College Tale Trilogy Part 3 – Mr. Fairborough

Having just left the dentist’s makeshift office, the Dean continued Mr. Fairborough’s tour of the college unaware that he was feeling very disappointed that he would not get to see Serena being punished for becoming sexually aroused in public.

“Will she learn her lesson?” Mr. Fairborough asked.

“Hmm?” The Dean responded having already moved on from the previous situation.

“That girl, Serena. The punishment she’ll receive, will it be a suitable deterrent?”

“Definitely,” the Dean replied. “Incidents of sexual arousal are in very low numbers and as for the general code of conduct and the dress code, we do not have many offenders as the girls are all too aware of the consequences.”

Mr. Fairborough was silent but the Dean could tell he was not quite convinced by his answer. If one of the college funders was having doubts as to the effectiveness of the college and its disciplines, they may pull their funding. This would be unacceptable.

“Perhaps a demonstration is in order so you can witness the full inspection procedure?”

Mr. Fairborough nearly jumped for joy. “Fantastic!” he thought but calmly said to the Dean, “hmm… Perhaps that would be a good idea.”

They continued to walk the halls until the Dean spotted Jason.

“Ah, now here is one of our finest inspectors. Jason, this is Mr. Fairborough,” the Dean introduced the two then explained to Jason about the demonstration. Because of the time factor, Jason couldn’t wait until he found a girl in violation. He had to choose a girl to take part but was allowed to offer her concessions for helping.

Jason looked around trying to decide who would be the best candidate for the mock inspection and Amanda came into view.

“Perfect,” he thought.

Amanda was quite unique in that she had been at the college for three years but was one of the few girls to have never been found in violation of the CCC or dress code thus she had never had a full inspection or been consensually raped, a fact she often flaunted over her fellow female students making her quite snobbish and stuck-up. She also behaved badly to the guys. Being very attractive a lot of them had asked her out but instead of politely declining, she would insult them terribly and make a public show of it.

“Amanda…?” Jason said approaching her.

“What?!” she said rudely, then realised it was Jason who was an inspector that was addressing her. She thought he wanted to check that she was conforming to the dress code and before he could speak, cut him off with, “No, I am not wearing underwear and yes, I’m fully shaved.” She said lifting her micro skirt, giving him a quick flash of her bare pussy.

“Everyone knows I’m one of the best when it comes to the dress code so why is this idiot bothering me?” she wondered.

“No, that’s not it. The Dean would like your help in a demonstration for one of the college funders and since all the girls look up to you when it comes to the dress code, I thought you’d be the best one to help me.”

Amanda took a step back and saw the Dean and another man watching her and Jason. She decided that if this demonstration, whatever it was, was going to help her suck up to the Dean thus boosting her grades then she should go for it. Without knowing exactly what her part was, she agreed and the two headed over to the Dean and Mr. Fairborough.

“Amanda’s very keen to help me sir,” Jason said.

“Excellent!” The Dean exclaimed. “I’m so glad. Mr. Fairborough is interested to see how an inspection is carried out so although I can see you are clearly decently dressed we will pretend you are in violation and Jason will give you a full inspection.”

“What?!” she thought looking at Jason, giving him a look that could kill. “That bastard didn’t tell me this!” However, it was too late to pull out now and she had to go along with it.

Mr. Fairborough was overjoyed that an inspection was about to take place before his very eyes but he didn’t want to let show how excited he was, after all, he was supposed to be a mature and responsible man.

“Let us begin,” the Dean said.

Jason stepped back to get a good look at what Amanda was wearing. All she had on was a short sleeved blouse that came down to just below her navel and that micro skirt that gave a tantalising view of the bottom of her butt cheeks. From the way her blouse was loosely buttoned up, he (and everyone else) could clearly see that she was not wearing a bra. She was currently revealing a big juicy cleavage as she was crossing her arms in anger which was pushing her breasts tightly together.

Jason could see that she was furious but with the Dean present she wouldn’t be able to do anything to him and she’d have to obey his every command.

“Ok Amanda, I’ll need to examine the top you’re wearing. Please take it off and hand it to me,” Jason instructed.

