Government Education Inspector Visits the College

I was sitting in Math. It was my last lesson of the week and I was feeling great, looking forward to the weekend. Surprisingly, I had managed to avoid any dress code inspections for the last month which is quite a record for me considering that the boys always try to target me unjustly for inspections because I have a 36E (DDD) bust size, one of the biggest in the college. What I think has really helped me out is that I’ve finally figured out how to dress so that if any boy does try to inspect me, it would seem that he was doing so unnecessarily.

For instance, today, all I’m wearing is a short white blouse that reaches just below my navel, a red and black checked ultra micro skirt that shows about an inch of my pert bottom and a pair of 3 inch stiletto heels. No bra, no panties. My shirt only has two buttons which are way below my bust so it’s a little difficult to keep both my gigantic boobs inside my shirt or not expose myself giving ‘nipslips’ whenever I lean forward.

Earlier today was a bit of a nightmare. I was late for a lesson and had to rush from one end of the college to the other, down crowded hallways and packed corridors with my books in one arm and my bag in the other. Both my big breasts were bouncing around as I ran and they eventually flopped out of my shirt completely, but I couldn’t stop to fix myself as I had both hands full and I didn’t want to be any later for class. I had to totter down the hallways as fast as I could in these heals, which exaggerated the jiggling of my tits a lot. All the boys I hurried past were enjoying the show of my uncovered, free-flopping breasts bouncing around as I ran.

Anyway, today, every student was on their best behaviour because in the morning, a government education inspector made a surprise visit to check up on the college. For the whole day, the dean had been escorting the inspector around, showing him the facilities, the curriculum, etc, to make sure everything complied with national standards.

I first saw the inspector on the way to my first class this morning. He was about 50 years old with silver grey hair and had a handsome distinguished look about him. I noticed however that he was eyeing me up quite a lot when he was supposed to be listening to the dean. Throughout the day, as he toured the college, our paths crossed several times and each time I could see the faint glimmer of lust in his eyes as he stared long and hard at my deep gaping cleavage.

Anyway, there I was sitting in Miss Jameson’s class getting ready for Math, when there was a knock on the classroom door.

“Come in.” Miss Jameson said.

The dean entered the room with the education inspector.

“Miss Jameson, this is the education inspector, Mr. Steele.” The dean said. “He’s nearly finished his tour of the college and just needs to tick a few things off.”

Mr. Steele said, “I’m mostly satisfied with the college. The facilities are first class and the last exam results are among the best in the country.”

“Yes,” the headmaster jumped in, “but before he leaves, he thought he should make sure that none of the students were slacking with the dress code that this college has set.”

“Indeed,” Mr. Steele continued, “I’ve seen throughout the day that all the students outwardly appear to adhere to the dress code but I wanted to make sure that they we still adhering to the code where it concerned hidden arrears.”

“Yes,” the headmaster continued again, “So, I authorised Mr. Steele to select a girl at random and perform a tactile inspection on her to prove to him that our students are the best and adhere to the rules at all times.”

“What an excellent idea!” Miss Jameson said, “If there are any slackers, this will keep them on their toes for the future.”

Mr. Steele pretended to choose one of us girls at random but I already knew who he was going to pick.

“How about… her.” Mr. Steele said pointing at me.

“Ah, Kandi. She’s one of our best students. I’m afraid you’re going to be very disappointed if you’re expecting her to fail.” Miss Jameson said.

She gave the rest of the class work to get on with while I was ordered to sit on Miss Jameson’s desk and spread my legs for Mr. Steele, putting each of my feet on the corners of her desk. Miss Jameson quickly whispered in my ear, reminding me of my duty to make the tactile inspection easier for Mr. Steele by spreading my legs as far apart as possible for him. She also said, “Do the college proud and do not get wet!”

“No miss.” Was all I could say as I was mentally preparing myself to be touched by this stranger. While my legs were wide open, all the boys in the class used the opportunity to glance at my pretty pussy while they were supposed to have their heads down working. This made me feel a bit shy that my pussy was on display for everyone to see so I was actually glad when Mr. Steele stood in front of me blocking the boys’ vision but that meant he was about to carry out his inspection. Miss Jameson and the dean stood by the door so as not to get in his way, and started having a conversation about something.

Mr. Steele stepped in close between my legs, rubbed his hands together then started touching my soft pussy. He rubbed his fingers up and down it feeling how super smooth my vagina was. He was quite gentle but I could tell he was really liking the feel of my warm young pussy but did not let it show on his face.

As he stroked my hairless cunt with his right hand, his left hand moved to my arsehole and he began brushing against it with his fingertips, teasingly stroking my puckered hole. “You certainly don’t have any hair there!” He said to me.

He then did something I didn’t expect. He used his right hand fore and middle fingers to trap my clitoris and started to massage it, applying quite a lot of pressure. I then realised that he was now deliberately trying to make me wet. I didn’t expect this from a man that was supposed to be so professional but I could see the glint of wanting in his eyes once more as I looked up at him.

As Miss Jameson and the dean were now deep in conversation and not paying much attention to the inspection going on, Mr. Steele put his left hand inside my open shirt and grabbed one of my big soft tits. He started squeezing, kneading and caressing it, using his fore finger to strum my nipple, tickling it and making it hard and sensitive. With his right hand still working my clitoris, all the stimulation felt very good but I was determined to stay dry. It wasn’t easy but I did. I was used to the boys employing similar tricks just so they could consensually rape us and I had managed to build up quite a good resistance to sexual stimulation.

Mr. Steele then inserted his two fingers into my tight cunt hoping to feel that warm slippery wetness but my pussy wasn’t moist. Wriggling his fingers around inside me, he looked up at me in disappointment as he realised I was still not wet and that none of his fondling had worked.

But then an evil glint flashed across his face. Checking to see that Miss Jameson and the dean were still not paying him much attention, he quietly spat twice onto the fingers of his right hand then held them up, calling the other two teachers over.

“Look what we have here.” He said, as he played with the spit on his fingers. “Kandi was completely hairless, as per the code, but she got wet almost immediately. I had barely even touched her to carry out the inspection when she started getting moist. Quite shameful really!”

I was livid with such a barefaced lie! “Miss Jameson! He’s…” I said, starting to complain but she cut me off.

“Silence Kandi! It is disgraceful that you allowed yourself to get wet, especially in the presence of a government education inspector. This reflects very badly on the college. You have let us all down.”

“But he’s…” I tried to say again but this time the dean yelled at me.

