Ashley’s Diary — Saturday, April 25, 2009 — The Stripping (archives)

As soon as I sat down in the school bus I knew I’d made a big mistake.  The seat felt cold on my bare butt, like usual, but also on my back.  I looked down and saw my t-shirt barely covered my belly button!  I must have grabbed the wrong one in my hurry to get out of the house!

I felt like such a dope walking out of the school bus with my bottom not even the least bit covered.  Luckily, none of the other kids said anything.  I suppose they were used to seeing the girls in our class going practically bottomless.  (Who am I kidding.  Not practically bottomless!  I’m totally bottomless!)  Instinctively, I pull on my shirt, as if it might cover me just a bit, but it’s fruitless.  I’ll just have to pretend I’m fully clothed, like I’ve been doing all along.

As soon as I got off the bus, I saw Brittany, and felt a lot better.  Like me, Brittany was bottomless.  In fact, her shirt was even shorter than mine, exposing most of her pretty belly.  She saw my pussy, I suppose, and kissed me.  “Thank you,” she said.  “I was so afraid I was going to be the only bottomless girl today.”  She kissed me, and it felt really good.  I wrapped my arms around her, and hugged her tight as we kissed.  She rubbed my back under my shirt, which felt really good.  I spread my legs as she stroked me lower and lower, and kept kissing her.  Her touch was so sweet and light, like a feather tickling my asshole, which made me hug her all the harder and press my mound into her soft belly.  The softer she touched me the harder I grabbed her sexy little butt cheeks, and practically pulled them apart I was hugging her so hard.  Before we had been kissing even a minute, I came, and I think she did, too.  Afterwards, I started touching her more gently, while she slid her fingertips so sweetly through my softest places.  To keep from laughing as she playfully painted my inner thigh with my own juices, I kissed her harder.  I felt such joy, and I felt ticklish all over, and tingly, too, it’s so hard to describe.

The bell rang.

She pulled her lips from mine sweetly, letting a thread of saliva first stretch and then fall against her chin.  She stroked my hair.  “Let’s go,” she said, simply.  I followed her pretty round butt into the classroom, watched her sit down, and then sat down myself.

“Brittany, Nicole, and Chelsea,” said the teacher.  “You are the three girls who barely tried to stay out of the doghouse this month.  Apparently, you don’t mind being stripped naked in front of your classmates.”  He paused to let that sink in.  “Come on up to the front of the room,” he commanded.

Nikky and Chelsea bounded up to the front of the room, each one dressed to the nines.  Nikky was so cute!  She wore stockings, a garter to hold them up, and panties under a tiny little miniskirt.  On top, she wore a silk tailored blouse so thin I could see her bra, and over it she wore a vest.  Chelsea wore socks over her thin leggings under sexy silk pajamas — a top with big buttons and a pair of loose-fitting shorts with an elastic waist.  Behind them trotted Brittany, quite the contrast, wearing just one little item of clothing.

“The rules say to pick the two girls with the longest dresses first, before we choose the one who will strip, and that these girls will each have a chance to give us a little fashion show, to show us what they’re wearing.  Clearly, Nicole and Chelsea are the two who will compete, and one of them will be stripped naked, today…”  Nikki blushed, but Chelsea maintained her dignity.  “But I don’t want to deprive Brittany of the joy of showing off her fashion.  How long is your, ahem, dress, Nicole?”  He made air quotes around the word, “dress”.

It was Brittany’s turn to blush.  “I’m not quite sure.”

“Bring it here,” said the teacher, standing next to a yard-stick painted on the bulletin board as part of some lame display of his.

Brittany wasn’t about to “bring” her shirt anywhere without her in it, so she walked over to the bulletin board, but the yardstick was too high.  Finally, she figured she would just get it over with.  She took off her shirt.  It wasn’t covering much, she reasoned, just her little tits.  She handed it to the teacher, who pinned it to the bulletin board, and proudly announced, “Nine inches.  Very nice.”

Brittany stood next to the bulletin board, feeling a little awkward, since she wasn’t wearing any clothes.  Finally she said, “Can I have my shirt back, now?”

The class tittered a bit at the question, but the teacher was prepared for it.  “As soon as the class is over, you can come and get it.  Now, why don’t you sit down, and enjoy the rest of the show?”

The class laughed again at Brittany’s misfortune, and then felt a bit sorry for her.  After all, she wasn’t the one who was supposed to be stripped today, and here she was, stark naked, squirming in her seat.  One of the boys moved his desk closer to hers, and consoled her.  He gently rubbed her back, and said “it’ll be OK, don’t worry.”  She kissed him sweetly, and then smiled as he adjusted his pants.

The teacher addressed the class.  “Your job will be very important.  You will decide which one of these pretty girls…” He paused and swept his hands past Nikky and Chelsea. “… will be stripped naked, and forced to spend the whole day in the nude, and worst of all, will have to ride the bus home naked, and experience the shame and humiliation of facing her friends and parents in the nude.  Furthermore, girls, as an added incentive for you, we have contacted your parents, and they have agreed to force you to remain naked all weekend, and return to school naked on Monday for another full day of humiliation!”

The class cheered at the news, including Brittany, who suddenly felt a lot better about her decision to come to school bottomless.  The two girls in the front of the classroom turned white.

The teacher continued.  “Your first job, girls, will be to give us a five minute fashion show, during which you will describe, and — at your option — remove, any or all items of clothing you are wearing, so that the class may judge your readiness to be stripped.”  Turning to the class, “class, your job will be to vote for the girl who seems the shyest or the least ready to be stripped, because your entertainment will be so much greater upon stripping a girl who is truly reluctant.  Is that clear?”

It sure was.  I was really looking forward to the girls’ fashion show, not just to find out what all they were wearing, but to see how eager they were to bare themselves before us, especially in light of how shy they had been all month (which is what got them into the doghouse in the frirst place, after all).

But I’ve been writing enough for this entry.  More tomorrow, I promise!

Today’s pretty girl is going rock climbing.


Sometimes modesty has to take a back seat to safety.


Just how willing are they to show?
If not enough as the other, they get stripped, but what if one is actually willing to strip? Then the other must be selected to be stripped. did the teacher plant a ringer?
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