“But… the top I’m wearing is fine…,” Amanda began but the Dean stopped her.

“Remember the rules of an inspection, Amanda.” He was getting a little nervous that Mr. Fairborough would see Amanda’s back talk as insubordination and think that his college system wasn’t working. “I know the rules may be foreign to you since you dress decently enough to avoid them, but remember that this is a demonstration of a genuine inspection so all the rules apply.”

Amanda silently huffed and gave Jason a look as if to say: “I’m going to get you for this later!”

She undid the few buttons that were done up on her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders revealing her naked torso.

At the sight of Amanda’s full perky tits, Mr. Fairborough eyes lit up, but then he remembered that he had to control himself. However, he couldn’t help staring at her breasts and began to imagine how soft and warm they would feel if he could only gently squish them in his hands. The feeling of an erection stirring in his pants brought him back to reality and he moved the satchel he was carrying so that it covered his groin.

Jason was examining Amanda’s blouse. It wasn’t really necessary for him to do so at this point but he wanted to drag out Amanda’s mock inspection. He started asking her insignificant details about it.

Amanda could tell Jason was deliberately drawing things out and she was fuming but she couldn’t let it show in front of the Dean. He continued to ask her rubbish about where she bought the blouse from and why she liked it. She really wanted to yell at him but had to just politely answer back.

A big problem was starting to arise. Other students began to notice her with an inspector. If she was anyone else, they would have most likely continued about their business but because she was ‘Amanda – the one who’s never been fully inspected’, they were in disbelief and wanted to hang around and watch what was happening. Thankfully, the Dean’s presence made them scurry away but a few stayed on the outskirts to view from afar.

“Now I need to examine you skirt,” Jason said.

Amanda grunted under her breath and reluctantly undid the short zip at the back and pulled the skirt down leaving her completely naked with only her shoes on. Jason held it up to the light to scrutinise it exaggeratedly.

Mr. Fairborough silently winced at such a beautiful angel standing before him naked. He now had a fully blown erection which felt like it would burst through his trousers any minute. This was making him feel self conscious and in an effort to not be rumbled, he decided to try to make himself seem very disinterested by faking yawn to simulate boredom.

The Dean saw him from the corner of his eye and thought that any minute now, Mr. Fairborough would lose patience and walk off declaring the system as a failure without seeing the rest of the inspection.

“Jason, could you speed things up a bit?” the Dean asked.

“Right. Okay Amanda, I can see that you’re not wearing a bra and you’re not wearing panties. So far so good, but now I must check that you were not breaking the layering rule by having pubic hair under the skirt you were wearing. I will now perform a tactile inspection.”

He moved close to her and placed his right hand between her legs. Amanda wanted to pull away from his touch and slap him for putting her though this but under the watchful guise of the Dean there was nothing she could do.

Mr. Fairborough’s jaw nearly dropped as he saw Jason place his hand on Amanda’s pussy. Oh how he envied him and wished it was his hand rubbing all over Amanda’s vagina. His erection now started to throb in his pants.

Jason continued to slide his hand over her pussy, testing for any signs of even the faintest of pubic hair. Without being too obvious, he sneakily began to concentrate on the area of her clitoris.

Amanda could instantly tell what he was up too; he was deliberately trying to make her wet so he could consensually rape her. She had heard from some of the other girls that once in a while, this was something some of the more unscrupulous inspectors tried.
Jason was going to be seriously disappointed. With the amount of anger she was feeling at being suckered into this situation, no amount of stimulation on her clit, vagina, nipples or butt hole would turn her on.

“Well, absolutely no pubic hair,” Jason announced. “But now we have to see if while I was doing my duty as an inspector, you took advantage of the situation and allowed yourself to become sexually aroused.” He eased two fingers into her pussy.

Envy swept through Mr. Fairborough once again as he really wished it was his fingers probing deep inside Amanda’s sweet vagina. His thoughts took control of him as he began to imagine replacing his fingers with his dick.

