Ashley’s Diary — Saturday, May 9, 2009 (archives)

Our homeroom / health teacher told us we’ll be getting some special visitors on Monday — two girls from the College who will explain their Dress Code to us.  Of course, we’ve heard about the Dress Code at the College, and to us girls it’s pretty scary.  Most of the stuff we’ve heard couldn’t possibly be true, though.  I can understand the part about not wearing panties, because panties should not be seen, anyway.  So if a dress is long enough, they’re not needed.  I get that.  And, naturally, college girls want to dress as sexy as they can get away with, so despite not wearing panties, they’ll wear skirts or dresses as short as they dare.  But there are other things I’ve heard that seem, well, a bit ridiculous.  I’ll just wait and see.  I’ll have a lot of questions for the girls, I’m sure.

To welcome our visitors from the College, our teacher asked us to dress like College girls on Monday, so they’ll feel comfortable with us.  I didn’t dare ask what he meant by that, but a bunch of us got together after class, and figured out what he meant.  No bras, no panties, just a dress or top and skirt, as short as we dare.  We’ll be a bunch of little tramps.  I can’t wait!

There’s beauty all around you, just waiting to be discovered.


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