Trish, the poor girl (archives)

Trish came back from class to find her roommate Helen and Sasha playing around naked on her own bed. Trish said, “Come on guys, Can’t you at least use Helen’s bed for that?”

Helen said, “But your’s has the window view.”

Trish shook her head, and sat down at her desk pulling notebooks from her book bag. “Just try to keep it down so I can study.”

Sasha said, “Why not join us?”

Helen laughed at the thought. It was not that Trish was a stick in the mud. It was just Trish never seemed interested in sex, boys or girls or even solo. Helen said, “You’ll never convince her to play around.”

Sasha said, “Sounds like a challenge. And what a prize if I win.”

Helen said, “If you like Trish all packaged up, you should see her unwrapped.”

Trish said, “You know, I am right here, and I can hear you. Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer to study.”

Sasha sat up, “For a bookworm, you sure do dress sexy.  I noticed you wear tight dresses, short skirts, and well, your breasts practical pop the buttons off your blouses. Look at that tee shirt you are wearing as a dress. Not a detail lost on anyone. Every curve and bump revealed. So why no playing around?”

Helen added, “And she came here without a single pair of panties or bra. It was like she knew the dress code and the inspectors before she ever got here.”

Trish said, “You two won’t leave me alone  to study, will you?”

Helen and Sasha said at the same time, “Nope!”

Trish said, “I came to college to learn.”

Sasha feigned off Helen roaming hands cupping her tits. “I want to know about Trish not having any underwear. How did you know you couldn’t wear any? Some tell you?”

Trish said, “One very good reason I did not bring underwear. I do not have any underwear.”

Helen sat up, “Really? Lose it all?”

Trish slammed her pencil down on the desk and said sharply, “You cannot lose what you do not have! Now, will you two let me study?”

Sasha said, “But you have me wondering. Who does not own underwear? Were you, or are you, a nudist or something?”

Trish said, “No, I am not a nudist. I do not have underwear because there was always something more important to purchase. I did not grow up rich.”

Helen said, “Rich? Even poor people have underwear.” She looked at Sasha, “Don’t they?”

Sasha said, “I’ve seen 99 cent undies and bras. I’d think anyone could manage to save a couple of bucks.”

Trish turned on her chair to face the two naked girls on her bed. Trish folded a leg under her other one when she caught Sasha stare looking up her dress hem. It really did little to block the view, and it might have caused the hem to rise higher.  Trish said, “And what do you get for your two bucks? Some scratchy cotton with elastic bands to cut off circulation. Worse, at gym class, everyone will see your discount undies and laugh.”

Helen said, “No one would laugh. That would be mean.”

Sasha admitted, “Mean? She’s talking about high school. Mean is the norm. I know. I was one of them. We picked on some girls that wore little girls undies. I mean, high school is not a place for cartoons or pop singer signature underwear. But we were not mean enough to pick on the poor girls wearing plain white cottons. We all have mothers who think sexy lingerie is an invitation to rape.”

Trish said, “Not everyone has a mother. And some people do pick on you for having white cottons, and I was teased starting in grade school. There, everyone else had those stupid cartoon panties, and at recess, they would show each other. I drew a cartoon on my panties so I could join them, but they laughed, and Dad was pissed I ruined a pair of panties. He made me go to school without them. It was suppose to last a week, but he forgot all about it, and I never said a word.”

Helen leaned forward, “Are you saying you haven’t worn panties since grade school?”

Trish said, “No, I’m saying in the second grade, I stopped wearing them for some time. In middle school, we changed from our street clothes to gym outfits, and well, I didn’t have underwear. I got a note telling my father. He was upset with himself for not realizing I had gone years without panties. He gave me a twenty and told me to buy some. i knew that twenty was going to be meal money, too. I decided to buy one pair of panties. I could not bear to be teased about white cottons, so I went to another store having a sale. I saw all these crazy sexy undies and the sign said, ‘3 for $2.’ So I bought three. I loved them, but when I gave Dad back the change, he looked at my purchases and blew his lid. I foolishly thought crotchless panties were to make it easier to pee.”

Sasha and Helen started laughing, but tried to stop. Sasha said, “Oh, I’m so sorry for laughing, but crotchless panties?”

