Ashley’s Diary — Monday, May 4, 2009 — Prisoner’s Dilemma (archives)

I never knew math class could be so fun!  Our teacher introduced us to the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” today.  Before he started, he asked for a pair of volunteers who were wearing a separate top and bottom.  I felt so lucky!  I was thinking of wearing just a t-shirt this morning, but then I realized two things: first, I’ve earned enough points to keep me out of the doghouse for now, and second, isn’t it a bit silly to keep exposing my pussy to all my classmates just to keep from being stripped at the end of the month?  So I wore a belly shirt and a micro-miniskirt.  I say “micro” but it completely covered my pussy while I was standing, and I was able to position it half-way down my butt crack, so my hind quarters were more or less covered as well.

Oh!  I want to take a quick minute to tell you about poor Brittany.  She’s in the doghouse again, because her dad still won’t let her wear clothes, and being naked, she’s not allowed to participate in the morning selection process.  It’s getting a bit tedious for the rest of us girls, because every morning, our teacher asks one of us to take off an item of clothing and lend it to Brittany, or else she’ll have to go to the principal’s office for being naked.  Today it was Hanna’s turn.  Poor Hanna.  She was wearing a really cute t-shirt that was hip length, and a pair of matching panties.  She’s a bit shy about going topless — she says her tits are too small, but I think they’re adorable — but her top didn’t quite cover her pussy.  She even took off her panties and asked me if I thought she looked decent.  I said yes, but I guess I hesitated, so she ended up taking off her shirt, and giving it to Brittany.  Then she blushed, and put her panties back on, hoping no one noticed she was briefly naked.  I felt myself blushing with her.  I think she made a good choice, because first of all, her little tits are really cute, and secondly, a girl just feels a lot less exposed if she gets to keep her panties on.

Brittany was really grateful for the top, even though she’s quite a bit taller than Hanna, and her tits are bigger, so the top didn’t even come down to her hips.  In fact, it barely covered Brittany’s belly button.  The important thing is it kept her out of the principal’s office.  Sorry about that digression.  Back to the math class…

When our math teacher called for volunteers, I rasied my hand, as did half a dozen other girls.  The teacher picked me and Megan — two girls from the same home room.  Megan wore a tight little minidress that covered her panties, at least from my viewpoint.  Such a sexy little bundle of energy, she danced to the front of the room, giggling and smiling.  Her charisma was contageous.  The whole class was primed for some fun.

“The classical form of the prisoner’s dilemma,” said the teacher, “starts when two suspects are arrested by the police, who have insufficient evidence to convict either one without the testimony of the other.  So they separate the prisoners and offer each one the same deal: if you ‘defect” — that is rat on your alleged partner — and he doesn’t rat on you, then you go free, and he gets a 10-year sentence.  If neither of you rats on the other, then the most we can pin on you is tresspassing, which carries a 6-month sentence.  But if you both defect, then you each get a 5-year sentence.”

“Now, each of the prisoners is told their decision won’t be given to the other until the trial, so each prisoner has to choose his actions not knowing those of the other prisoner.”  Turning to the girls, he said, “to make this interesting, we’ll punish you two girls based on your confessions.  Like the prisoners, the four possibilities for each of you will be no punishment, or mild, medium or harsh punishment.  Since we can’t lock you up, we’ll just make you strip instead.  For the mild punishment, we’ll let you pick an item of clothing to take off.  For the medium punishment, the class will pick an item of clothing you’ll be allowed to leave on.  And then for the most severe punishment, you’ll have to strip naked.”


“Don’t panic, Megan.  You’ll get your clothes back…” He grinned at the class.  “…eventually.”

The class laughed.

“Ashley, consider your options, not knowing if Megan is going to defect…  If she does, but you remain silent, then you’ll have to strip naked.  But if she defects, and you do too, then you’ll keep one item of clothing.  So if Megan defects, it’s better for you to defect, too.”

He went on, “Now consider your options in the case when Megan doesn’t defect.  Remember, you have no idea whether she’s going to defect or not.  If she doesn’t defect, and you don’t defect, either, then you have to give up an item of clothing of your choice — not such a bad punishment.  But if you alone defect, then you keep all your clothes — even better!”