“How dare you answer back! You’re in enough trouble as it is! Do not make it worse for yourself!”

I couldn’t argue with this now that the dean had spoken.

“We are extremely sorry about this.” The dean said to Mr. Steele. To Miss Jameson he said, “We have to show Mr. Steele that we do not take transgressions lightly and that Kandi’s bad behaviour of vaginal wetness will not go unpunished.”

All the boys started to get excited knowing what was coming next and hoping that one of them would be chosen to consensually rape me but Miss Jameson asked Mr. Steele, “If it’s not too much of an inconvenience, perhaps you could carry out Kandi’s punishment so that she has the opportunity to learn her lesson from an experienced education inspector?”

“Hmm…, well. It would be a bother but I suppose I could spend a few more minutes here.” He said feigning reluctance, but this had been his plan all along.

The dean addressed the class, “I suggest the whole class observes this so it serves as a more humiliating punishment for Kandi. That way, she will not forget why she must not become sexually excited in public no matter what is happening.”

I was now crimson red with embarrassment knowing that the whole class was about to witness me getting screwed by the education inspector.

Mr. Steele ordered me to take off what little clothes I had on. I looked up at Miss Jameson, my eyes pleading for her to save me a little modesty, but she turned her nose up at me and shook her head indicating that she was thoroughly disappointed in me. I had to strip with the whole class watching. Some of the girls felt a bit sorry for me but the boys were enviously eyeing by athletic but voluptuous naked body, wishing that it was their own cocks that were about to sink deep into my tight silky cunt.

Now completely naked, I was ordered to turn around and bend over the desk which revealed more of my hairless pussy to everyone looking. By now, the whole class of girls and boys had gathered around the table forming a circle. I didn’t want the students in front of me to see the humiliation on my face so I hung my head down, letting my long hair cover over my face. I found out later that this was a mistake.

Mr. Steele patted me on my bare arse then dropped his trousers letting his fully erect dick spring free from the restraint of his boxers. I heard Miss Jameson comment on the size of it but I didn’t want to turn my head and look. I felt his cold fingers ease my pussy lips apart then his hot cock slowly began to slide into my fanny.

Miss Jameson was right about the size of Mr. Steele’s dick. It was quite thick and I could feel it filling up more and more of my vaginal cavity, as he kept pushing forward into me.

“This is a little big for you Kandi so I won’t force it all into you.” Mr. Steele told me.

Boy was I glad to hear that!

He now began rhythmically pumping his big cock in and out of me, grabbing onto my hips for leverage. He was at it for a while, thrusting away at my cunt. I was just beginning to feel comfortable with such a huge dick in me when he stopped and asked if all the students and teachers could stand behind and to the sides of him as he was a little put off by the ones in front.

The dean arranged everyone to move but as they were doing so, Mr. Steele withdrew his fat cock from me. I looked behind and from the corner of my eye I saw him quickly spray something that he had hidden up his sleeve on his dick. I don’t think anyone else saw him.

This is when I started to regret covering my face with my hair because while the whole class was gathering behind me and Mr. Steele, I was still bent over the desk but had my arms by my sides. Mr. Steele reached forward with his left hand and covered my mouth but no one could see him do this because of my hair was in the way.

His right hand slid down my back and I prepared myself to feel his fingers part my pussy lips once again. However his fingers stopped at my anus and I started to feel his cock head push at my tight bum hole.

Now I was worried because I’d never had a cock in my arse before. Of course, some of us girls experimented with small dildos in our dorm rooms but this was on another level as Mr. Steele’s dick was huge! I then realised it was lubricant he had sprayed onto his dick before and he was using his right hand to disguise the fact that he was sticking his thick cock into my arse and not my pussy. I tried to raise attention to this but as his left hand was tightly over my mouth, I couldn’t get a word out.

I could feel Mr. Steele’s hot dick filling up my rectum as he pushed his cock further and further into me. He just kept going and when I felt the prickly hairs of his balls tickling my pussy lips, I knew he had his entire dick all the way in my bum with his warm thighs flush against the backs of mine.

With his broad cock snugly in my arse, he left it there, not moving, enjoying the feeling of my extremely tight bum enveloping his cock. I couldn’t believe how stretched my arse felt with such a huge object stuffed in me. He started sliding his prick in and out of my arse, slowly at first, but as his orgasm was building, he got faster and more forceful, gripping onto my mouth even more firmly, now using my head as leverage as he pounded my virgin arsehole.

The class was quiet and the whole room was filled with the sound of Mr. Steele’s thighs noisily slapping against the backs of mine. He emitted a low grunt that only I heard which I knew meant he was about to cum then sure enough, he aggressively pounded me four more times as he exhaled deeply and came inside me.

I felt a strange wetness flood my ass as he ejaculated deep into my backside. He withdrew his dick and straight away I could feel my arsehole rejecting his sperm as it trickled out of me accompanied by embarrassing sloppy fart noises as air had now taken up some of the space previously occupied by Mr. Steele’s cock. I stayed with my head down, bent over the desk in shame.

“I hope this little incident doesn’t tarnish the college’s exemplary record.” The dean said.

Mr. Steele replied catching his breath, “Well… I think I could leave this little episode out of my report as on the whole, your college is magnificent. But some of your students,” and he looked at me, “do need a little more self control.”

“Indeed,” Miss Jameson said, “That is something we will work on.”

She dismissed me so I could clean off Mr. Steele’s cum that was now dribbling down my inner thighs.

I was feeling rotten. Miss Jameson let Bonnie come with me to the bathroom to help me clean up. Bonnie was feeling very sorry for and as she wiped away Mr. Steele’s cum, she told me that she understood what I was going through as she too was often singled out because she had a similar breast size to mine. She could still see I was a bit upset so as she wiped away the last trails of cum from my inner thighs, she gave my pussy a little pat and kissed me.

“It would make me feel better if you did that again.” I said to her.

She smiled, kissed me again and patted my pussy once more but this time, let her hand linger, cupping my pussy, her thumb making contact with my clitoris. She gently caressed me.

Bonnie knew exactly how to make me feel better…

63 thoughts on “Government Education Inspector Visits the College

    1. William G. Gruff

      No worries, Slick. If you want an example of too much, read Sonic Screwdriver’s “Melissa’s Spring Break”. My wife and her blog friends stopped reading CCC after that one.

        1. William G. Gruff

          I don’t know if her friends ever came back but she never has, and for someone as mad about ENF/CMNF stories as she is that’s one hell of a boycott.

