Code of Conduct — Sexual Excitement (archives)

Code of Conduct — Sexual Excitement

Pursuant to the Dress Code, girls are expected to remain properly covered and modest at all times. But from time to time, girls will chose to leave their breasts uncovered. For example, if a girl has a really cute thong to wear, and it looks good on her just by itself, then it would be unfair upset the girl’s sense of fashion by requiring her to wear a top. Moreover, when the temperatures are warm, it is reasonable to expect girls to dress in layers which can be shed as needed for comfort.

When two topless girls meet, it is natural for each of them to enjoy the other’s beauty. Here, a topless blonde meets a similarly clad brunette. “Can I help you out of your thong?” she asks. At first, the brunette demurs, but the blonde points out that the thong covers practically no skin, and the brunette will be much more comfortable out of her thong.


While the brunette thinks it over, the blonde kisses her breast, and that helps her realize how much more comfortable she would be naked, so she agrees to let the blonde pull her thong down.


Once the brunette was naked, she admitted she felt comfortable.

The girls had to be careful to avoid getting excited, however. It is against the Code of Conduct for girls to become sexually excited in public. This is what the girls felt like doing:

But as much as the girls wanted to cum, masturbation is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances are girls allowed to do this in public:


But there’s no rule against each girl stimulating the other, either anally…



…or vaginally…


Although cumming in public is strictly forbidden, there is no rule against making another girl cum. So it is common for girls to cross their legs over each other, as pictured above, and stroke each other’s pussies. It’s sort of a game — each girl tries to make the other one cum first — whoever cums loses (but in a way, she wins). The girls find they become closer friends after they bring each other to orgasm in public. Something about being naked together just makes them happy.


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