College Tale Trilogy Epilogue – Serena’s Public Punishment

It was late afternoon. Jodie burst into the common room looking for her three friends.

“You guys are not gonna believe what I just saw!” she said eyeing the room. They were the only ones in there.

Bonnie, Ella and Kandi all looked up at her in surprise at the amount of force she had used to crash through the door. They suspected what Jodie was talking about had something to do with one of their friends and to answer her, they all said in unison, “Serena!”
She had been the talk of the college all day.

“Yes!” Jodie said hardly being able to contain her bewilderment. “She’s on the stage in the main hall right now and there’s about 200 people watching her and…!”

“Whatever it is she’s going through right now, it can’t be as bad as when I saw her this morning,” Bonnie interrupted.

“What happened this morning?” Jodie asked.

“Well,” Bonnie began, “as I was just explaining to the girls, Professor McKenzie asked me to visit the Dean’s office for him to sign some papers.
After I knocked, he beckoned me in and I could see he was in the middle of what looked like a serious meeting with four other men. I gave him the documents and was suddenly aware of a faint jingling sound coming from another room.
A few moments later, the Dean called out, ‘Serena!? How are you coming along with that tea?’
I had no idea she was there! I heard her meekly reply, ‘ready…’ and to my utter shock she came out of the other room holding a tray of tea for all the men but, SHE WAS ABSOLUTELY NAKED!
I really tried not to stare at her as I could see that she was the most embarrassed I had ever seen someone, but it was very difficult for me not to.

“As she came nearer to the Dean’s desk, the jingling got louder. I couldn’t work out where it was coming from but then I saw something glint near Serena’s vagina and saw that she was wearing a clitoris clamp with a bell on the end!

“It just kept jingling every time she moved, and as she went around to the men and the Dean handing them their tea, I could see that poor Serena looked sooooo uncomfortable being naked around them and she couldn’t look any of them in the eye. The men looked as though they were used to seeing her in this state and I realised that she must have been naked before them all morning since the meeting began.

“The Dean continued to talk to the men about fiscal reports as if Serena wasn’t even there. After signing some of the forms, he put the pen down but it rolled off the front of his desk and went under the table. He asked Serena to fetch it for him. She got on her hands and knees and had to crawl between the other men who were sitting in front of his desk so she could reach it.
There was no modest way to do this and while she was looking for it under there, all I could see was her naked bottom sticking out, wriggling from side to side as she searched and as the Dean continued to study the documents, the men all had their eyes glued to Serena’s peachy bottom, no doubt looking at her pussy that was peeping out from between her legs while she was bent over.

“She eventually stood and handed the pen back to him and was about to slink off into the other room but he told her to stay in case she was needed again. She stood beside his desk in full view of the men. She was feeling extremely self conscious and moved her arms to cover her tits and hairless pussy but the Dean raised an eyebrow. She looked down at the ground disheartened and lowered her arms exposing herself again.

“One of the other men was in the middle of talking about the college expenditure when he suddenly stopped to look at Serena standing there completely naked with the clit clamp bell attached to her. He said to the Dean, ‘Explain this punishment to me again. I don’t quite understand it.’

“The Dean said, ‘First, I’ll remind you that what you see here is extremely unique in the fact that this particular punishment has never been applied before. As you four know, being College Board members, it is against our rules for any female student to become sexually aroused in public and we have suitable punishments if this rule is broken.
In all my years as Dean of this college I have never before encountered a girl who was so shameless that she got wet in my presence. No girl has ever dared to break this rule in front of me. This was an extreme break of the rules and deserved an extreme punishment as I fear that this girl is so utterly unruly that she’d never learn her lesson if a regular punishment was applied.
In light of this, I’ve arranged for a special day of public punishment for her, the theory being that after a full day of public humiliation and embarrassment, she will never want to be sexually excited in public again and work much harder to control her disgraceful bodily lusts next time.’

“Another man asked, ‘but what is with the thing on her… vagina?’

‘That is to attract everyone’s attention to her and make her feel even more embarrassed. Are you embarrassed Serena? the Dean asked her.