  1. Fan

    I always like these stories, but one thing I’ve always disliked is when a girl is treated unfairly. In my opinion, this story would have been better if she had legitimately been unable to control herself, even a little bit. But thats just me. Just a thought.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      All criticisms welcome.

      I know this story is a bit mean but disgruntled girls kind of get their own back in my next one…

      1. Michelle

        Treated unfairly? What would have been more fair if she got wet on her own? Either way she is forced to be practically naked, expose herself to all of her male classmates and then the inspector. If all he did was check her for smoothness that would probably be enough but he purposely teased and fondled her to make it legal to rape her. If she got wet on her own he still would have raped her and it still wouldnt have been fair. The fact that she was able to stay dry only meant that the inspector had to do one more thing to get what he wanted… use his own spit. But really he was going to get what he wanted one way or the other so I dont see the spit as anything particularly unfair.

  2. Matt

    It is not really believable that she would put up with that, rather than call out that it was really his saliva. If this works, then anybody else can also use their own saliva to claim wetness.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      I take on board your point but for this story:
      1) only Kandi and Mr. Steele know that it’s his saliva.
      2) Mr. Steele (being from the government) carries such authority that the Dean and Miss Jameson have absolutely no reason to think that he is not being truthful, which is his abuse of power.
      If it was an ordinary boy, Kandi’s attempts to raise alarm would not have been completely disregarded.
      Again, I know this story is a little mean but I thought I might try something slightly different.

      Thanks for your comment.

      1. base

        just to carry the discussion a bit further…

        1) only them and the entire class – despite the work assigned would not prevent many from watching the goings on.

        2) hmm, at a college? I suspect quite the opposite might pervail at many American Universities and Colleges.

        1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

          Regarding 1, I should have probably added to the text that Mr. Steele was discreet enough to not be seen by the class as at that point, he had his back to them.

          I’m not sure what you mean regarding 2. Could you elaborate?

          1. base

            1) fair enough, no need to edit.

            2) American Campuses are renown for being ultra-liberal, anti-establishment places. While one might suspect the professors to be part of that establishment, and once tenured, they no act that way. The professor might relish having a student talk down a government official. Of course, this is a generalization, and many professors are straight laced as well.

            One thing that has struck me is whether we are all talking about the same sort of college campus. American usage is college=university for the most part. Whereas, the Brits might have a college as a preparatory school for higher learning. The difference? Americans would nearly all be 18-22 years and older.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Thanks Angela. I wasn’t sure how it would be received. I didn’t want to be too mean to Kandi hence the kind of happy ending.

  3. Slick P. Wraith Post author

    Base, thanks for the info. I’m in England and had no idea about anti-establishment reputation of American colleges.
    I too also wondered where this college was set as I don’t recall anyone explicitly saying it was in the US, and thought it may even be in a fictional country like Eroslavia.
    By the way, England does actually have some universities named as colleges (Kings College, Trinity Collage Oxford).

    1. Dragavan

      The college is in the United State. It’s never clearly stated in one simple description, nor is any specific location in the states given, but there is enough information given in Richard’s original work to tell you this much.

      “The college Donna and Crysta attend is a small liberal arts college not far from their homes.” – from The College

      “[Donna] grew up in an average middle-American household, with a mom and a dad, and a little brother.” – fromDonna and Crysta

      “Crysta grew up in a little house in a town not far from Donna’s, although the girls never met until their first day at the College.” – fromDonna and Crysta

      So that means somewhere in “middle-America” is where the college is. It’s also never given a specific name, just a basic description as a relatively small liberal arts college. It is also located just outside of “the town”, which is all the place is ever called.

      “Beyond the campus is the town. It’s never really necessary to go to into the town, because the College has just about everything a girl needs.” – from The College

      I don’t know if any of this information has been brought up since these old background documents were posted, but they are still available to read in the archives of the old site you can get to from the side-bar.

      1. base

        From your pulled quote, Crysta and Donna grew up in towns “not far” from each other. Yet Crysta arrives by plane from a colder climate.

        “Even though it was late August, the weather had already turned very cold where she lived. She [Crysta] was looking forward to the warm weather at college.” [ref: Crysta’s Plane Trip]

        Donna was close enough to drive.

        “Suddenly, I remembered I was bottomless. I looked at my boxes and suitcases, so nicely packed, and decided it wasn’t worth unpacking them to find a skirt or dress to wear. I would be driving my car, anyway, and so it was fortuitous that I had a top on. Only the truck drivers would be able to see I wasn’t fully clothed. So I got some of my dorm mates to help me put everything in my car, and off I went.” [ref:My summer by Donna part 1

        I’ve always preferred the location to be vague. And I believe “average middle-American household” is likewise. Whilst it could be geographical descriptive, it could also be economical based. I believe some stories make it sound like they are not far from the coast, yet others give less that sense hiking in the mountains and such.

        All of this vagueness is good for the reader. The reader’s eye must build the world, and that world need not even look like the America landscape we know. Just as long as they are not building igloos in July, I see no reason why they cannot go for a drive along the coast to the beach. Or have a little snow fall in winter even though it is a warmer climate. But clearly, the intent was not to have so much snowy weather as to freeze the girls as happens in other universes.

        (This is just my opinion, and what I’m thinking when I write my stories here.)

        1. Dragavan

          They are left vague, even the distances are vague (as in “not far” could mean a lot since it’s a relative term), which is always good if you want to leave a lot of leeway for writers. But the one thing that it does solidify, which was my point, is that the school is in the USA.

          Personally, I always felt like it was somewhere more east than west, within a few hours drive of the coast, but not in any particular state. The coast could the east coast or the gulf coast, but it always felt more east coast to me. It also felt more south than north, but that could still mean somewhere in the middle (like Virginia or North Carolina). But again, that’s just my take and none of it is ever clearly defined by Richard in the old stories.

  4. Jack

    I’m liking all the discussion this is bringing up. Yea this story rocks the boat quite a bit as far as the average story goes for this site. But its good to push the bounds a little bit and mix things up. Admittedly I wouldnt want the bulk of the stories to go the way this one did, not one for anal stories, but anyways…. If there aren’t stories posted like this then the site becomes too predictable. Writers are confined to this narrow line of what is acceptable. Pushing the bounds is there way of expressing their freedom. I did not see the story playing out the way it did, it surprised me, and thats what keeps me coming back to this site. Otherswise these stories would become like cheap horror flicks where everyone in the room can tell you whats gonna happen and how its gonna happen.

