Triathlete, in training (archives)

The tall young male student told his parents, “There she is! I told you we’d find her here at the Rec Center swimming pool.” To his mother’s surprise, the only girl she saw in that direction was a young, naked girl with long wet hair. His father smiled.

The young, naked girl, only a few inches shorter than the male student said, “Mark! I thought you said your parents were coming here tomorrow morning?”

Mark said, “That’s what I thought, but here they are. Mom, Dad, this is Yvette, my girlfriend. Yvette, my Mom and Dad.”

Yvette extended her hand to shake with Mrs. Green, who still quite surprised by the boldness of the naked girl took her hand and loosely shook.  Yvette turned to Mr. Green, but the elder man said, “Shaking hands of a naked lady? I don’t think so.” He stepped forward and gave the girl a
hug before getting slapped by his wife.

Yvette pulled back after a couple of seconds, “Sorry, I’m still wet, and I don’t want to soak your clothing.”

Mr. Green said, “Not a problem at all, my young girl.” that earned him another playful slap from his wife.

Mrs. Green finally discussed the elephant standing in the room. “Yvette, my dear, why are you naked and dripping wet?”

Yvette said, “I just finished swimming laps.”


Mark reminded his parents, “I told you Yvette is training for a Triathlete Competition: 1.5 km swim, 40 km bike ride, 10 km run.”

Yvette added, “This summer I hope to compete in a full Ironman, but I might have to settle for running a marathon alone a few times first.”

Mrs. Green still could not understand what that had to do with the girl being naked in public. “Do they make all the athletes run naked?”

Yvette laughed, “No. I can’t imagine running 26 miles with my breasts bouncing up and down. I usually wear a sports bra for the running event.”  Then Yvette realized the real question she was being asked, “Oh, well, you see, here at the Student Rec Center, the swimming pool rules do not allow females to wear a swimsuit. If you’ve seen the latest micro bikinis girls are wearing, there’s little difference in swimming nude or in one of those things.”

Mr. Green asked, “Everyone skinny dips here?”

Mark said, “Just the females. They found the girls wanted to wear sexy little bikinis, but that meant every lap they had to stop and adjust the tiny patch of material. And some girls’ string bikinis were getting sucked into the filtration system they were so small to bypass the screens.”

Mrs. Green looked up and down Yvette’s naked long lean body, “That’s fine for in the pool, but we are standing outside!”

Yvette explained the pragmatic aspects. “They removed the shower rooms since we swim naked, and when they did that, they removed most of the lockers as well. The few that are here are always taken, so you’d have to leave your stuff out in the open. So if I had left a towel to use, some other girls would probably use it to dry herself. Worse, she may just walk back to her dorm with your towel. Either way, you won’t have a towel to use.”

Mrs. Green said, “But how can they expect you to walk naked between the dorms and here?”

Yvette took the arm of her questioner, “Just like this!” She led everyone back towards Mark’s dorm. Yvette made no attempt to hide her public nudity as others walked passed the foursome. Yvette turned the conversation, “So tell me what was Mark like as a little boy…” The two females chatted and laughed, and Mark received a pat on his shoulder from his father. By the time they reached the dorm, Mrs. Green was finished with the baby years.

Mr. Green said, “Well, we did arrive early to surprise you two, and take you out for a good dinner. We were told Chef Blanche across town was the best.”

Yvette’s eyes widened, “Chef Blanche is the most expensive, that’s for sure. We really don’t have to go there. The food is just as good at Neptune’s Marina at half the price.”

Mr. Green said, “Fine, let’s have surf tonight, and turf tomorrow night. Let’s go! I’m starving!”

Mrs. Green pointed out the problem, “Perhaps Yvette needs a few minutes to get dressed?”

Yvette giggled, “Thanks. After a while you start forgetting about being naked.” She walked over to Mark’s closet and pulled out a polo shirt and slipped it on. His extra couple of inches turned the shirt into a dress by campus standards but was still extremely short by the Green’s standards. Still when Yvette led the way, the Green family followed.

Mark’s polo shirt on Yvette tended to cover her firm ass as they walked, but as the girl stepped into the back seat of Mr. Green’s car, the hem rode up to reveal her full bare ass. Yvette didn’t bother to pull the hem down as she shifted into her seat.

Arriving at the restaurant at the marina, Yvette exited the car and smoothed the polo shirt down her front. the longer hem in back was folded up exposing her butt cheeks. The front hem, normally shorter than the rear may have been just level with her bare pussy, but those ascending the steps to the entrance were below hemline. Yvette did not seem to notice their stares.