“Serena stared hard at the floor and uttered ‘yes’ but the Dean got a bit short with her and said, ‘Look at me when you are being addressed! You are ashamed, good! Tell these men what disgusting thing you did and why you are such a naughty girl!’

“She had to look each one of them in the eye as she explained. ‘I got sexually excited,’ she said

‘Give them the details!’ the Dean ordered.

“She bit her lower lip feeling very awkward about what she was going to say next. ‘The dentist examined my vagina and I got wet,’ she said hoping that was enough, but it wasn’t.

‘Tell them exactly what you did!’ the Dean said.

‘While he was touching me, I leaked my vaginal fluids all over the dentist’s fingers.’ It was plain to see that she was absolutely mortified at having to go into extreme detail.

‘Yes, and all over the chair he later told me,’ the Dean said. ‘And when I came in with a guest she didn’t have any modesty and allowed herself to become even wetter, so wet in fact that my guest could clearly see how wet and slippery she was and he was standing quite far away. She made quite a mess!’

“All the men tutted and one even mumbled ‘disgraceful!’ making Serena feel even more embarrassed that they were talking about her and her vagina so openly.

“The Dean then said, ‘The clitoris clamp also serves another purpose. It is attached to her clitoris securely enough for her to feel but not tight enough to cause any pain. The fact that she got wet so easily means that she needs to build up a much better sexual resistance. The clamp will provide constant pressure on her clitoris which will stir up strong sexual urges that she will have to resist. This will hopefully desensitise her to sex.’

“I looked at poor Serena, then at her clitoris and could see that it was a little puffed up with the clamp squeezing it. No doubt it was throbbing and tingling and to think that she had to wear it all day!

“The Dean gave the documents back to me and I had to leave. I closed his office door behind me dreading what else was in store for her for the rest of the day.”

“I can tell you what her,” Ella said. “I saw Serena just before lunch and could not believe my eyes! She was out in the middle of the campus with a prefect. She was still completely naked but this time she was bent over and locked in stocks! There was a big crowd around and the prefect was spanking her! She was completely helpless! The stocks had big wheels attached and every so often the prefect would wheel her around so that her butt was facing different portions of the crowd then spank her several times with his hand. Then he’d wheel her around again and let everyone see the humiliation on her face. As he spanked her, he would force her to look directly at everyone and make eye contact thus humiliating her further. She couldn’t shy away.

“With every slap of her buttocks she would whimper and wince. Some of the boys were whooping and cheering, encouraging the prefect on and were even laughing at her every time she flinched from the prefect striking her ass. I could see that some of the girls were starting to feel sorry for her but other girls were saying that she deserved it for getting wet in front of the Dean. I couldn’t believe that everyone knew about her indiscretion.

“Just when I thought it couldn’t possibly get any worse for her, the prefect put his hand between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. He yelled out that she had to stay dry and that if he removed his hand and saw that it was covered in her pussy juice, she’d receive more spankings. As he rubbed her, you could see the look of torment on her face as she tried not to let his stimulation get to her.
After a while, he held his hand up to the crowd and I prayed that it was dry for her sake but as it glistened in the light I knew she was doomed. ‘Serena’s disgustingly wet!’ the prefect yelled out to everyone. All the guys booed.

“I couldn’t believe what the prefect did next. He took his hand that was slick with Serena’s pussy juice and rubbed it all over her face! ‘This is what you like, isn’t it Serena?’ the prefect said rhetorically as he did that. He then started spanking her butt again making her yelp more.

“A moment later, one of the boys in the crowd yelled out that the prefect should see if Serena had learned her lesson and to test her pussy again to see if she got wet easily. The prefect thought this was a good idea and patted her pussy dry with a paper towel in case she was still wet from before but then instead of testing her himself, he let the boy who made the suggestion step up and do it. The boy walked over and began stroking her pussy. The prefect told him to be careful not to knock the clit clamp off her but he could give it a little tug every now and then.

“Again, I saw the look of total concentration on Serena’s face as she was trying really hard not to get wet and every time the boy gave the clamp a little tug, her face would contort with sweet anguish as the sensation sent rivers of pleasure through her.
After a few moments he held up his hand but it was dry. Another boy yelled, ‘Rubbish! Let me have a go!’