    So kudos on the story and I hope to see more from you, whatever the story may be.

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Thanks. Well said Jack. I agree that as long as the stories aren’t too far from the main topic, and don’t deviate too often, a bit of variety is ok but I don’t want to alienate readers by going too far so it’s great that people are giving their opinions.
      (Even though I wrote this story, I wouldn’t want them all to go the way this one did! 🙂 )

  5. Michelle

    I would like to comment on some of the posts in the archive but it wont let me… what can i do about it?

    1. Slick P. Wraith Post author

      Hello Michelle. If there are 3 nested replies to a comment, you cannot reply to the last one but you can start a new reply and include the name of the person you’re replying to.

    2. Dragavan

      If you are referring to the stories in the “More Archives” section, you can’t reply to them. Those are the old (now defunct) site that was replaced by this one. Not all the stories in it were transferred over to the new format when this place was upgraded, but they didn’t want them to be lost forever, so they tagged them on in that format. You can read them, but not reply to them.

      However, some of them have been transferred over to the new format and can be found in the new system by searching around. Those ones would be able to be replied to. Either way, any comments made to the old posts can’t be replied to no matter what, since they are never transferred over. It’s all because of the loss of the old blog and upgrade to the current format that happened.

    3. base

      If you see the same author posting here, you can add a reply to any of that author’s newer stories with a reference to the older one. Adding a link to the story is optional, but appreciated by other readers.

  6. William G. Gruff

    You know, I haven’t seen that happen in a long time either but I’d love to see it start back up again.

  7. base

    Comments can go in many different paths. Some to extend the story, some to suggest, and yes, even dissect. For some readers, the comments allow them to participate in the story, by adding their own mini-story. I think that is a wonderful way to compliment the author. You were so into the story, you have your own world in your mind what happened next or in a similar circumstance.

    If you wish to continue a story with a comment, again, I suggest finding a more recent story by that author and adding your comment to the newer story with the link back to the older story.

    For instance, The College Pool story could be commented in any of Dick Hertz more recent stories:
    a-message-from-the-dean-about-short-dresses or MrsClark’s High School English Test. While the College Pool comment might not “fit” that story, just reference the previous story, provide a link, and add your comment to the newer story. The author will appreciate it, the readers will understand what is going on, too. Or on Dick’s more recent stories, add a comment making a plea to re-post the original story or a follow-up to the original.

  8. Slick P. Wraith Post author

    Feel free to add any type of comment to any of the more recent stories whether it be a criticism or roleplay story extension.

  9. Michelle

    OK I took your advise and used the “message from the dean about short dresses” link to post my comments.

  10. Dick Hertz

    Holy tamole! I had forgotten all those details about Donna and Crysta myself. I’m glad we have so many College historians in our midst!


  11. William Kazak

    This is a good story on many levels. College life is full of different adventures both welcomed and unwelcomed. Humiliation happens to all of us from time to time. We need to get over it and move on with the lessons we have learned. In this story, the education inspector, Mr. Steele, has shown himself to be deceitful. So what’s new with that observation? In life, we can always find someone who is ready to shove their giant cock up our virgin ass. Often, they get away with it. The system allows it, as in this case. The Dean and Miss Jameson were negligent here but they will get their “instant karma” in another story. I am hopeful of that.

  12. Jennifer

    I loved this story soooooo much!!!!
    Maybe it was a little mean, but I think it’s hot that she resisted getting wet but got “punished” anyway by a man who was smart enough to outsmart the system. I especially liked that he was sneaky enough to get the others behind him, switch from pussy to ass, cover her mouth, etc all at the same time. He is obviously a master at this type of thing. I was imagining myself in her place, feeling this powerful man use my body for his own pleasure. Okay so he was a little deceitful to get the sex he wanted from her, but it’s not that diff from a guy telling a girl he loves her or whatever he has to say to get sex from her, that’s deceitful too. I think most girls kind of expect a certain level of deceit from men when it comes to sex. But most girls enjoy being dominated by an older powerful man, I know my friends and I have all discussed it and we all agree. We also all agree that most girls have a rape fantasy and this kinda feeds into that too so its no wonder I liked it haha. I def would not be passing the wetness test right now if he checked me out (although I would pass the smooth test with flying colors since I get waxed and am 100% smooth everywhere) … lucky me, I’d get “punished” too!

    1. Anonymous

      If you were naked or wearing revealing dress code compliant clothes on campus, and a boy came up to you and started groping your body, how long would you last before you got wet?

      How many times a day do you think you’d get consensually raped?

      1. Jennifer

        I think its more of a tease to wear revealing dress code compliant outfits rather than go naked, but there would be plenty of exposed skin which would def open me up the groping rule. I actually love a short skirt that leaves at least the bottom of my cheeks exposed. If I felt a pair of large rough hands on me, groping me, feeling my soft smooth skin, I’d be very tingly. I love knowing that my body can give males so much pleasure, both by looking at it and by touching it. Although it would feel great to have his hands touching my ass and exploring all over, its also the mental thrill of a guy not being able to help himself but touch me because he likes it so much. Between the physical touching and the mental stimulation I must admit I’m a pretty naughty girl and I get wet very easily. It wouldn’t take more than a minute or two for me to be soaking wet and I’m sure he’d notice. I know that means he would rape me, but obviously judging by the state of my pussy its exactly what I need and deserve. I guess if other guys on campus liked what they saw in my cute little outfits, they might grope me too and I might be wet and busy getting raped all day long. I know this isn’t what my daddy sent me to this expensive college for, but it is a type of education too. And as a girl, how many times in my life will I need to know Calculus or who fought in the Battle of the Bulge? I think its much more valuable for a girl to know a lot about boys’ Bulges and all the fun things that a girl can do with them.

        1. Anonymous

          Learning at the College teaches you a lot of life skills, not just the classes. All the girl graduates I know are thankful for the Code and they get great jobs, especially in the big companies which all have strict dress codes now a days. I think your daddy knew what would happen and the great education you’d get.

          What kind of outfits do you wear? How do you expose your skin? How does it compare with your friends?