Jason looked up at Amanda, his fingers still in her pussy. “She’s bone dry,” he said, very dissatisfied. Amanda could see the look of utter confusion on his face as to how this was possible when he tried so hard to arouse her.

Mr. Fairborough asked the Dean, “Suppose she was wet… or sexually aroused if you prefer, what would Jason have to do next?”

The Dean thought for a moment. Considering what Mr. Fairborough had just experienced in the dentist’s office a few moments ago with Serena, he thought the answer would be obvious. However he did say a ‘full’ demonstration so he decided to have a total re-enactment for Mr. Fairborough’s sake.

“Amanda, you are an exceptional student here, in grades and in conduct but for the sake of the demonstration we will pretended that you have been found to be sexually excited so that Jason can demonstrate the punishment a girl would receive.”

Amanda was even more furious at this but couldn’t let the Dean see it. She suddenly thought of a way out, “I would be only too happy to oblige but as you’ve said, I am not sexually excited so it would be difficult for Jason to consensually rape me without enough lubricant.”

“Hmm, that is a problem…,” the Dean said.

Amanda was feeling victorious that she’d managed to escape.

“Well then, perhaps Amanda should…, well…, how can I put this…?” Mr. Fairborough was trying to think up a term that wouldn’t let everyone see how turned on he was by all this. “…Perhaps she should wet Jason’s penis with her mouth. If she got lots of saliva on it, he would be able to re-enact a consensual rape without it being uncomfortable for either of them.”

The Dean didn’t really like this idea but as he didn’t have a better alternative so he gave it the go-ahead, “Very well. Amanda moisten Jason’s penis with your mouth.”

Her feeling of victory turned to bewilderment at what she now had to do. She reluctantly got on her knees. She could see that Jason was already fully erect. He unzipped his trousers letting them and his boxers slide down his legs and his dick sprang out slapping her on the cheek. She looked up at him pissed off with everything. She held his dick in her hand and started to spit on it.

Now it was Mr. Fairborough’s turn to be unhappy. He wanted to see some hardcore action. Every time Amanda spat, the majority of it would drip onto the floor.

“That’s not very effective. Maybe she should put his dic… I mean, his penis in her mouth.”

Amanda nearly flipped but had to keep her cool. She thought it best not to say anything in case the wrong thing came out.

“Go ahead, Amanda,” the Dean sanctioned.

She looked up at Jason, giving him the evil eye again as she took his cock in her mouth.

“Thaaat’s riiiight…!” Mr. Fairborough whispered under his breath as Jason’s dick disappeared into her luscious lips.

Jason was trying to make his dick have more contact with her tongue. Amanda was trying to fight it but decided the quickest way out of this was to lube his dick up a quickly as possible so she used all her concentration to drench his cock in saliva.

A few moments later, Jason was easing his wet dick deep into Amanda’s pussy. He went in slowly at first, not sure if it would be lubricated enough, but he needn’t have worried, Amanda saliva’s had done the trick and he slid in easily.

Watching this, Mr. Fairborough silently groaned, putting himself once again in Jason place. “That must feel heavenly,” he thought as he imagined his dick sliding in and out between Amanda’s tight pussy lips. He wanted to ask Jason how it felt but knew he’d be unable to ask such a question without being caught.
His own dick was beginning to get the better of him. It started to involuntarily twitch and jerk in his pants and he could feel that he had already oozed quite a bit of pre cum in his boxers. He had to make sure that his bag stayed well in front of his extremely bulging erection so that he wouldn’t be discovered. He was trying not to get more excited and had to contain the urge to start yelling out commands to Jason like a porn director: “Fuck her faster! Spank her ass!” He held his tongue. Watching all this was starting to drive him sexually insane!
He remained silent and just enjoyed the spectacle. He moved his bag a bit more to provide his erection better coverage and as he did so, it pushed his dick to one side, making his cock head rub against the soft material of his boxers.

“My goodness! That feels good!” he thought.

As Jason fucked Amanda, Mr. Fairborough continued to push against his bag, really enjoying the friction of his soft cotton boxers on his dick, imagining that it was Amanda’s silky pussy. He only hoped that his movements weren’t too noticeable.

