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Zoe, the Cheerleader

“Oh, what a relief to be inside where it’s cool!” Crysta exclaimed as she set down her stuff on her bed.  It was a hot day, evidently, as Crysta’s minidress was soaked with sweat, and had become transparent.  She calls it a minidress, anyway.  It looked to Donna more like a T-shirt, which barely covered her pussy under the best of conditions.  Now, with it stuck to her hot, sweaty body, it barely covered her belly button, much less any part of her love anatomy.

Donna looked up from her studies.  She was wearing only one item of clothing, her favorite pair of panties.  They were sheer, but not tight-fitting, so it was hard to see her vertical smile, which was the one part of her body she considered very private.  The gently curled ends of her beautiful brown hair were gently caressing her nipples.  “Did you have a good day?”  She put aside her book, and patted the bed for Crysta to sit down.  She tossed her hair behind her back, and sat up straight.  Crysta marveled at Donna’s excellent posture.

“I’ll tell you all about it,” Crysta said.  “But first, let me change into something a little more comfortable.”  She took off the dress, and then bent over her dresser, looking for a T-shirt long enough to cover her modestly.  Donna smiled at Crysta’s choice to put her favorite clothes in her bottom drawer, and fought the temptation to tease Crysta by stroking her crack from the small of her back, down her fully visible asshole, and into her vagina.  She would save that for later on tonight.  (The girls had a pact that required the teasing victim to stand still and take it like a — well, like a woman — no matter where they are, or who is watching.  It’s more fun to wait until it’s excruciatingly embarrassing to be teased, Donna thought.)  Finally, Crysta found a loose-fitting T-shirt, and put it on.

Donna sighed when she saw it covered Crysta’s pussy by a good inch or two.  She patted the bed again.  “Take a load off the floor.”  The girls hadn’t seen each other all day, and Donna was aching for some closeness.

Crysta lifted her shirt, and sat down.  She stroked Donna’s flat belly, and Donna rested her hand in Crysta’s lap.  Donna was happy to feel Crysta’s moistness.  “Go easy on me, Donna,” Crysta said.  “I’ve had an exciting day.”

“Tell me about it,” Donna said, impatiently.

“I’ve been to the cheerleading tryouts.  Most of the girls were returning from last year, but there were a few freshmen trying out for the last spot on the squad.”  Donna stroked Crysta’s pussy, going easy as she asked.  “And you know how the freshman cheerleading uniform is a bit different from the upperclassmen’s?”

“No,” Donna said, innocently.

“Well, let’s just put it this way,” Crysta said.  “The freshmen have to earn their panties.”

Donna sat up straight, and pretended to be shocked.  She put her hands across her chest in mock indignation.  “Mercy!” she said.

“It seems that Zoe wasn’t aware of this subtle rule, so she showed up wearing panties.”

“Did the coach make her take them off?”

“No, luckily, I ran into her first.  She’s in my chemistry class, so she started talking to me.  She said she was a bit nervous about this cheerleading tryout because they didn’t give her a complete uniform.  She expected to find the matching bottoms, you know the ones?”

“Sure,” Donna said, “The bottoms they wear under the short skirt, which are designed to be seen when the girls are doing their high kicks.”

“Exactly.  But Zoe lifted her skirt to show me she didn’t have any of those, and asked me if her panties would be OK.  She told me how desperately she wanted to get on the cheerleading squad, and so she wanted everything to be perfect!”

“It’s a good thing you were there to help her,” Donna said.

“You’re not kidding!  Can you imagine what a disaster it would have been if she tried out dressed that way?  I told her she had to take off the panties right away before the coach saw her.  But then it got worse.”  Crysta saw all this talk of panties was getting Donna a bit wet, so she started feeling around inside Donna’s panties.  To her delight, Donna not only made no move to stop her, but she leaned back on the bed, giving Crysta better access.

“What happened?”

“The coach started to come over over just as Zoe was starting to pull down her panties.  Zoe was in total panic, and I was really worried for her.”  Crysta paused, and then said, “Here let me fix those for you.”  Donna’s panties looked like they were a bit uncomfortable on her.  Maybe they were a bit too tight or something.  Crysta lowered the waist a bit, to let Donna’s pussy breathe.  Donna helped by lifting her butt off the bed, letting Crysta slide the back of her panties down.