          1. Anonymous

            Oh yes, I agree. And I find that sometimes the male students teach me as much if not more than the professors… although plenty of the male professors have taught me things too… outside of class.
            I’m hoping to get a good job at a big company where I can be the personal secretary to a big important boss man. My daddy says that’s a good ambition, but that competition will be fierce for a job like that, so I have to make myself stand out and make the boss notice me. I wasn’t sure what that meant so I asked one of my professors for advice and he was so nice and took a lot of his personal time to help me. He said you only get one chance to make a first impression so what I wear to the interview will be hugely important. He said the shorter my skirt is the more I will stand out. But if I want to really make an impression on the boss man then the best way is to not wear any panties under the short skirt. Also, a tight low cut white top with no bra and hard nipples wouldn’t hurt. I laughed and said he basically just described most of my outfits that I wear on campus. He laughed too and said that I should be ok then. But he did suggest my skirt could be a little shorter than the one I was wearing, which only showed off about an inch of the bottom of my bare cheeks in back. He said any businessman will want to see at least 2-4 inches showing if he’s going to take me seriously as a candidate for the position. Oh, and instead of 4-inch heels he suggested 6-inch heels. I was so grateful for his advice, but I’m open to any other ideas or advice as well…

    1. Anonymous

      My sister went to the college and got a good job after. She says you should never wear panties obviously, but that she went bottomless instead of a short skirt to show her confidence and commitment to the code. Each of her interviewers groped her pussy and were impressed how she kept her composure from years of consensual touching at the college. She got the job and is currently an executive manager but her hiring condition was she could never wear clothes below the navel except shoes.

  13. Jennifer

    So I asked my professor about going bottomless like your sister. I said it might help show my confidence, but he said I should stick with the short skirt and high heels since I’ll be newly graduated and I shouldn’t appear TOO confident just yet.
    He said since I’ll just be starting out it would be better to be somewhat humble by wearing a skirt that only shows 2 inches of my bare ass cheeks rather than exposing everything. He said if I want to appear SOMEWHAT confident I could go with a shorter skirt that shows 4 inches of cheek, but he said he wouldn’t advise me going further than that until I establish myself and show the boss what I can do to impress him. Once I have more experience performing for my boss then I could go bottomless.
    He confirmed part of the interview would be questions and answers but that there would def be a physical evaluation as well. But he said I shouldn’t have any problems with it since I’m so used to that from the education I’m getting here. He did offer to help me prep for my interviews though, which I thought was very nice of him.

    1. Anonymous

      Why does your professor think looking too confident is a problem? Maybe it’s because my sister is very dominant and she likes people knowing she is in control, but I have barely seen her pussy covered since she came home from school. And it’s not because she has a bush, she shaves it clean.

      Showing some ass definitely helps a lot. Girls who interview but cover their entire butt are much less likely to be seen as prepared, but College girls have no problem showing part or all of it. My sister said a friend of hers went to a different school and is regretting it, but she’s helping her with nudity and revealing clothes in public. I love seeing her when she visits our house, and especially making her comfortable with touching.

      What did your professor do to help you prepare? I’ve heard of job prep programs at the college, but I don’t know if they’re good.

      My sister says workplaces now are very modern with how they accept sex and touching in the office, and she has had sex with all of her direct subordinates and her bosses. Her favorite is her secretary, who is pantiless obviously, and they will scissor a lot.

  14. Jennifer

    When I woke up and saw your message, I asked my professor to clarify. He said looking too confident could come off as being dominant or cocky, which made sense since you said your sister was a dominant girl. He told me that for men to act confident, cocky, dominant is a desired trait because they are going to be leaders, but most girls aren’t going to be leaders because men are generally smarter and made for leading while girls are meant to be submissive and subservient. Most bosses won’t want a girl to appear too confident or dominant. He did agree that my pussy should never be covered, which it hasn’t been since I was 16 and stopped wearing my cute little thong and G-string panties. He also did a tactile inspection to make sure I was hairless even though I told him I get waxed to make sure I am 100% sooth everywhere. I like to be bald, it feels nicer and looks prettier. He also agreed with you about showing my ass off, he said my tits and ass are my best features. He said that if a girl isn’t willing to show her ass there’s virtually no chance she’ll get the job. Luckily I am so used to having to show it off it’s no big deal.
    My professor was very helpful in my preparation for the interview, he ran me through some tough questions to make sure I had all the right answers. For instance he posed as my boss and asked me “are you willing to work late nights or on weekends?”, the correct answer was yes. Then he asked me to describe my strong points, so I started talking about my written and oral skills. He said the boss might ask follow-up questions like “tell me more about your oral skills”. I fell into the trap of describing the languages I speak, and he reminded me that these men don’t care about those useless skills, they are only interested in my oral skills that they can use and benefit from. So he coached me on how best to describe my talented lips, tongue, mouth, throat, fingers and of course to make sure I mentioned how much I enjoy performing my oral skills, smiling and being enthusiastic being very important. He said the interviewer might even ask for a sample of my oral talents and that of course I should happily demonstrate, which I did with him during the practice interview. He said it might not happen until a follow up interview, but the bosses might ask if I am good at entertaining clients. I said I wasn’t sure since I had never dealt with that before, but he said my answers should always be “yes”, so I won’t seem uncooperative. I asked him what it meant to entertain clients and he said he was sure I’d be great at it but that we could practice later today, he would arrange another practice session for me…

    1. Anonymous

      You haven’t covered your pussy since you were 16? What was high school like for you? What did you wear?

      High school dress codes vary a lot I am curious how things worked for girls there

  15. Jennifer

    Well, I was dating a college boy when I was 16 and he told me even though he thought my thongs and G-strings were sexy that it would be even better if I went bare instead. Since he was my boyfriend I wanted to please him and so I stopped wearing panties. Once or twice it might have been a little embarrassing for me in school if a boy or a male teacher or a visiting father accidentally saw up my skirt and noticed I wasn’t wearing any panties, but other than that I don’t think my experience in high school was very different than any other girl. And if/when those men did see up my skirt, they were always very polite about it. They never said anything, just caught my eyes and smirked while I blushed… sometimes they winked I think, like we had a little secret together. All the girls wore plaid skirts and white blouses with heels and stockings at my school. Some of the more adventurous girls would roll their skirt at the waist to make them shorter and show off their legs in the stockings. I used to do that sometimes, just enough to show barely a hint of the bottom of my cheeks… if you squinted to see. And I loved wearing heels with stockings and a garter belt. That was my boyfriend’s suggestion too. Although I do think it may have had the accidental side effect of getting more attention from some of the boys, teachers, fathers.

    1. Anonymous

      You had a smart boyfriend. How much older was he, and are you still together? It’s good you practiced not having panties for the college. Did you visit campus with him?