“The prefect gestured him over and the new boy began rubbing his hand all over her pussy, trying to make her wet. Before you knew it there was a queue of about ten boys all lined up eager  to ‘help’ the prefect test if Serena got wet. One by one they gave her a good going over, some even stuck their fingers into her pussy and by about boy 6, she had lost the fight and was very wet. ‘Ah ha!!’ the boy yelled and eagerly pulled down his trousers to consensually rape her but the prefect stopped him. ‘No, no one is allowed to do that to her; the Dean’s orders. We cannot risk her having an orgasm yet. There is something very special planned for her later on. But, you are allowed to spank her yourself.’

“The boy looked so disappointed that he had to put his dick away unused, but cheered up again as he started spanking Serena.
Feeling as sorry as I did for her, I couldn’t stay and watch any longer. I don’t know what happened next but I suspect it was an endless line of boys queuing up to make her wet then spanking her – it must have gone on for a long time.”

“Poor Serena! I wonder what the prefect was referring to when he said about something very special planned.” Kandi mused.

“It must be what I just saw!” Jodie exclaimed. “Serena is on the stage in the main hall. I was there just now! She is completely naked and strapped to a wooden beam / table thing in the shape of an inverted ‘Y’. There are about 200 people all seated, some of them are tutors!

“As I first past the hall,” Jodie continued, “a loud hubbub drew my attention and the Dean was in there giving a speech about how it was all our duty to help one of the flock who had lost her way and that we could all help by donating some time to watch her punishment to make it as humiliating for her as possible so she would learn her lesson. He explained that they were killing two birds with one stone – humiliating her and increasing her sexual tolerance.

“Someone was using a video camera and there was a big screen set up so the people at the back could see all the detail.
I don’t know what had just come before, but her legs were strapped wide open to the ‘Y’ part of the table and a prefect was using a Hitachi massager on her clitoris.

Hitachi massager

“The person with the camera zoomed in very close and you could see that her clit was very engorged and still being clamped. The Hitachi was buzzing away quite loudly and Serena was beside herself with pleasure. She was wriggling and squirming against her restraints.

“I was at the back, quite far away and didn’t realise that she actually had a gag over her mouth she looked like she really wanted to say something. The prefect took the gag off and Serena screamed, ‘PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE CAN I CUM!?!?’

‘How close are you?’ the prefect asked.


‘When?’ he asked.

‘ANY MOMENT NOWWWW!!!’ she shrieked.

“Her faced tensed up and it looked like she was about to have an almighty orgasm but the prefect immediately withdrew the Hitachi and thrust a violet wand into her vagina giving her mild but powerful electric shocks in her pussy.

Violet Wand

“This seemed to wipe out her orgasm and she started to whimper and sob that she was so close to cumming but couldn’t.
I asked a boy next to me how long this had been going on and he said about an hour and a half. An hour and a half?! An hour and a half of being brought to the brink of orgasm then have it cruely snatched away?! And it was probably even worse for her with all the pent up sexual feelings she had from wearing the clit clamp all day!

“The prefect started using the Hitachi again and Serena began moaning. I’m sure that any other time, with this amount of sexual stimulation, she would have been in heaven, but because of all the people watching and the fact that she was not allowed to cum, she was in orgasmic hell, feeling the ultimate in sexual frustration.

“Her moans got louder and louder filling the hall. They got even louder still when the prefect began pulling on the clit clamp a little and I could now see why she had been gagged before.
As her breathing got deeper and deeper, she started to whimper, ‘I need to cum, PLEEEEASE let me cum!’

“The prefect said back, ‘You must resist. This is for your own good. Resist, I will help you.’
He placed suction tubes on her nipples and depressed them till her nipples had grown about an inch! The prefect then began using the Hitachi on her again.
‘Ohhh ,nooo!’ she said as she knew what was going to happen next, thinking that he’d bring her to the brink of orgasm and deny her again for the umpteenth time.