The Dean looked at his watched and thought about everything else he had to do today in order to run the college. There were things he still wanted to show Mr. Fairborough before he left and was a little worried that he’d run out of time.

“Ok Jason, that’s enough,” he said, thinking that it would be easy for Mr. Fairborough to know what happened next and that there was no need for him to actually witness it.

“Thank heavens!” Amanda said under her breath. At least she’d be spared the humiliation of Jason actually cumming on her.  She was embarrassed enough as it was, with the ever growing crowd watching.

Mr. Fairborough nearly freaked out, he was so close to cumming.  He had to regain his composure and asked the Dean calmly, “should Jason not… finish?”

“Oh there’s really no need since we all know what that entails and it will save us some time. I’d still like to show you the Arts Centre before you leave.”

Mr. Fairborough nearly lost his mind and very nearly said: “The Arts Centre can take a hike! I want to see Jason fuck Amanda senseless!!”

Jason withdrew his dick from Amanda and began to pull up his trousers.

“No! I can’t let this end here!” Mr. Fairborough thought to himself. He leaned in close to the Dean and spoke quietly so that Amanda couldn’t hear him.

“I think we would be helping Amanda out if Jason could continue and was allowed to cu… I mean, ejaculate inside Amanda.”

The Dean began to think about this. Why would Mr. Fairborough want to specifically see that? He thought Mr. Fairborough was a mature and responsible man. Was he aroused at this situation and wanted to see Jason ejaculate inside Amanda for his own sexually gratification? If so, he had to be removed from the campus at once and was not fit to be one of the college’s funders. The money they would lose would be substantial but he could not tolerate perverts.
He then thought back to earlier in the dentist’s room with Serena. Mr. Fairborough did seem disappointed when they left the room before Serena received her punishment but he thought that it was because he was disappointed at Serena’s shameless behaviour. Could it be that he was in fact eager to see Serena being consensually raped?

With the Dean taking a while to respond, Mr. Fairborough thought he had blown it and was exposed for the sex pest he was. He tried to again appear nonchalant and even board of the situation.
Eventually, the Dean simply asked, “why?”

Mr. Fairborough thought hard to come up with a reason that wouldn’t belay suspicions.

“Remember when Jason tested Amanda for wetness? He said she was bone dry. Do you not find that a little unusual? Even when not sexually excited, it is normal for a young lady to at least display a little moisture in her vagina. I think Amanda might be suffering from Vaginal Dryness and is too embarrassed to say. If Jason was to continue and ejaculate in her puss… vagina, then that will lubricate her sufficiently.”

He held his breath hoping the Dean would buy his nonsense.
The Dean studied Mr. Fairborough’s face then looked over at Amanda who had begun to get dressed.

The Dean thought deeply again. Yes, she was looking a little embarrassed and it couldn’t possibly be because of this inspection because everyone involved knows this is just a demonstration.

The Dean took a step back and looked at Mr. Fairborough in awe, he was absolutely correct. He felt a little ashamed of himself that he had eyed such a wise man with suspicion.

“You know, you seem to have the wisdom to run a college like this,” the Dean said.

Mr. Fairborough breathed a sigh of relief at the compliment, thankful that he had gotten away with it.

The Dean was about to explain the situation to Jason and Amanda but Mr. Fairborough stopped him, “It would save Amanda some embarrassment if you just let Jason continue without revealing what we discussed.”

“Ah, of course,” the Dean said. “Jason, it would be better if you finished the demonstration properly after all as I’d like for Mr. Fairborough to get the full effect of the whole process.”

Just when Mr. Fairborough thought that the Dean had forgotten the most important detail, he added, “…and could you ejaculate inside Amanda’s vagina?”

Jason nodded his head and whipped his trousers down again.
Amanda was mortified, she thought the worst was over. And Jason had been ordered to cum inside her as well? Yuk! More of a crowd had gathered and were feeling much bolder to move closer and stay in the Dean’s presence to watch what was going on. She wanted this to be over as quickly as possible before the crowd grew even bigger and decided to take charge of the situation.

