And the stockings are a nice touch. Second, the story. Your style is so much like mine that I thought at first I had written it, and just forgot. Did you do that to match my style? Or is your style naturally like mine?
Comment By Richard Hertz At 5/21/2007 7:43 PM

Hi Dick. Thanks a lot. I am very happy you like it. I am trying to match your style because I like it so much. Also, I want all the stories to have the same sort of layout and style.

Your new additions to the background story are excellent. I will make sure everyone gets a chance to read those before they read anything else.

Comment By Grinch At 5/22/2007 8:41 AM

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  1. Johann

    Well I noticed that the girl wears stockings (they count as a bottom) and has pubic hair visible (which is also a bottom). But since it looks really nice and well groomed, I see no need for her to shave it of. What do you think?


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