      Your high school had a uniform, which seems unusual now. It doesn’t seem designed to help girls practice for the dress code at all. Where did most girls go after graduating?

  16. Jennifer

    My boyfriend was 20 when we started dating and turned 21. We aren’t together anymore but sometimes we still talk and get together. Haha I wasn’t really practicing for college by not wearing panties, I was just trying to be a good girlfriend and make my boyfriend happy however I could. I did visit him at college once.
    Yes, my high school had a uniform. Most private schools do. The boys dressed in suits and ties and the girls dressed in blouses, short plaid skirts, stockings, heels. I don’t think public schools had this, but private schools do, it’s supposed to get the boys from prestigious families ready to be successful businessmen and the girls to be pretty young ladies.
    Not sure that the girls’ outfits are designed to help girls practice for college exactly, but I have heard that the school girl plaid skirts are a favorite outfit of older men’s fantasies. After high school some girls from my school went to different colleges, some when traveling in Europe, some just dated looking to find a boyfriend that would eventually get married.

    1. Anonymous

      Did you have sex with him a lot? How was the college visit? I heard most girls get stripped even when visiting if they aren’t careful.

      It’s a shame your high school prepared for traditional roles instead of the dress code at the college which liberates women and allows them to meet their full potential. I’m glad you attended!

  17. Jennifer

    Yes, I guess we had sex a lot, he wanted it at least once a day, which was hard sometimes between school, homework, and not getting caught by my dad lol. He always came over to my house after school and liked to make me have sex in different rooms until we covered the whole house. Dining room table, kitchen counter, bent over the couch, even on top of my dad’s desk in his study. And he always stayed as long as he could until we heard my dad pulling up in the driveway and then he’d sneak out my bedroom window.
    The campus visit was… eventful. I was stripped within minutes of setting foot on campus. I thought they were joking but my boyfriend told me they take things very seriously on campus and told me to just comply with anything they ordered me to do. After they stripped me, they fondled me, pinched my nipples, fingered my pussy and then said that because I got wet they had to punish me by raping me. I thought my boyfriend would come to my aid, but he just smiled and nodded and watched. I think he even shot a few pics and videos. Later in the day it all happened again with another group. When he finally brought me home I looked a little raggedy and he told me to brush my hair and try to look presentable before I went inside or my dad would wonder what happened. He said I wouldn’t want to answer any embarrassing questions from my dad and he was right as usual, that would have been awkward.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m glad you had sex a lot, that’s important for a growing teen, especially since you were going to be going to the college. I bet having sex in all the different rooms was a blast. Did you usually get naked when hanging out with him, or just strip when you were about to fuck?

      The college visit must have really been something. It’s not a surprise you were stripped right away (btw what were you wearing?) inspectors are good at spotting girls who are new. It must be hard adjusting to groping and rape, especially when you’re not 18 yet. My older sister was raped at 17 during a college visit, and she even stayed naked when she came home. She said it reaffirmed her decision to come there and made her feel more open with her body. Her photos from that day ended up on the college website, do you know what happened to yours?

      Was the second inspection any different? Did they keep your clothing from the first time (leaving you naked)? Did you get your clothing back before leaving campus?

      Your boyfriend is smart. He knows the college rules, made sure you followed them, and even helped you with your dad. I bet now rape is no problem, it can just happen during class and you don’t worry about it after.

      What made you decide this was the college for you? How did you prepare? Did your boyfriend ever rape you?

  18. Jennifer

    I agree, learning about sex and practicing as a teen is important, how else will a girl learn how to please her boyfriends, professors, bosses, and eventually a husband. When we were hanging out at my house after school, he would alternate between letting me stay dressed and getting me naked, depending on what he wanted to do with me that day. If he was going to fuck me, he’d generally strip me immediately. But sometimes he wanted to take pics of me and then he liked to get some dressed, then half dressed, and eventually naked. Then once I was naked and he got a few pics like that, he would start fucking me.

    The college visit was very exciting. I started out wearing my usual school uniform which my boyfriend had told me to wear. The little plaid skirt, rolled up to expose a bit of my butt cheeks in back. White blouse, no bra, no panties. Thigh high stockings with garter belt and high heels. But that didn’t last long, I was naked except for my heels very quickly, almost as if the inspectors knew and were waiting for me. Of course, that’s silly, they couldn’t have known I would be there. Only my boyfriend knew he was bringing me there that day. TBH it wasn’t that hard adjusting to being groped or fucked, since my boyfriend had already been doing it to me all the time. I was a little surprised at the rape punishment, but my boyfriend said it happens to all the girls so I shouldn’t worry about it. I was also surprised he was taking pics and vids of me, and now that u mention it, I’m not sure what ever happened to them.

    Later in the day when I got inspected again it was pretty much the same routine except there were more men participating and punishing me. Luckily, I did get my clothes back before we left so I didn’t have to explain to my dad where I had been. I did notice that all the buttons on my blouse had been ripped off so it didn’t close anymore, but I just wrapped it around and tucked it into my skirt and my dad didn’t notice the difference. The inspectors must have also cut a few extra inches off the bottom of my skirt, because the whole bottom half of my ass was exposed, but I kinda walked backwards up the stairs when I got home to hide it from my dad.

    After that visit, I think I was a little undecided about where I wanted to go to college, but my boyfriend helped me make the choice and told me to go here. I don’t know that I really prepared, other than by my boyfriend doing what he always did… oh and a few more visits to campus here and there. My boyfriend never raped me because he was my boyfriend and any time he wanted to fuck me he just did it.

    BTW, I never got to have my follow up practice interview session with the professor that was helping me out a few weeks ago with job interview preparations. He said scheduling this particular lesson was a little difficult, but he wanted me to know that he was dedicated to my education and ensuring I was able to give a good interview. He said he would be in touch with me when he had the practice lesson all set up for me, so he could introduce me to the concept of entertaining clients.

    1. Anonymous

      I am glad he helped you practice being pantiless and naked, it’s something every girl should practice even in high school. Getting pictures taken of you naked is normal and he did you a great service. I wonder where they are now too. At my high school there was a photo section of the web site that had naked, partially clothed, and fully clothed students on it. Very educational.

      It’s good it wasn’t hard adjusting to the groping and rape! My sister said that was the biggest change, and once that happened it was all normal. Now I could stroke her pussy or touch her breasts and she’d barely even think twice.