Mr. Green insisted on lobsters, “… to start.” What he found was his own abundant appetite was matched but the trim, young girl. Mrs. Green did not even finish her lobster when Mr. Green order some crab legs. Mark dropped out of the eating orgy when salmon steaks arrived.

Yvette still munched on a plate of spiced shrimp as Mr. Green finally caught up finishing his fish. As they sat, they sipped a fine wine.

Mrs. Green asked, “Yvette, dear. You practice for your race by swimming nude. Do you compete skinny dipping as well?”

Yvette said, “It depends. If the competition is around here. Our college team is sort of expected to be naked for the swim. Traditions hold. Some places will not allow it, but the odd part is after the swim, many will strip down in the parking lot to change into their biking outfits. So emerging from the water naked of half-naked is the general trend in these races. Our team discovered the advantages of swimming nude, and others complained, so depending on the location they have different rules. What we found were these paper swim suits that dissolve in seconds of getting wet. We get to compete as we train, and have full advantage in preparing for the cycling part.”

Mr. Green asked, “I can’t imagine a naked girl sitting on the bike seat for a hundred miles.” Mrs. Green shot him a glare, and he took a gulp of wine.

Yvette said, “Neither could I. We have biking shorts we pull on just before mounting the bikes. Our shoes are already in the pedals, so we slip them on as we ride off. The transition happens in a few seconds.”

Mrs. Green looked bewildered, “Shoes and shorts? Nothing else?”

Yvette laughed, “Oh, for certain we wear other things. We have to.” Mrs. Green looked relieved. Yvette then added, “Everyone has to wear a helmet and gloves, in case you crash.”

Perhaps a little too much wine, but Mrs. Green grabbed her own tits and jiggled them, “What about these?”

Mark blushed. Mr. Green smiled. Yvette said, “By the time you finish the bike ride, you peel off the sweaty tight shorts and wear a sports bra for the run. If I was wearing something on top for the ride, it would be covered in sweat. Being topless allows my body to cool down.”

Mrs. Green looked at the amused faces around the table and giggled. She said, “You mentioned peeling off your biking shorts, but nothing about slipping on a fresh pair of shorts.”

Yvette said, “Of course not. Shorts would only slow you down. Not only in he transistion but in the run as well. If you look at many top female athletes, they run in a high cut hip leotard. Those take a minute to slip on right and distract you as you have to keep them in place for the whole race. Besides, on campus during practice, wearing shorts will get an inspector’s attention. Even those thin leotards will cause an inspection. Nothing worse than just getting into stride and having to stop for a dress code inspection.”

Mrs. Green asked, “So you run around campus bottomless all week?”

Yvette laughed, “No, not all week. For our training, we run on Mondays, ride on Wednesdays, and swim on Fridays. Tuesdays and Thursdays are weight training days, and the weekends are for recuperating for the coming week.”

Mr. Green asked, “What about your other classes?”

Mark said, “Yvette is studying Physical Education. That’s how we met last semester, Edu101.”

Yvette said, “Actually we met in the weight room. You spotted for me, and I returned the favor spotting for you. It was the next day after class you asked me out.”

Mr. Green said, “Let me guess. You wear just your sports bra in the weight room.”

Yvette said, “No. At the Student Rec Center, they don’t know if you going for a swim or the weights or exercise equipment. Same dress code pass the entrance for all girls.”

Mrs. Green was shocked as the vision sank in. “Mondays, you run bottomless. Tuesdays, you are naked in the Rec Center. Wednesdays, topless riding your bike. Thursdays naked again in the Rec Center, and Fridays, as we all saw, naked swimming. What do you wear on the weekends?”

Yvette asked, “Before or after I met Mark? Before I was like all other girls on campus, after meeting Mark, I spend the weekend at his dorm til Sunday night when he walks me back to my room.”

Mrs. Green said, “So you wear his shirts as a dress on the weekends?”

Yvette said, “Only when his parents arrive.” She bit off the tail from another shrimp.

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Really like the story, base. I know that it’s tough to keep creating new stories in this genre, but you’ve succeeded.
Comment By Keith At 3/1/2010 1:37 PM

Mark, I am extremely disappointed. When Yvette came out of the pool, she was clearly wet. Under the Code of Conduct, you should have raped her immediately. Don’t let it happen again.
Comment By The Dean At 3/5/2010 1:22 AM

I enjoyed this story. The rec center dress code probably means the guys spend a lot of time there, so they should be very healthy.

Yvette has a great attitude: committed to athletic success, and to appropriate dress on most weekends.

Comment By Nemo At 3/5/2010 3:38 AM

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