Crysta continued her story.  “I didn’t know what to do.  I stood between Zoe and the coach, and tried to distract the coach from looking at Zoe while she took off her panties.  I pretended there were bees after me, and ran around ripping off my dress and screaming incoherently.”

Donna busted out laughing.  “You must have been quite a sight!”

Crysta laughed too.  “I bet I was,” she agreed.

Donna pictured her beautiful roommate, prancing about the field, naked, and felt a juicy burst of excitement between her legs.  She prompted, “So then you found your dress, and put it on again?’

Crysta said, “I think you should take off your panties to hear the rest of this story.”

“I’ll pull them down partway.”  Donna was very protective of her panties.  She lifted her gorgeous butt off the bed, and let Crysta pull them down to her knees.

Crysta began stroking Donna’s pussy while she continued her story.  “Yeah, I picked up my dress and I said sorry, and mumbled something about needing to increase my dosage.  Then I saw Zoe’s panties on the ground, and I was really happy that my diversion allowed her to take them off.”  Donna didn’t seem to notice when Crysta lowered her panties to her ankles.  Crysta picked them up and brought them to her nose.  She loved Donna’s fragrance, and she couldn’t help noticing Donna’s panties were a bit wet, too.  Crysta continued, “I pretended they were mine, and put them on along with my dress.”  She acted out the story, putting on Donna’s panties.  She lowered her voice in a conspiratorial tone, and added, “They were a little damp.  Zoe was starting to enjoy herself, it seemed.”

Donna was too interested in Crysta’s story to care that she was naked.  Crysta stroked her roommate all over, and it felt good.  Donna closed her eyes as Crysta continued, “So then the coach asked Zoe whether she was wearing her uniform, and then looked at her right in the eyes, and said just your uniform.  Zoe smiled sweetly, and said yes.  Then the coach asked Zoe to show her that she wasn’t wearing a bra.  What a relief it was for Zoe that she asked about her top.  She was really afraid she would have to show her pussy, and she was really shy about that.  So with a big smile, she lifted her top and showed the coach her firm tits.  And then just as quickly, she put her shirt back down again, ‘to keep the girls under wraps’, she said.”

Donna opened her eyes and asked, “So the coach was satisfied that Zoe was in uniform.”

“It seemed that way,” Crysta said.  “The coach told Zoe to get up and do her routine.  She was so relieved, she bounced on her tippy toes and started to get ready to start her routine.  But then something horrible happened.  The coach called her back to the bench, and said she forgot to finish checking Zoe’s uniform.  Zoe begged her not to check.  Please trust me, she said, holding her dress against her pussy for dear life.  The coach said ‘what’s the big deal, Zoe?  It’s not as if you’re hiding anything, is it?’

“She thought Zoe was wearing panties?”

“Yes, she did.  She started rubbing her hands together in anticipation of catching Zoe with her panties on, but I knew Zoe was OK.  I whispered to her, Zoe, all you need to do is show the coach your pussy, and everything will be fine.  But Zoe couldn’t bring herself to do it.”

“So what did the coach do, rip off her clothes or something?”

“No, Donna, it was worse than that.”  Crysta checked the clock.  “Oh, my gosh.  The ice cream store is closing in ten minutes.  Will you walk with me, and I’ll tell you on the way.”

Donna tried to object.  But I’m naked, I can’t go to the ice cream store this way! she wanted to say.  But, for some reason, she didn’t say anything.  A whole lot of thoughts were swimming around in her mind:  Her pussy felt so warm and snug, even though she was naked, she didn’t want to disturb that feeling by putting on any panties.  She was enjoying the story so much she was on the verge of cumming.  My panties barely cover anything anyway.  They’re semi-sheer, so anyone who looks hard enough can make out my pussy through the panties.  So there isn’t much difference between wearing just panties and being stark naked, so why bother?  It was late, so there wouldn’t be many people about.  Finally, she thought, Oh, what the heck.  She gave Crysta her hand.  As soon as they left the room, Donna forgot all about being naked.  She wanted to hear whether the coach got to look under Zoe’s dress.  “So what did the coach do when Zoe refused to lift her dress?”