Trish said, “Yes, I was that stupid.”

Helen corrected, “Naive, not stupid.”

Trish continued, “So, once again I went to school pantiless and this time the gym teacher took me to the school herself to buy me white cotton underwear. Oh, I hated those things. But she was nice enough to pay for them out of her own pocket. So, since gym was my last class of the day, I would slip them on before going to the locker room, but as soon as I got on the bus, I’d take them off and hide them in my book bag. That went on through high school.”

Sasha asked, “The same pair?”

It was Trish’s turn to laugh, “No, Mrs. Singletary, my gym teacher bought me five pairs of underwear. One per school day I suppose. Washed on the weekends. Since I wore them for only an hour or so, they lasted.”

Helen asked, “And they still fit?”

Trish sighed, “I could make adjustments to them. I only needed them under my gym shorts. That’s when I also realized I needed to shave my pubic hair. the adjustments lowered the panties each year, and I thought it looked strange to have clumps of hair sticking out. None of the other girls wore theirs that way.”

Sasha said, “It seemed to the style back home. Some girls wore bikinis to the beach with their landing strips partly exposed. I thought it was sexy.”

Trish said, “Well, not for me. I shaved.”

Helen asked, “What about bras? Not that your cute perkies need one.”

Trish said, “And I didn’t get things I do not need. I never asked for a bra, and Dad never seemed to noticed. I figured that would be a worst nightmare than my panties. So I kept quiet, and for gym, I just doubled layered tee shirts, as many girls who were underdeveloped did.”

Sasha wet her lips. “But you were not underdeveloped.”

Trish said, “No, but fortunately a late bloomer. Still not a problem.”

Sasha said, “If you want, we can go lingerie shopping for some pretty panties. My treat!”

Trish laughed, “The one place I do not need panties and you want me to buy some? Thank-you, but no.”

Helen said, “She doesn’t even wear shorts or pants, just really short skirts or dresses.”

Trish said, “Skirts are from years ago.”

Helen said, “No wonder those skirts are so small on you. You probably didn’t have those sexy, curvy hips in middle school. But you kept that tiny waistline. If you were a late bloomer, you definitely did not have those perkies on top either. Explains the buttons popping.”

Trish said, “Small waistline – just enough to eat to keep the social services from knocking on the door. Might also explain the late bloom. We ate well, not just a lot. Dad is a beanpole, and his tee shirts worked out as nice dresses for me.”

Sasha said, “I don’t mean to pry too much, but how does a girl from a family without any money afford to come to this college? It is so expensive that my father told me to stick out the year even if it meant going to class naked 24/7. He was crying about having to make me go through with the year because of the costs.”

Helen laughed, “Little did your father know, you turned out to be one the biggest nudists on campus!”

Sasha said, “That’s not true. I wore something today.” She rose from the bed to pick up a dress she discarded to the floor upon entering. “See? I wore this dress today.”

Helen and Trish laughed. Sasha was holding up a fishnet dress – completely see through.

Sasha said, “Fine. It looks like we all could use some new clothing. What you two say we head to the mall and I’ll treat to one outfit each. Dad gave me a green light on clothing purchases to abide by the Dress Code.”

Trish said, “Thanks, but I really do need to study. I’m here on a scholarship, and I have to maintain good grades to keep the scholarship. Besides, the inspectors just wait by the bus stop for girls to return from the mall. They always get caught wearing clothes and carrying more, in violation of the Dress Code.”

Sasha said, “That’s why I shop naked!”

Helen said, “But she is not a nudist. You have her word on that!”

Sasha raced and dove on Helen sitting on Trish’s bed. They playfully wrestled, but kissed more than fought.

Trish stood up, “Seems you two will not keep quiet for me to study. I’ll go to the mall if you promise to let me study in peace when we return.”

Helen and Sasha stopped playing to watch Trish pull her tee shirt over her head and announce, “Well, are you two going or not?”

Sasha pulled Helen off the bed and grabbed Trish’s hand as the raced out the door.

Trish said, “Don’t you need a credit card or something?”

Sasha said, “All the clerks know me at the mall. They just call Daddy and tell him I’m naked, and he gives them the billing information.”

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