      What was the inspection like when you were already naked? How did you feel about being naked in public like that? I’m glad you had practice with clothing adjustments after inspections. Did you wear those clothes again in high school?

      You hid a lot of nudity and sex from your dad growing up. Does he still not know or does he support you at the college?

      How did your boyfriend convince you to go to the college? It must have been hard for you to decide after being raped like that.

      I’m glad you never say no to your boyfriend, it’s a good relationship practice. My mom told my sisters and I that a girl should always say yes to normal sex requests by her boyfriend, and that if she said no the boyfriend has a moral duty to rape her. My high school girlfriend was taught the same, so she never said no, and I’ve never raped her.

      Oh no! I hope the interview practices work out because that is good experience. Especially entertaining is an important skill to do well. Try emailing him?

    2. Ashley

      Hi Jennifer! Thanks for all the advice! Hope you don’t mind a question:

      I’m going to start going to the College soon. Previously I was going to go to a different university with less strict conduct rules but my parents convinced me of the benefits of the Code of Conduct.

      I have an issue though. If you’re ever aroused, you are giving consent for consensual rape, right? I have a medical condition which makes my pussy always wet, so boys will think it’s lubricated and will randomly rape me. Is there anything I can do? It doesn’t help that I have an outie vagina which boys seem to think is actually aroused even when yet. And I get horny really so I’m expecting to get raped at least once a day.

      Tips? If I wear clothes that shows my pussy will it keep me from being stripped too much? How often will I be raped? How often are you raped? Don’t worry I’m a good girl and will not bring any panties to college.

  19. Jennifer

    The inspection was pretty typical I guess, they groped my tits, played with my nipples, rubbed my pussy, fingered me, teased my clit. It was surprisingly liberating to be naked in front of a group of inspectors and male students, it was flattering how they all liked my body. Showing off made me even more excited. The second time the inspector got a little more thorough and also played with my ass. I didn’t really mind the alterations they made to my clothes except that I was nervous my dad might notice. I didn’t wear that skirt in front of him, but I did wear it at school sometimes, so that was in front of male students, male teachers and visiting dads. My dad supports me at college but there are just certain things daddies don’t want to think about, so I try to keep certain things from him. I’m sure he wouldn’t appreciate knowing that my boyfriend liked fucking me on his desk in his study after school for instance.
    It wasn’t too hard to decide to go to the college after my boyfriend told me he really wanted me to go there.
    I met him because he was the son of one of my dad’s good friends. My dad is very overprotective of me and wouldn’t let me date any of the boys who asked me out, but he let me date his friend’s son.

    My professor said he’s almost ready for my next lesson so hopefully it will be pretty soon!

    Hi Ashley, that’s right if you are aroused you are consenting. I don’t know much about medicine, but I doubt there’s anything you can do. Once a day could be right, but I think its more likely to be more often than that. I think wearing as little as possible is a good idea, but you will likely still be stripped and raped a few times a day. I was stripped and raped twice on my first visit if that’s any guide.

    1. Anonymous

      That inspection does seem very standard. I’m glad you were able to experience it. Having your clothing confiscated for the first time is hard and it’s good you found it liberating. Do you like going naked a lot now?

      If you were already naked the second time, why did the inspector stop you? It’s good he performed a more thorough search, what did he do to your butt? The modifications to the clothes are good and you were smart to wear it to high school. Do you ever modify your clothes like that now?

      Oh that’s how you met the boyfriend! Very good, especially since you two had lots of sex together. Him encouraging pantiless and nudity is excellent preparation.

      Have you dated any other boys at the college? Or maybe you get most of your sex from consensual touching/rape? If he’s still at school you should meet your old boyfriend and have sex again for old time sake.

      My older sister recently got hit with a big dress code violation, and the judge made her go bottomless for a month and hand out sex tickets to boys or girls. I’ll admit I’ve used a couple myself. Do you have any experience with the campus court system?

      We both want to encourage our younger sister (14) to consider the college and even stop for a visit. She isn’t a virgin (she had a boyfriend for a month) but she seems nervous. Anything you’d offer as encouragement or advice to do a campus visit? I’ve offered to go naked if it makes her feel more comfortable.

      Exciting what is the next lesson about?

    2. Ashley

      Thank you Jennifer hope you’re well.

      OK I thought so, I can’t stop the rapes. I expected this to be the case so I’ll survive. Reading the stories here I think rape once a day is low, I should plan to be raped at least twice a day I think. Thankfully I’m always wet which makes it easy.

      I will take your advice to heart. I have a couple very short skirts but I’ll only take half of them to college. I will try to always be bottomless (I’m shaved but this is to make it easier access) or sometimes naked. I do love how liberating the college is with clothes, and I enjoy having fresh air (or cum) on my pussy.

      My younger brother and his friends have been teasing me a lot when they come over. They will ask to practice groping and touching rules, but they keep reaching under clothes when that’s not allowed. My mom said we should practice consensual rape too so now every time they visit I get three or four creampies LOL.

      In your campus experience, how often should I be bottomless and easy access vs fully naked? I’m happy to masturbate frequently when outside if that makes things better.

      BTW does the college have a minimal age for sex/groping? You said you visited at 16 and were stripped and raped. My middle school sister is excited for me to go and wants to be naked on arrival day to support me, but I’m worried for her. My parents don’t seem to think it will be a problem and take her side.

      1. Sarah

        Hi Ashley, hope you’re well.

        For clothing nudity is the way to go. You can go bottomless or wear a T shirt dress sometimes but remember some buildings don’t allow topless/bottomless, so you’re better off mostly going fully naked all the time. (Nudity gives you an exception there for inspected girls.) If you do wear a top, I agree you should masturbate a lot.

        Naked girls are more likely to be targeted with groping and rape. All girls are targeted, but naked ones in particular. It’s worth knowing but since you’re expecting rapes this should not be a problem.

        Your younger brother is doing you a great service. Even if his friends aren’t over encourage him to practice groping and rapes, he’ll be at the college some day too.

        For age, the college doesn’t list one. They do not want to discriminate against young geniuses who start college early, so they have no minimum age except for puberty. So yes Jennifer was stripped and raped even though she was in high school, and your younger sister could be too. However if she goes on arrival day it’s not likely. Many little sisters go naked or partially naked to support big siblings, and most are not raped or even groped. If your sister visits on a regular day it probably will happen, but that’s fine. She can visit naked if she wants, and you and her could even be raped together, it’s a good bonding experience! Your parents are absolutely right it’s a good idea for her to go and see the college herself. When she starts high school she can even take some college level courses and visit herself as a student.