“The coach started saying things to Zoe like ‘I’m going to see your panties, you little slut, and when I do, I’m going to strip you naked, tie you up to the fence and invite the whole football team over here to fuck you.  The coach went on and on that way for five minutes.  All sorts of things went through Zoe’s mind: It’s not fair to tie me naked to a fence and let the boys tease me until I become excited, knowing the punishment for becoming excited in public — rape.  Just the thought of being tied there and teased mercilessly while I struggle against the handcuffs is enough to get my pussy all wet — so it’s not fair to put me in that position, and then rape me as punishment for getting excited.  It’s just not fair… until Zoe started crying.  Finally, when Zoe couldn’t take it any more, she decided she might as well get it over with.  She slowly lifted her dress, and revealed her juicy little pussy.”

“I bet that stopped the coach cold.”  Donna’s breasts bounced as the girls bounded down the stairs.

“Sure did.” Crysta got the door, and patted Donna on the butt as she went through it.  “The coach was really looking forward to totally destroying that little girl for wearing panties, so when she lifted her skirt and showed her pussy so naked, and fully shaved, I might add, well, it threw her for a loop.  She stopped talking and just gaped at Zoe’s beautiful twat.”

“Did Zoe feel better to get that over with?”  Donna asked, as they arrived at the ice cream store.  Donna held the door open, and let Crysta go in first.  The lights were brighter than Donna expected, and she suddenly felt quite naked.

“I’m not sure.  She was still crying while she was holding her dress up, and some boys started to gather around and make crude comments.  Zoe really wanted to put her skirt down, but she was afraid of offending the coach, so she held it up while the boys continued to make comments about her pussy.  Zoe was so embarrassed to have to show her pussy to the boys that she started to get really excited.  Her pussy glistened in the sunlight, and it opened like a flower.”

Donna looked around, worried people were staring at her.  Then her worst fears were realized: about ten rowdy boys entered the ice cream shop.  They noticed Donna right away, and started making comments about her pussy.  She wished she had taken her panties, but she knew better than to cover herself with her hands.  For one thing, that just brings more attention to one’s nudity.  And for another, covering up is forbidden by the CCC.  The girls ordered their usual.

Donna’s mind was still on the poor cheerleader.  “Did Zoe realize she was asking to be fucked by letting herself get excited that way?” Donna asked.  Crysta got her ice cream first, and waited, while Donna stood with her legs slightly apart, waiting for her ice cream.  She seemed unaware that the bright lights of the ice cream store highlighted her tight little asshole, and that her ripe pussy was likewise on display just below her butt cheeks, between her open legs.  She sensed that the boys were looking at her, but every time she glanced in their direction, they were looking away.  Still she turned her back to them so they wouldn’t see her pussy.  This was the odd thing about Donna.  She always worried so much about whether her pussy could be seen from the front that she never thought of her ass as particularly private, and never noticed that her pussy could be seen from behind, especially when she was excited.

Donna’s beauty wasn’t lost on Crysta, either.  She decided that now was a good time to take advantage of her.  She stroked Donna’s inner thighs, and ran her finger up her legs, smearing her gushing pussy juices between her cheeks, gently tickling her there, and fingering her asshole.  Donna knew this game well.  The girls called it their “flinching” game.  If the girl being touched squeezes her cheeks together or makes any move to pull away from the sexual teasing, then she loses the game.  In fact, the unwritten rules stated that the one being teased is required to relax, making it easier for the teaser.  So Donna did as she was required to do: she spread her legs wider.  She knew the college rules did not allow girls to become sexually excited in public, so she tried to stay dry, even though Crysta was stroking her.  But somehow, Donna wasn’t able to control herself, so she bent forward, and held onto the display case for balance.  She felt like she would cum in public, which she hated to do, but it was a losing battle — Crysta’s touch just felt too good to resist.  The sexual tension was broken when the clerk handed Donna her ice cream.  As the girls went to their seats, Donna felt her pussy throbbing — it wanted to cum, but Donna overruled her pussy.  She wanted to wait a bit.  She sat with her legs wide, because her pussy was throbbing.  Crysta sat next to her, and rested her hand in Donna’s lap.  “Please don’t touch me,” she begged, “because I’m afraid I’ll cum.”

“I’ll be gentle.”  Crysta stroked Donna’s pussy, gently lifting her hood and fingering her clitoris.  “I know you can avoid cumming if you try hard enough.”  With that, Crysta moistened one of Donna’s nipples by sucking on it gently, then rubbed it with one hand while she continued to rub Donna’s clitoris with the other.  It was all Donna could do to try not to cum.  Crysta smoothed Donna’s hair back, and kissed her while rubbing her back.  She probed Donna’s mouth with her tongue.