Jason’s dick was still hard and he was raring to stick it in her again but she noticed it was now dry and she tested herself.

“Wait, I’m still dry, I’ll have to lubricate you again,” she said.

The Dean gave a knowing nod and wink to Mr. Fairborough.
Amanda got on her knees and put Jason’s dick in her mouth, using her tongue all around it to make it very wet. She suddenly thought that the closer she could bring him to cumming now, the less time he’d spend fucking her pussy. She started applying more pressure, rubbing her tongue all over his sensitive penis head while concentrating on giving him some good suction. She could tell she was doing it well by the way Jason was grabbing onto her hair and was involuntarily grunting every so often. He had even begun to thrust into her mouth a bit. She started to think about how hot and taught his plump cock felt in her mouth and the way it smelt with his musky aroma. She realised she was becoming wet. She cursed herself for allowing this to happen. She wanted to stay angry but there was just something about the way his cock tasted and felt in her mouth that was arousing her this time.

But then a strange movement caught her eye. Mr. Fairborough looked like he was trying to discreetly hump his bag. “Hey! That pervert’s getting off on this!” she thought. And she realised that it was him that made the Dean continue the demo. She pulled Jason’s cock out her mouth to say something but then Jason whispered in her ear, “remember, you mustn’t complain.”

Jason thought she was going to tell the Dean he was enjoying this a little too much, which he was but he couldn’t help it, Amanda’s mouth was so warm and lovely and he was ready to cum. He stood her up and touched her vagina and noticed that she was now wet.

A jolt of embarrassment shot through her that she’d been discovered and was afraid Jason would announce his findings to the Dean. But Jason gave her a look as if to say: “if you don’t say anything about me, I won’t say anything about you.”

She contemplated the meaning of this but Jason took her silence as agreement. He turned her around, bent her forward slightly, and penetrated her pussy, fucking her for a few moments. Amanda could feel his dick spasm inside her. He uttered a long low groan and pulled her closer, thrusting his dick as deep into her as he possibly could, she then felt his cum spurting into her.

Mr. Fairborough was still rubbing himself against his bag, the super soft material of his underwear feeling blissful. He saw Jason slid his dick out of Amanda’s pussy and the sight of a stream of gooey cum oozing down her inner thigh sent him over the edge. He started to jerk and writhe as he came in his pants, his orgasm making him shake uncontrollably. In an effort to disguise what was happening to him, he started faking an explosive cough, “COUGH! COUGH!! COUGH!!!”

“Oh dear! Are you alright Mr. Fairborough,” the Dean asked.

“Yes…, yes. Something went down the wrong way,” he said with his orgasm subsiding. His knees felt weak and he wanted to sit down. He quickly checked everyone’s expression to see it he’d got away with it. The Dean looked concerned no doubt thinking it was a cough plaguing him. The members of the crowd he could see were too busy watching Jason and Amanda. Jason wasn’t paying him any attention at all and Amanda…

Well, Amanda was looking right at him with a look on her face that showed she knew exactly what he was up to. She was trying to clean herself up and put on her clothes quickly and was now looking at the Dean like she wanted to speak to him.

Mr. Fairborough began to panic. “Ah so, the Arts Centre,” he said to the Dean. “Lead the way, I have to be leaving soon.” He whisked the Dean off down the hall but just they were out of sight, Amanda heard the Dean say, “Thank you very much Jason and Amanda…” and they were gone.

Jason helped Amanda with her clothes. “I think that went rather well. What do you think?” he asked teasingly.

“Jason, I’m going to close my eyes. If you are still here when I open them, you will not wake up till tomorrow morning.”

22 thoughts on “College Tale Trilogy Part 3 – Mr. Fairborough

  1. base

    Had Jason fucked her in a bed, he’d be rolling over to fall asleep right about now. So go ahead, Amanda, Knock him out.

  2. MzM

    Mr. Fairborough is like one of those classic villains with the mustache, where he’s tying the damsel to the railroad tracks. Except the train is a penis and no one comes to pull the girl off the ropes. He probably has very small genitalia and was whipped with a belt in the bath tub by his dad for having small genitalia.