“The prefect then suddenly shocked everyone when he announced that she’d gone all day with constant sexual stimulation without having an orgasm. He said that she’d done well and thought that she’d now finally deserved to cum.

“A massive smile of relief broke out across her face. ‘OH THANK YOU! THANK YOU!’ she said. She was absolutely elated!

‘Just tell me when you’re really close and I’ll make it even better for you,’ the prefect said.

‘OH YESSS!!!’ she cried.

“This time while using the Hitachi, he inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and began rubbing in a circular motion. Her facial expression changed to one of absolute bliss. He was expertly massaging her g-spot while the Hitachi worked on her clit. I began to feel a bit envious because it looked like he really knew what he was doing to bring a girl to a powerful, earth shattering orgasm.
Another prefect went on the stage and inserted a small silver vibrator into her butt and he also began to gently tug on a suction tube on one of her nipples.

“Serena was in throws of delirious ecstasy and was moaning and oohing. ‘YES! YES!! YES!!!’ she wailed. She had seemingly forgotten about everyone else in the hall and it looked like the only thing she could think about was that she was about to have the best orgasm of her entire life.

‘I’m going to cum! I GOING TO CUMMMMMM!’ she screamed.

“The look of pleasure on her face was incredible as her orgasm was about to explode from deep within her. Suddenly, the prefect withdrew his fingers from her pussy and pulled the vibrator out her butt. He quickly inserted the violet wand into her, mildly electrocuting her again.
Her pleasure turned to sheer and utter disappointment with the shock of the electricity and the sudden loss of her orgasm that she didn’t reach but needed so badly.


“This devious play from the prefect made a lot of the students erupt with laughter, which pulled Serena’s attention back to where she was; naked and tied up on a ‘Y’ shaped table, in the main hall, on the stage with her legs splayed wide open and with the hall filled with students, all whom were intently watching her and were able to clearly see her most private area, thanks to the big screen and video camera that another prefect was holding inches away from her quivering pussy.

“She was just absolutely mortified with embarrassment. The Dean walked over to her holding a microphone and asked if at long last she had learned her lesson.
He held the microphone to her face but Serena just sobbed with all the humiliation she was going through and nodded her head the best she could with her being strapped to the table like she was.

“The Dean then said, ‘Finally! I can see in your face that you have finally been humbled and have learned the grave error of your ways.’ As Serena continued to sob, the Dean went on about how her day of public punishment was for her own good and that she has learned a valuable life lesson today and that although he was extremely disappointed that he had been forced into taking such drastic action with her, he admired the fact that she had recognised she was in the wrong and had not complained once all day. ‘We are nearly at the end and there is only one thing left,’ he said. He turned to the main prefect and told him to give her body what it truly desired.

“Serena immediately stopped sobbing and looked around with great anticipation. The Dean was finally going to let her cum! The prefects moved in. One started using the Hitachi on her clit again while working his fingers deep into her pussy no doubt pleasuring her g-spot again. Another was about to slide the small silver vibrator into her butt for the second time but at the last minute, he produced a much larger black one that had a really powerful buzz. He lubed it up and you could see the look of sweet anguish on her face as he pushed it deep into her ass while it was buzzing manically. A third prefect increased the pressure of the suction tubes on her nipples.

“Now Serena was moaning and wailing with intense delight. Her cries got louder and louder, her breathing got deeper and deeper till eventually, she started screaming, ‘OHHH! I GONNA CUM! I GONNA CUMMMMMM!’ All the prefects intensified what they were doing to her as she writhed and bucked against her restraints and as an immensely powerful orgasm erupted through her body she let out a mighty shriek of pleasure at what truly was the best orgasm of Serena’s entire life…
Then she passed out, her body falling limp against the table.

“The Dean tried to wake her but she was out like a light! Seeing her unconscious, he said that ‘we’ had finally accomplished our task and asked for someone to carry her back to her dorm room for rest.

“I suddenly realised that the boy I had asked earlier was sniffing at my neck and I was wondering what on earth he was doing when I suddenly discovered that I was VERY wet under my skirt and I think he could smell it. Although I empathised with her, watching Serena going through her ordeal had aroused me greatly and I had to leave before the boy decided to inspect me.”