“I get it,” I said.  “No matter whether Megan defects or not, it’s better for me to defect.  If she defects, then I can save myself from total nudity by defecting.  If she doesn’t, then I can keep all my clothes on by defecting.”

“That’s right, Ashley,” said the teacher.  “And, of course, Megan faces similar choices.”

“I’m not going to actually have to take off any of my clothes, am I?” asked Megan, nervously.

The class laughed.  The teacher put a hand on her shoulder.  “You probably won’t have to take them all off, honey,” he said.

Megan gulped.  The seriousness of the game had hit home.  “So I won’t know if Ashley rats me out?”

“That’s right,” said the teacher.  “But in case she does, your only hope of keeping a shred of clothing on will be to rat her out, too.”

“So, together, our best bet is to be good to each other, and not defect.”  A dawn awakened in Megan’s pretty face.  “But individually, each of us is better off by defecting.”

“Exactly!” said the teacher.  “Now, whisper your choice to me.”  Megan cupped her hands around the teacher’s ear, and whispered her choice.  At this point, my mind is feverishly going over my best strategy in the two cases — if Megan defects, or not.  I’m wearing a skimpy top and an even skimpier skirt, and I’ll probably have to give one of them up, but I sure as hell don’t want to give up both items of clothing!  When he came to me, I glanced at Megan, who was biting her lower lip, and giving me a puppy dog look.  Would she look me in the eye if she defected?  I bet not!  So if I keep quiet, too, then we can both pick an item of clothing to keep.  She would keep her dress, surely, since it completely covers her panties.  For me, the choice is harder, but I guess I would keep my skirt, short as it is, because being topless isn’t such a big deal for me.  Thinking I would keep quiet, so together Megan and I would beat this game, I cupped my hand over the teacher’s ear, and I was really about to say “not to defect” but instead I blurted “defect”.

After Megan and I both gave our choices, the teacher seemed very pleased.  “Before I announce the girls’ choices, I want to ask Ashley a question: what do you think Megan’s choice was?”

I felt my face redden.  “I think she was good to me.  I think she said she would not defect.”

“And how did you repay her kindness?”

“Look,” I said, “I’m wearing just these two things.”  I was indignant.  “If I lose either one of them, it’s like being naked!”

“And so, thinking she did not defect, you did what?”

I swallowed hard.  “I defected.”  I couldn’t look at Megan.

“What?” said the teacher, putting his hand to his ear, and leaning toward me.

“I DEFECTED.” I yelled.  It was horrible.  Megan put her hands to her face.  I knew what would happen.  The poor, beautiful, sweet girl would be stripped naked as a result of my greed, while I would remain fully dressed.  “I’m so sorry,” I said.  “I wish I could take it back.”

“Let’s recap,” said the teacher.  “Ashley defected, and she thinks Megan didn’t defect, and so Ashley expects to keep her clothes, and we’re all looking forward to seeing Megan in her birthday suit…  But I have some news for you.  Megan defected, too!”

“Class, which item of clothing will we strip from each of these girls?”

A lot of yelling ensued, the result of which was that I was forced to remove my skirt, and Megan was left wearing nothing but her tiny little panties.  We kissed, to show there were no hard feelings, then we both sat down feeling a lot smarter about the Prisoner’s Dilemma than when we walked in, at the beginning of the hour.

“May I have your attention!” yelled the teacher, bringing the class to order.  “Tomorrow we’re going to have a lesson in number theory called the Locker Puzzle.  Except instead of lockers, we’ll be using girls, so it’s really important how you girls dress tomorrow.  Each of you has to wear a top and a bottom.  No dresses!  I mean it.  If any of you girls come into my class tomorrow wearing a dress, I’m gonna make you take it off!

I hear you loud and clear!  Some of the pretty girls I’ve been featuring are wearing too little clothing, causing you to be distracted from their beauty.  I’m fixing that problem today.  Here’s a sweet girl wearing all her clothes, ready to conquer the world!  (Or at least, ready to survive an inspection or two!)


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