College Code of Conduct (archives)

College Code of Conduct

1.0 College Code of Conduct

This document contains the rules and regulations that comprise the code of conduct (“CCC”) for students who attend this college (“College”).

1.1 Introduction

This section describes the purpose and application of the Code.

1.1.1 Purpose

The purpose of the CCC is to provide standards of decent behavior for students who attend the College, so they can have a learning environment characterized by modesty, decency, and dignity. This is achieved through the use of clear, unambiguous, and categorical rules, together with two layers of enforcement. These two layers, together with the two layers of enforcement of the Dress Code fit into a tightly interlocked four-layer scheme of enforcement, which is designed to encourage proper behavior and dress while at the same time maximizing the opportunity for freedom of expression through style.

1.1.2 Categorical Rules

The rules in this code are, wherever possible, categorical as opposed to relative. That is, the rules tend to forbid an entire class of behavior rather than allow behavior up to a certain point. In this way, enforcement of the standard is unambiguous, and not subject to varying interpretations.

1.1.3 Layers of Enforcement

There are two layers of enforcement of the CCC. The students of the College enforce the rules of the CCC themselves, by following the guidelines contained herein. That way, the standards of behavior outlined in this CCC are self-correcting, when employed together with the rules in the Dress Code.

1.1.4 Format of the CCC

Each section of the code is numbered, and gives a rule or definition. Some of the sections contain a recommendation, denoted by the word “Recommendation”. The recommendation is given to help clarify the rule, and to provide an understanding of how each rule is likely to be applied in practice.

1.1.5 Gender Applicability

Proper conduct for boys is different from proper conduct for girls, partly because their standards of dress are different, and also because of gender differences, including the obvious anatomical ones. Moreover, the interlocking of the enforcement of the CCC with that of the Dress Code, together with the gender differences inherent in the Dress Code require significantly different standards of behavior for girls compared to those for boys. It should be understood that this does not reflect sexism or gender bias of any kind, but merely the realities of gender and fashion.

1.2 Violations

Violations of the CCC are determined entirely by fellow students. In rare cases, a student may erroneously report violation, where none has actually occurred. In these cases, the student who has been wronged is asked to enlist the help of fellow students to help right the wrong. If this fails, the next step is to try to overlook the error; chalk it up to a simple honest mistake, which can happen from time to time. If this, too, fails, then the wronged student may file a Grievance with the administration, by following the Grievance Procedure. The Grievance Procedure is arduous, and its decision may not be appealed, so it is only used as a last resort in practice.

2 Public Displays of Sexual Excitement are Prohibited

Girls may not exhibit signs of sexual excitement in any setting in which boys might see the excitement. This rule exists for two reasons. The primary reason is that an excited girl might tend to excite a nearby boy, and thus distract him from other objectives. In addition, the rule encourages girls, all of whom become excited from time to time, to wear modest clothing so that their excitement is not readily apparent. In this way, the CCC tends to reinforce the Dress Code.

2.1 Signs of Sexual Excitement

Girls must refrain from exhibiting outward signs of sexual excitement. Vaginal secretions, swelling or redness of the labia, and firm, erect nipples are all signs of sexual excitement which must be avoided. This rule is unequivocal. There is no excuse for violating this rule.

2.2 “Asking for it”

Outward symptoms of sexual excitement are nature’s way for a girl to communicate sexual desire, whether or not the girl wishes to express this desire at a conscious level. In other words, the wetness, pinkness, and engorgement of certain body parts, most notably labia and nipples, express a desire on the girl’s part to engage in sexual activity. It is well understood that there are appropriate places and times for sexual activity, and well-traveled brightly lit public places during the middle of the day don’t figure among such places or times. This is why girls are not permitted to express such desires in this manner in any public place.

Recommendation: Since the expression of sexual excitement is taken as “asking for sex”, and most girls would agree that such a public request is inappropriate, girls should do two things to avoid “asking for it”: First, they should wear clothing that adequately covers their most private areas (vagina and breasts) so that if they should become excited, this excitement is not readily apparent. Second, if their most private areas are visible, they should make every effort to refrain from becoming sexually excited so as to avoid unconsciously asking for sex.