As Jodie’s account came to an end, all the girls were silent for a moment thinking about Serena and her plight.

Jodie began to sniff at the air then said, “From the smell of things, I’m not the only one who got wet at what Serena went through.”

The three other girls looked at her sheepishly, raising a hand to indicate that they too were oozing their sweet scented pussy juices under their skirts.

8 thoughts on “College Tale Trilogy Epilogue – Serena’s Public Punishment

  1. Serena

    This was quite possibly THE most embarrassing thing to happen to me ever! The worst parts were definitely being a naked servant with that bell hanging from my clit and being put on display on the stage, naked in front of everyone! I couldn’t believe my most private parts were being shown on huge tv screens! Everyone has been talking about it nonstop. I get asked all the time to show guys my pussy because they want to see if I still have the bell hanging from my clit. And can you believe someone was taking pictures all day that day and now there are blown-up versions of them hanging all over campus?! To make matters even worse, since the Dean made an example of me, now I’ve been asked to come to classes and talk about what happens when you break the rules. They even want me to demonstrate what the punishment was like, so I have to go through it all over again!

  2. William Kazak

    Serena, You will remember all of this punishment for as long as you live. Make the most of it right now while the publicity is still so hot for you. You could have posters made and also sell T-shirts with slogans such as “Obey the Rules”, “Spankings not Good”, “Bells are for Clits”, etc. Make 8 x 10 photos of your pussy with a bell hanging from your clit. Autograph the pictures and sell them to your new fans. You are a celebrity and a rising star. Act the part that was meant for you to play and enjoy it this time.

  3. Corruption Killer

    You guys are absolutely retarded I mean do you really think that a girl could walk out into the street like this? NO! They would get arrested on the spot and gess who she is going to blame. YOU! So shut up and stop exploting girls before I call the cops. Also a girl can’t control when they get exited just like a boy can’t control when they get exited it’s and involontry biological reaction. One last thing you say girl should where modist dresses but then your code says they can’t. Thats just a blatant contradiction that SHOULD BE CORECTED! Girls don’t you get it there brain washing you. There taking advantage of your body’s and making you think it’s ok. Haven’t you noticed that there are little to no punishments for boys but there is a truck load for girls? Wake up and tell them that they can’t treat you like this!

    Oh and just so you know I am a boy.

    Rape = crime

    Crime = jail

    1. Slick P. Wraith

      It Sounds like someone’s having a very difficult time distinguishing fantasy from reality.

      Are you for real? Or am I falling into a trap of answering this seriously thus making myself the butt of the joke?

      I applaud your passion, I really do. If you’re that passionate about it, you should call the cops. I insist.
      Maybe you’ll have better luck than Sheldon Cooper who called the cops when someone stole all the goods his elf character had accrued in the World of Warcraft game.
      But judging by your comment, you probably think that World of Warcraft is real too…

      Thanks for your comment anyway. It made me laugh.

      And oh, if you are interested in a STORY where boys receive punishments then you might be interested in this series.

      1. bethany

        A Big Bang Theory Reference? Really? Don’t you think reading and writing porn is nerdy enough? You have to talk about Sheldon Cooper and WOW too? C’Mon man you’re making us look bad.

        P.S. I love Big Bang Theory. Not as much as I love this website and your stories in particular, but close.

        1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Thanks Bethany.
          I didn’t think that reading or writing porn was nerdy or geeky… but then maybe that means I actually am a true nerd(!).

    2. bethany

      Corruption Killer,
      I’m just finishing my second year at the college and, though it goes against much of what I’ve learned these past two years, I feel I must disagree with you even though you’re a boy. I’ll admit, at fist I was nervous to be at a new school and my nerves only multiplied when I began to learn the rules. But once I understood them fully and some of my male classmates and the inspectors had explained and demonstrated everything from the dangers of becoming sexually excited in public to how to check a skirt for a lining, I felt relieved to be surrounded by people who would help me better myself in ways I could not have myself. I had never realized how depraved I am! Thank God for the inspectors and the dean!!


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