After a minute of French kissing, the girls came up for air.  “Yes, she knew she was in danger of being raped,” Crysta said.  “Between sobs she begged the coach to let her dress down, but the coach was still disappointed she didn’t get the chance to tie Zoe naked to the fence and watch her get gang-raped.  She told Zoe she would let her cover up if she called one of the boys over and begged him to fuck her.”

“Oh, my God!” Donna said.  “That’s so mean.”

“She did all the high kicks”

“She forgot all about
her panties”

“She told me she enjoyed
the breezy feeling”

“It sure was,” Crysta said as she continued to stroke Donna.  “Zoe started crying all over again. She lifted her dress higher, and opened her legs wider.  She knew what she had to do.  She opened her mouth, and tried to say Please fuck me, but the words didn’t come out.  She wiped her tears with the hem of her dress, which served only to lift it higher, and she covered her face with her hands, such was the shame and humiliation she was feeling.  All the while her pussy was getting riper and riper.  Donna, I really felt sorry for her.  Fuck me, she finally said, in a horse whisper.  Please.  The boys stopped laughing at her, because they, too, felt sorry for her.  One of the boys stepped forward, and said he would do it.  Be gentle, Zoe begged.  The boy promised he would.  He could have just unzipped, but he was nice.  He took off his pants.  The boy was totally ready, and pretty nicely endowed, I might add.  Zoe leaned back and lied on the bench, and the boy straddled it.  His dick slid easily into her pussy, and Zoe came right away.  She grabbed the boy by the butt and pulled him toward her, and he let out a long groan.  Then he heard his coach calling, so he started to pull away from her.  Zoe grabbed him, and whispered, Please, fuck me again.  This time she really meant it.  But he said his coach was calling, so he had to go.  He pulled on his pants and went back to join his team.”

“That must have ruined her for the try-out,” Donna said.  The girls were done with their ice cream, and Donna felt uncomfortable because she was not only naked, but in full bloom.  She was just asking to be fucked, and although she would enjoy that, the public setting was a little embarrassing for her.  So she stood up, and headed to the door.  All eyes were on the naked girl, as she strode to the door.  Soon, Crysta followed.

“It was the strangest thing,” Crysta said.  “but it did exactly the opposite.  After being raped, Zoe was more energetic than ever.  She stood up straight, and said she wanted to try it again.  The coach told her to go for it.”

“Did she do a good job?”

“You should have seen it, Donna, it was beautiful.  She did all the high kicks, somersaults, even a handstand.  She didn’t hold anything back.  The boys watched her routine, and when she was done, they clapped and cheered for her.  She was so happy, she forgot all about her panties.  When the boys were watching, she bent over, and didn’t even realize her asshole was totally on display.”

“I hope she makes the squad.  I’m looking forward to seeing her cheer for our team.”  Donna turned toward the door to the girls’ dorm.  She was anxious to get in before she was raped.  Hanging around outside not only naked but engorged and wet was just an invitation to consensual rape, and she knew it.

“Excuse me.”  It was a boy.  He placed his hand on Donna’s butt, and let his fingers curl into her crack.

Donna spread her legs apart and relaxed her cheeks.  All that practice with Crysta had trained Donna not to flinch.  As the boy allowed his fingers to penetrate deeper within Donna’s crack, she replied, “Yes?”  That’s when she noticed the boy was naked.

“I see you’re ready,” he said.  The boy was ready, too.  As Donna turned to face him, he pressed his hard penis into her abdomen.

Donna got on her tippy toes, to give the boy access to her vagina.  Her pussy ached for him, and it seemed to take forever for him to penetrate her.  So she grabbed the bull by the horns, so to speak, and put it in herself.  Then she got on and off her tippy toes to make him slide in and out of her, as the boy did some gentle knee-bends.  She grabbed one cheek with each hand, and fondled the boy’s asshole.  He grabbed her breasts and massaged them, as they kissed.  About two more calf exercises for Donna, and two more knee bends for the boy, and the he blew his load into her.  They hugged, each one holding the other’s butt, unwittingly splaying each others’ cheeks, affording interesting views to all the passers-by.

“It was very nice of you to get totally naked for me,” Donna said.  She knew the boy had no obligation to take off any clothes before raping her.

“Likewise,” said the boy.

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