2.3 Giving Her What She Asks For

The unconscious expression of a desire to engage in sex is most effectively punished by allowing that desire to be fulfilled in a public setting. For this reason, a boy who sees these expressions of sexual excitement is not only permitted, but actually required to give the girl the very thing she desires. It is not necessary for her to agree at a conscious level to engage in sex. In fact, it is generally understood that the girl would prefer, at a conscious level, not to engage in a sordid public display. So any sex act done to her without her conscious approval is a form of rape, a punishment sanctioned by the CCC. This punishment is termed “Consensual Rape” because a girl who expresses her unconscious inner desires for sex by exhibiting outward signs of sexual excitement is giving tacit consent for sexual relations.

2.4 Consensual Rape

If a girl takes any action, whether voluntary or involuntary, whether conscious or unconscious, which can reasonably be construed as a request to engage in sex, then a boy may (in fact, must) fulfill her request. If her action was involuntary or unconscious, such as allowing her vagina to secrete moisture, or allowing her nipples to become hard, then her involuntary or unconscious request for sex is at odds with her conscious interest in remaining modest and proper. In this case, any advances on her are against her conscious will, and therefore they constitute rape. But she has involuntarily or unconsciously given consent to be raped, and so the sex act is termed “Consensual Rape”, which is permitted by the CCC as a punishment that will tend to keep girls in line.

3 Bare Skin Between Thighs and Neck

It is expected that a girl who adheres to the spirit of the Dress Code will dress so that the majority of a her torso, as well as her upper thighs, would be covered by clothing. Therefore, if she leaves any of her skin in these areas bare, then it is clear that her intent was risque; to increase her sex appeal at the expense of modesty. Boys (and, for that matter, other girls) may find themselves unable to resist touching the skin that was left bare in this way, so it would be unfair not to let them touch it. Moreover, to the extent that being touched is undesirable, girls will be motivated to cover themselves more fully. Thus, allowing the touching of skin that a girl has intentionally left bare might serve to deter bare skin, and improve overall decency on campus. Therefore, the following rule is included in the CCC:

3.1 Girls Are Not Permitted to Resist Being Touched

A girl may not resist, either actively or passively, the touching or fondling by another person of exposed skin on her thighs, buttocks, and torso. Examples of active resistance include such things as running away or fighting. Passive resistance includes such seemingly innocent behavior as “covering up” with the hands, and is best illustrated by an example: if a girl’s thighs are exposed, she may not squeeze her legs together to stop a boy from touching the soft, tender skin between them. To avoid being groped, girls know they should wear modest clothing and keep themselves covered up, which is the main purpose of this rule.

Recommendation: If you choose to wear revealing clothing, do so with the expectation that you will be “felt up” from time to time. When you are fondled, take the touching in the gentle spirit in which it is given. Smile, and move closer to your fondler to avoid giving the impression of resisting him. At the same time, refrain from becoming sexually excited, so as not to violate any provisions of the CCC.

3.2 Bare Breasts

If a girl leaves her breasts bare, she can expect other students to touch them from time to time. When her breasts are groped, it is important for a girl to refrain from allowing her nipples to become hard, as this small sign of sexual excitement is forbidden by the CCC.

Note: If a girl is entirely topless, then she may not enter a school building displaying a sign near the entrance which reads, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service” (unless she is naked).

3.3 Bare Thighs

If a girl is wearing a short skirt, she might be fondled in the neighborhood of her upper thighs. Her fondler is not permitted to reach beneath her dress, but he may fondle the girl right up to her hem line. If her hem line is at or above her crotch, then he may freely fondle her vaginal area, and the girl is not permitted to resist his advances.

3.4 Bare Bottom

If a girl leaves any part of her bottom bare, she can expect to have her cheeks palmed now and again. This can happen if she is wearing a micro-minidress, for example, which covers most of her butt, but leaves the cutest part of her little cheeks open below the dress. When another student gently strokes her lower cheeks, she should spread her legs slightly to avoid giving the appearance of resisting the touching. Her groper may ease a finger between her cheeks, and thereby gain access to her anus, perineum, vulva, and vagina from the rear. Some girls find it difficult to stay dry while during an anal massage, but all girls must make the attempt.

