Ashley’s Diary — Monday, April 27, 2009 (archives)

The excitement of the stripping — and Nikky’s fate, that she had to remain naked all weekend, through Monday — had spread like wildfire throughout the school, which was great for me, because no one even noticed that I was bottomless all day.

The excitement lasted all weekend, during which all the boys, and even the girls, were dying to hang out with Nikky.  Partly, we wanted to make sure she kept up her end of the bargain, and partly we wanted to enjoy seeing her forced to parade around town in the nude.  We made a point of asking her to go to the mall, to a movie, or to hang out at the club.  We didn’t take “no” for an answer, and her parents helped us, by telling Nikky she had to go out with us, because that was part of the deal.

I’ll confess I enjoyed wearing a short dress and no panties when we went out.  Knowing all eyes would be on the naked girl, I could get away with a lot more.  On Friday night I wore a minidress, and I was disappointed no one even noticed how sexy it was.  So on Saturday I wore a “belly shirt” and a tiny crochet skirt.  Some girls wear matching panties under a crochet skirt, but I think that doesn’t look right.  I don’t like my panties to show, even if they match, so I never wear panties under that skirt.  Can you believe it?  Still no one noticed.  When we went to the club, I accidentally “lost” my skirt by unbuttoning it, and letting it slip off while I was dancing.  I pretended not to notice it was gone, and to my chagrin, no one else noticed, either!  I must admit, I felt really happy and free to be bottomless in a public setting, especially since people seemed not to notice.  I enjoyed the feeling of a boy’s hands on my bare butt when we danced.  Later, when we sat down, I pretended not to notice when a boy gently rested his hand on my lap.  But I digress…)

Here it is, Monday, and I’m looking forward to school!  I bet I’ve never said that before.  I’m dying to find out how poor naked Nikky is doing, after a weekend of nudity.

And there’s something else on my mind.  Today begins another four weeks of the stripping game, and maybe it’ll be me this time, so I’m coming out of the gate strong.  I’m wearing my “wifebeater” t-shirt.  You know the one?  It’s nearly transparent, so it doesn’t matter that it comes a good three or four inches shy of my crotch.  People won’t know whether to look at my pretty little tits or my smooth-shaven pussy!  Once I earn a few points, then I’ll dress more conservatively, I promise.

Today’s pretty girls are enjoying a bottomless summer afternoon.


once stripped, the other girls know what it is like to spend a day naked, so why would they not get all the points early by continuing their nudist ways?
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