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 like the tingly feeling in my pussy when I even think about taking off my top.


My pussy gets all warm and I want to stroke it whenever I think about going out in public without my top. My brothers all go out without their tops, and they have nipples, just like me. So I don’t see why it’s such a taboo for me, but it is. And that just makes me more excited. When I think about going topless I don’t wear panties under my skirt, because I want to feel my pussy when no one is looking. I’m glad it’s covered up, because that way no one can tell I’m getting so excited just thinking about going topless.


Then, after I take off my top, I always check that my bottom is fully covered. I don’t have eyes behind my back, so I can’t ever be sure my ass is fully covered. It’s important to me that my skirt cover my ass fully. If it’s too short, the bottom part of my ass cheeks will still be visible, and someone might look between my cheeks, and see my asshole, all cute and puckered. That would be really embarrassing.


So after I unleash my little titties I bend over and look at the mirror between my legs to make sure my asshole is covered. Here, you can see it’s just barely covered by my little skirt, so I can feel comfortable knowing my skirt is long enough.


After I get topless, my heart starts beating fast. It takes me a little while before I can relax enough to feel normal in public, so I like to just rest. Here I am, relaxing, secure in the knowledge that my skirt is long enough to cover me fully, yet short enough to allow me to stroke my pussy when it feels all warm and delicious.


Good for you. We at the Topfree Society is the discrimination between male nipples and female nipples. We encourage all young women to enjoy their right to be topfree. We realize the older generations have been brainwashed into thinking a woman’s breast is indecent, but we hope future generations will rebel against that notion and make a woman’s breast as natural as a baby sucking a nipple.

As far as going pantyless, good for you. Excess packaging is wasteful of limited resources. You only need one covering, if that. A woman’s genitalia is internal. She should have no issues or complaints about joining the Bottomless Society, too.

Comment By Topfree Society At 10/10/2007 7:51 AM

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