3.5 Deals

A fondler is allowed to propose a deal in which he receives certain favors from the girl in exchange for ceasing to fondle her. Such deal-making is in keeping with the spirit of the CCC because it encourages girls to dress and behave more modestly. A modestly dressed girl is not at risk of fondling, and so she has less to lose (and a potential fondler has less to offer) in such deals. Thus, allowing potential fondlers to propse deals with scantily clad girls will, in the long run, encourage girls to cover themselves up more fully.

Recommendation: A girl should accept such a deal only if the terms are very favorable to her. If the terms include removing some clothing, then the deal is almost certainly a bad idea for the girl, because by exposing more skin, she opens herself up to an even greater opportunity for fondling, perhaps by someone else, later in the day.

3.6 Flinching

The clenching of legs or buttocks, a semi-involuntary response to being touched in certain ways, is forbidden. If another student slips his fingers between a girl’s cheeks, she is required to relax her cheeks. It is helpful to spread the legs slightly in response to being touched this way. Similarly, if a girl’s thighs are touched, she should relax her legs and allow them to gently separate.

Recommendation: girls who intend to leave their thighs or buttocks bare should practice relaxing in response to being “goosed”. It is helpful for pairs of girls to practice relaxation techniques while touching each other. That way, when a random student touches her in a sensitive area, she will be prepared to respond without flinching.

4 Decorum Rules

Decorum rules ensure propriety and good taste in conduct, manners, and appearance.

4.1 No “covering up”

Girls are required to rely on their clothing to cover their body. Covering up with the hands or other non-clothing objects is not allowed. Also, keeping the buttocks clenched or the legs tightly crossed with the intent of covering up is not permitted. Although in the short run this rule prevents a girl from being modest, in the long run it will encourage modestly. Girls who opt to wear clothing that leaves bare skin do so at their own risk, and in defiance of the spirit of modesty embodied in both the Dress Code and the CCC. If, in a public situation, a girl has second thoughts about her choice of clothing, and wishes her skin were more fully covered, she might be tempted to cover herself with her hands, or by crossing her legs tightly. If girls were allowed to cover themselves, the pressure on them to dress modestly would be reduced. For this reason, “covering up” is prohibited.

Recommendation: When you realize that people can see up your dress, you may “cold feet” or have second thoughts about wearing such a short dress. In this case, you might be tempted to cover up by resting your hands in your lap or by crossing your legs tightly. You are not only required to resist this impulse, but you should realize that it is also smart to resist it. By covering up, you are acknowledging that you are aware of your inadequate coverage. By resisting that temptation, you put the entire sin of looking up your dress on the other person while you retain an air of innocence.

4.2 Public Masturbation is Prohibited

You are not permitted to massage your own private regions for the purpose of increasing your level of sexual excitement, whether or not these private regions are covered by clothing. However, you may touch another person, and you may allow another person to touch your private regions, even if they are covered by clothing.

Recommendation: If your private areas are adequately covered by clothing, then there is little risk in allowing yourself to become sexually excited, since the excitement will not be publicly visible. Since you are forbidden from stimulating yourself, you should ask a close friend to stimulate you, and you can return the favor. When girls get to know each other well, they will know without asking when their friend is in need of stimulation. This practice is termed “mutual masturbation”, and is perfectly acceptable under the terms of the CCC.

4.3 No Groping with Intent to Cause Sexual Excitement

A boy is not permitted to grope a scantily clad girl with the intent of causing public sexual excitement just so that the boy can consensually rape the girl. The scenario: a girl wears a short dress, which does not completely cover her ass, leaving her lower rumps open for touching. A boy spots this, and begins fondling the girl. The girl follows the rules — she doesn’t flinch; she spreads her legs slightly; she appears to enjoy the attention. The boy extends his touching to the very sensitive area between the girl’s legs in the hopes of causing her to become sexually excited. The girl, meanwhile, tries her hardest to stay dry, but ultimately loses that battle. Once the girl has become very wet, the boy is entitled to rape her under the rules. This scenario allows a boy to use the CCC to his unfair advantage: he can find a girl and take action that results in coercing consent from the girl to be raped. For this reason, the fondling of girls with intent cause sexual excitement (which can lead to Consensual Rape) prohibited.