        I graduated from the college years ago, but when I was in middle school my older sister went to the college. I was too shy to strip on arrival day, but my sister helped me go naked when visiting her. It was scary but also fun being groped together, and on my second visit I was even raped! A cute boy from my sister’s dorm took my virginity then, and we even took a picture together. He visited my sister and I few times at our house for sex (mostly threesomes, that’s when I learned to lick pussy, which my college roommate loved!) but we never dated. Then when I started high school I was ahead of the class when it came to the high school dress code and conduct rules.

  20. Jennifer

    Yes, I was told the first inspection was very standard. I’m not sure why they stopped me the second time, but maybe they didn’t realize I had already been inspected earlier. The main difference in the second one was his inspection of my butt that time. He ran his hands all over my cheeks to feel their smoothness and fullness. He bounced them in his hands a lot and then slipped his fingers between my cheeks to explore further. He was very thorough.
    I didn’t realize they had modified my clothes until the end of the day. I don’t really modify my clothes that way myself, I just buy clothes that are already either low cut, or very short, or see thru, etc.
    I’m not sure if you would say I date other men in college, but my boyfriend introduced me to all of his friends and then it became pretty regular that they all fucked me, sometimes taking turns and sometimes as a group.
    I’ve never been to campus court; I always follow the rules and accept punishment. Girls only go to campus court if they think they’ve been treated unfairly, but I feel like that hasn’t happened to me.
    I loved my campus visit, but I did have my boyfriend to go with me and he was a big help making me comfortable. Maybe your sister’s boyfriend could go with her.
    The professor said he’s setting up my next lesson to introduce me to the concept of entertaining clients.

    Hi Ashley, it looks like Sarah already jumped in to help you out so not sure what I can add.
    I had a similar experience with my brother’s friends though. They were older and already knew more than I did, but they did grope me and touch me a lot. Sometimes they would even come into my room when they visited. They used to wait until I was in the shower and then walk in, pull back the shower curtain and look at my naked body, all wet and soapy. they offered to help me and sometimes got naked and got in the shower with me. They would wash my back and then tell me to wash them. They guided my hands down to their rock hard, throbbing cocks and told me to move my hands up and down their shafts to get them clean. They had me keep going until they came all over me and then they would leave. They would also tell me to clean myself off unless I wanted to look like a slut who enjoyed having men cum all over her. It wasn’t hard since I was already in the shower, but I know they were just trying to be helpful with good advice. It was also great experience getting to touch all different sizes and shapes of cocks. Some were longer, thicker, cut/uncut, some came fast, some took longer. Some only came a little bit, others came so much I felt like I was covered in it. It was kinda fun getting to know the differences of all my brother’s friends’ cocks, cum, and preferences. Some like their balls played with too.

    1. Anonymous

      Why did they inspect you if you were already naked? Usually they are naked because they were inspected earlier in the day. That said it is good they were thorough in examining your butt. Did they anally penetrate with fingers? Did it feel good?

      There are some clothes stores near campus that sell Dress Code approved clothing. T shirts as dresses, no double coverage, etc etc. A lot of non college girls also wear the same styles. Do you shop there?

      I’m glad you met your boyfriend’s friends. I often have sex with my female friends, as a form of welcome. Though sometimes it’s rape in good fun. Do you let them fuck you a lot? Did you meet his friends during high school or when you went to college?

      My sister went to campus court because she got a citation. She was not planning on fighting the charges because she knew she was in clothing violation, so she accepted the bottomless + sex ticket proposal. She spent time afterwards stuck in the courtroom satisfying random observers, and some jury members. Two girls too.

      My younger sister does not currently have a boyfriend. I could go with her on campus. I am familiar with the codes somewhat and can help her adjust. I will help her adjust by groping her breasts and pussy when she is stripped.

    2. Ashley

      Thank you Sarah and Jennifer! I will keep this in mind.

      Having your brother and friends help practice is very important, I’ve been doing it too. He has made me suck him / fuck him many times now, and it’s so convenient having his penis right at home near me. However his elementary school friends do not have large penises so that is one thing I am not used to yet. Knowing difference between cock sizes, feel, and cum is a lot of fun.

      At college I will definitely go naked almost all the time. It makes clothing packing easier, but I will keep many tops for flexibility if I want to go bottomless. I am tingling a bit for my first rape on campus. There is a Facebook group for other girls at the college with my same condition, and they like posting pictures of their creampies after rapes, or showing how wet they are. Some boys follow the group and find them for convenient raping. First month I will wipe creampies so I have no rape protection and will be raped many times a day. This will help me.

      OK the age issue is good to know. I looked online and found a gallery of middle and high school girls being stripped, inspected, or raped at the college. Quite a few! But they are sexually mature and if they were wet then it’s OK.

      I do not have any siblings but maybe I can invite my female cousin on the campus, she may enjoy the experience especially the uncovered skin groping and fingering (partly by me). She is a lesbian so prefers rape by girls but she is willing to be fucked by boys for justice. She seems to like the code so we could both try it out on arrival day.

      Sarah, what conduct rules are you talking about? My high school allows girls to be unclothed but there is no touching or consensual rape, punishments can only come from teachers.

      Jennifer, how was it like with all those cocks? I have not been with many boys yet so I cannot imagine. What do I do if boys rape me and I am left covered in cum?

      1. Tanager

        Being surrounded by unclothed girls in high school must have done wonders for attendance, I doubt many boys wanted to skip class and the threat of suspension would have been taken seriously. I mean who would want to stay home?

        1. Anonymous

          Absolutely. Some high schools even cite their dress code as a reason that students (male and female) are so enthusiastic to learn!

  21. Anonymous

    I noticed that in high school even when boys were sick, they would still come to school. I think male attendance was definitely helped by the dress codes. And our Parent Association at the school was also the best in the state. We had more fathers participating than any other school in the state, some people said in the country. It got so that the moms stayed busy with other volunteer work and all of the positions at the school were filled by the fathers. The principal and superintendent of the school saw to that. And speaking of positions and being filled, I spoke to several of the girls in school and we were all put into multiple positions (sex positions) by the fathers and filled (in our pussies, mouths, and asses).

    1. Tanager

      It’s said that schools should play an active role in preparing teens for the real world, and successful parent involvement can positively affect student achievement. So it’s good to know your fathers took such an active role.


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