The Winter Dance

The traditional dance after Winter Break is to celebrate the student athletes. As such, each athlete is allowed to invite their choice as a date. It is such a big honor to attend the dance, that no one refuses the invitation. Even girls in a steady relationship will accept the invitation from an athlete in order to attend the dance.

The invitation is a special honor, so the athletes make their partner feel special leading up to the dance. Being invited is like being elected as the most beautiful girl on campus.  The special honor is done by bestowing on the invitee the athlete’s letterman jacket.  Of course, most of the regular Dress Code still applies. So the girl has to hand over all her clothing to accept the jacket. She is to wear only the jacket until reaching the dance. Then, well, only those attending the dance know what happens.

the one benefit is that the girl wearing a jacket does not have to submit to inspections or groping. She can even go around totally dripping wet. It is expected. She is after all being told by the jacket that she is beautiful, and she is going to be the arms of a scholar athlete who likes her. It is one reason why girls in a steady relationship are understandably happy to accept the invitation to avoid a week of Dress Code hassles, unless she flaunts her disrespect by trying to wear other garnets with the jacket. Then she might find her athlete’s entire team present for a punishment.

It was only recently the Dean and Athlete director decided to also allow the cheer leaders to participate. While the female volleyball, basketball, swim, track, and softball teams were officially allowed to join in the dance, they never have because of a feud over facilities made available to the women’s team required them to strip naked for all practices and games, and left them exposed to the greater student body. They protested, because the mens teams had the better places and got free passes to wear their jockstraps to the new nude gymnasium. They, of course, could wear nothing at the new nude gymnasium.

That left the Dean wanting the cheer leaders included as athletes, and only until he agreed to let the athlete director have more control over their uniforms, did the director agree to allow those girls to attend the dance.

Since the cheerleaders do not have letterman jackets, the director said, “The cheer leader may present part of their uniform to their date who will bring that article of clothing to the dance.”

The Dean had to grin at the cunning requirement.


“I see you got picked for the Winter Dance, too.”

“Yeah, look at me. I have to wear his letterman jacket all week, then they expect me to dance naked with him all Friday night? Hey wait. What do you mean, too?”

“Think this skirt was one of mine? It is for a tiny person.”

“Well, it is rather short. Who gave you their skirt?”

“Lisa. You know the short, long haired brunette?”

“How could I not know her? Look at your blog site. A hundred pics of her!”

“Well, she is a fantastic cheerleader. I admire her tumbling and cheering skills.”

“So, let’s take a look at those pics again. High kicks, flips? All just cheering poses, right?”

“Okay, okay. I had a crush on her. She is cute.”

“Crush? You went over the deep end when you pledge your never-ending love for her at the last game.”

“I did not! You made the pledge for me!”

“I did, and look what has happened. She asked you to the dance. You can thank me later.”

“Thank you? I have to go to classes all week wearing just her skirt. And the thing is too small for me. I have to wear it high on my waist. It covers nothing!”

“You look great. Besides, you get a free pass to the ‘No Topless’ buildings as an invitee.”

“I don’t have any classes in them. You do.”

“True, but you can come keep me company.”

“Great. Flash even more people, especially ones wanting to see more tits.”

“That would be me. You do have gorgeous breasts.”

“Thanks. You ain’t so bad yourself. Love that booty of yours sticking out of the jacket bottom.”

“Don’t remind me. How can I guy be so big in the shoulders and yet so short? I can’t even walk with the jacket closed. It just slips off. I have to overlap the front and hold it closed. So you won’t be the only one flashing this week.”

“Maybe we should go together to each other’s classes. It might be fun. Whatcha think?”

“Maybe. But only if you save a dance for me.”

“Won’t Lisa get jealous?”

“I hope so! But I’m really hoping she gets turned on, too. We could make it a threesome after the dance.”

“And my jock? Ditch him? Leave him without a happy ending?”

“Oh, just blow him on the dance floor, and he’ll be worthless for the rest of the night.”

“Great. I almost lived that down from the Homecoming Dance, and you bring it up again.”

“That’s what friends are for!”

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