4.4 No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service

For health reasons, many of the buildings on campus bear a sign reading, “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”. Girls who are topless may not enter these buildings, which include all classrooms and the dining hall. The only exception to this rule is for naked girls, who are allowed to enter such buildings while remaining naked. Trash receptacles are provided near all entrances to allow girls to deposit their clothing in order to comply with this rule.

Recommendation: In the warmer weather, many girls wear thin throw-away tops for comfort. As the temperature increases, they remove their top to stay cool. She remains modest by continuing to wear a skirt or panties. This way, she covers the areas which, to her, are the most important ones for modesty. The only drawback for the topless girl comes when she needs to enter a building to attend a class, for example. Inside buildings, girls are required to wear shirts unless they are naked. A topless girl typically sheds her bottom at this point in order to comply with the rule. A girl who intends to spend considerable time topless may wish to grow out her pubic hair, so her vagina can be covered modestly even while she is naked. The disadvantage is that a girl with pubic hair must remain bottomless at all times. The advantage is that when she is required to get naked, she is still modestly covered by her pubic hair. Each girl must evaluate the trade-offs, and decide for herself whether to grow out her pubes.

5. Grievance Procedure

If a student feels she (or he) has been wronged by a fellow student or by a representative of the College, then she may follow the grievance procedure.

5.1 Reporting a Grievance

To report a grievance, the student must come to the Administration Building before 9:00 AM any Monday for a walk-in appointment with a councellor. In order for an orderly process in the event that more than one student appears to report a grievance, students are taken in the following order: boys first, then bottomless (nothing below the belly button) girls, and finally all other girls. Depending on the volume of students on any given Monday, it is possible that some students will be sent away, and asked to return the following Monday.

5.2 Meeting with a Counselor

When a student has an opportunity to meet with a counselor, she will explain the nature of her grievance, and describe what she hopes to receive in compensation for her problems. The counselor will offer at least sympathy. If the student’s case is very good, the counselor will schedule a hearing. At the hearing, the student, if she is a girl, must appear in the nude. The nudity requirement exists simply to discourage girls from filing frivolous grievances.

5.3 Grievance Hearing

The student who filed the grievance appears before a judge (in the nude, if she is a girl). She explains her problem, and then other interested parties might also give their side of the story. Finally, the judge makes a decision, which is binding on the parties.

5.4 Frivolous Grievances

Frivolous grievances are discouraged in a number of ways: First, boys are usually not inclined to file grievances, because they generally feel that the rules in the Dress Code and CCC are fair. Next, it is rare for girls who show up fully dressed to even get a hearing with a counselor. Next, a girl is required to be nude in order to receive a Grievance Hearing, which carries with it a number of risks that are quite possibly worse than the original grievance. Next, the judge takes a dim view of frivolous grievances, and is as likely as not to severely punish girls who whine excessively.

6. Toilet Policy

Public toilets are provided for bottomless girls only, to speed their trip through otherwise congested facilities.

6.1 Justification

It has been determined that long lines outside the girls’ bathrooms are caused by excessive time spent by girls taking off and putting on their clothes. Therefore, all girls bathrooms at the College are “bottomless only” facilities. Girls must remove all clothing from their hips down before entering a bathroom. In addition, designated high-traffic bathrooms will be designated “naked only” facilities. Before entering these facilities, girls must remove all their clothing. The need for privacy having been obviated, stalls, doors, and in some cases, walls will be removed to speed traffic flow in and out of the bathroom area.

6.2 Privacy and Viewing

Spectator viewing areas will be provided outside the bathrooms, with visibility into the bathroom provided in some cases by large windows. It is expected that girls will not object to the windows, since their privacy has already been compromised by the need to strip publicly before entering.

6.3 Public Changing Areas

Cubby-holes are provided outside the bathrooms for girls to store their clothing while they are inside. On exiting the bathroom, if a girl discovers her clothes are missing, she may “shop” among the clothes that other girls have left. However, it is requested that each girl take no more than one item of clothing that doesn’t belong to her, so that all the girls will have some clothes waiting for them (their own or those of other girls) when they exit the facility.

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