Ashley’s Diary — Monday, April 20, 2009 (archives)

Monday, April 20, 2009

My heart was beating fast as I waited for Mandy.  With 30 points, I certainly don’t need any more, so I wore a thong under my dress.  I was motivated to be modest in part so that other girls would have a chance to earn some points, particularly Mandy.

When I saw her, I ran to her, and hugged her.  “Let me look at you,” I said.  I was so excited, and Mandy was beaming with pride.

“No panties,” she giggled, standing on tip-toes and lifting the hem of her crotch-length dress to show me.

I was so proud of her, I grabbed her around the waist, and gave her a big hug.  I suppose I lifted her dress, exposing her entire butt to public view, but neither of us cared, we were so happy!  With my hands under her dress, I rubbed her back, and shoulders, and pressed her bare breasts against me as we kissed.

The teacher was calling the class to order, so I pulled her dress down from around her neck, and arranged it to mostly cover her pretty body.  All of us girls were so excited, this being the last week before the stripping, we just about jumped to the front of the room for the judging.

Mandy was beside herself with joy to get a full three points.  But then she saddened when the standings were posted: Brittany, Nikky, Courtney, and Mandy remained in the doghouse.  I kissed her, and told her to have courage.  The girls will try harder, now, I warned her.  Crotch-length might not be good enough tomorrow.  You might need to go for negative 1.

“Negative 1?” she asked, nervously.

“That means, you might need to show one inch of your pussy.  But your asshole can still be covered, if you like.”

“What’s the point of that?” she asked.  “I might as well be bottomless.”

“That’s even better,” I said.  “Because that way, you’ll earn at least four points.”

“And get a spanking from my father,” she reminded me.

“Oh, yeah,” I said.  “You’ll have to take your punishment one way or the other.  I recommend going for -1 tomorrow, and then maybe bottomless the next day.  Then you’ll probably stay out of the doghouse for good.”

She kissed me to thank me for the advice.

What’s the sexiest part of a girl?  Did you say her shoulder?  You’re right!  Here’s just one such sexy shoulder, attached to today’s pretty girl.


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