    The Dean needs to wise up to these losers. (Keep em coming, Slick.)

  3. William Kazak

    Unfortunately, you should not piss off a donor to the school, especially since money is tight. A little show for Mr. Fairborough from time to time assures continuous funding and that is good. Don’t worry, Mr. Fairborough will probably be exposed soon enough for the hypocrit that he really is. Next time, the Dean should bring his secretary to carry Mr. Fairborough’s bag. Then, he won’t be able to get away with his usual bullshit.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Actually, Mr. Fairborough is on the look out for a new secretary after his walked out. He asked her to hold his bag. She picked it up but then he said “no, I wasn’t talking about that bag” and he started to unzip his pants…

  4. Serena

    I think I blacked out during my public punishment, but everyone keeps talking about it. Can anyone fill me in on what happened exactly?

  5. joe

    I think this is the first time that any of these stories portrayed a female character as something other than hopelessly naïve or easily exploited. I really like this universe, but Amanda talking back to Jason was a nice change of pace.

  6. Angela

    Joe, I agree, her resistant and reluctance made it even hotter when Jason got to strip her naked and fuck her in front of everyone!

  7. Dave

    Very hot story, I liked how even tho she did nothing wrong they subjected her to being stripped and felt up. And then even more so when she was dry but got consentually raped anyway. Reminded me of the story of the Govt inspector who tried very hard to make the girl get wet but when she was able to control herself he just spit on his fingers and said it was her juices. He got to consentually rape her under false pretenses just like this story did. I think it adds something to the story when men in powerful positions can use the rules to their own advantage at the innocent girls’ expense. Not every story should be like this but they are some of the best ones for sure.
    I love these kinds of stories so much!!! Keep ’em coming!!!

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Thanks very much, Dave. Glad you liked it.

      The only thing I feel a tad bad about is that I would so love to write one where these men get their cum-uppance. I have some ideas on how, but I don’t think they would be quite appropriate for this site. I don’t want to gross everyone out!
      For instance, shortly after writing the other one you mentioned with the government inspector, I had the idea that the same government man tries it on again with another student that he saw bending over from behind. So overcome with lust and desire, he approaches her, ordering her to remain silent and not to turn around. He gives her some nonsense lecture about why he has to inspect her instead of one of the regular inspectors and proceeds to slide his hand up her skirt and fondle her. He then insists that she is wet when she clearly isn’t and begins to (non) consensually rape her from behind. Only after his orgasm starts to subside and he regains his senses from his lust fuelled actions, does he begin to recognise something familiar about the back of this girl’s head and nape of her neck.
      Slowly, horror and dread begin to fill him as he realises that this girl before him that he has just raped is…
      …his own daughter!
      She had skipped classes at her own college to come visit friends for the day!

      1. base

        You wouldn’t have to go the incest route and upset many readers to make a similar point. It could be the Dean of Girls he mistook for a young coed given the position she was in when he approached her. Or perhaps the police chief’s daughter? or local prosecutor coming to discuss with the Dean some non-consensual rapes on campus? Something edgy like a guy dressed up like a girl for the college theater since the girls could not wear the multi-layered costume? Or perhaps a visiting professor from Scotland wearing a kilt?

          1. Dave

            I like the idea about it being a daughter but maybe you are right and it shouldnt be his own daughter. It could be any body else’s daughter though. That could even throw in some more interest if it is the daughter of a rival/enemy of his… was it really an accident or not? Maybe we never know? Maybe it becomes a series where he does this to many daughters of his enemies… Definitely some good stuff there.

          2. Dave

            You could even have him enlist other boys or inspectors in helping him with his personal vendetta but not letting them in on it. He could have some made up reasons that they need to do things to these girls and only he knows what is really going on… or maybe the girls could know but not be able to say anything about it because he is too powerful.

      2. Zerinza

        Slick, if you wrote a story like that I think you’d become my favorite COC author ever. ♥ But you’re right, somebody would probably complain.

        There’s a reason I’ve never suggested any of my COC ideas! (^_~)


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