The Waterfall (archives)

The Waterfall

“Crysta, you should have come with us to the waterfall, it was so fun!”

Crysta looked Donna up and down in an exaggerated way to take in her utter lack of clothing. “Apparently,” she said. “Did you lose your bathing suit along the way?” Crysta was wearing a baby-doll dress, which was enough to make Donna feel underdressed by comparison.

“Let me tell you the whole story,” Donna said, as she looked for something to wear.

Crysta patted the bed next to her, and crossed her legs “Indian style” to give Donna her full attention. “Sit down and tell me,” she said. “You can get dressed later.”

“It all started innocently enough,” Donna began. “I went with a bunch of girls to the waterfall to cool off.” Donna tried her best to focus on telling the story, which was hard because Crysta was stroking her inner thighs. She spread her legs apart to give Crysta room to work, and continued her story. “We’re all very modest, as you know, so we all wore bathing suits to the waterfall.”

“None topless?” Crysta wanted to know.

“Well, I wanted to go topless, but the other girls wanted to have a pact that we all go fully clothed. They said they felt uncomfortable going topless, because we have to walk through the town to get to the waterfall. You know how the men leer at you when you’re not fully dressed.”

Crysta knew quite well.


Donna started enjoying Crysta’s ministrations. She lied down on the bed, draping her legs around Crysta so she could stroke Donna’s pussy as she continued her story. “So then some of the girls start pulling at each other’s bathing suits.”

“Did any come off?” Crysta asked.

“My top was the first to come off!” Donna said. “I felt so naked, having been stripped like that.” Crysta started massaging Donna’s firm nipples at the thought of her beautiful friend having been so unceremoniously stripped. “The worst part of it was seeing my top float away. I wanted to go after it, because I had nothing else to cover me, and I knew we would have to walk back through the town.”


“What did you do about it?”

“What else could I do? I stripped the top off of one of the other girls!”


“Each girl who lost her top clutched at her naked breasts and screamed. It was so fun to strip the shy ones. I wish you had been there to see that.”


“Some of the girls wanted to retaliate against me for exposing their little titties, so they attacked my bottom. But I screamed, ‘not my bottom, please’, I was so worried about the long walk through town if my bottom floated away down the stream.”


“Some of the girls were so modest about their little breasts that they kept them covered with their hands, which saved me from being stripped completely naked for a while — they couldn’t cover their tits and strip me at the same time. But after a while, they apparently got over their modesty and started attacking me. I kept my bottom on as long as I could, but there were too many topless girls all pulling at me at once. Before long I was completely naked.”


“Oh, I wish I had been there to see that,” Crysta said. “How did you feel?”

“It was horrible! I was the only naked girl, and they all laughed at me. I wanted to go after my bathing suit, but the other girls held me back. All those hands all over my naked body, touching me and holding me — I was really embarrassed.”

“And a little turned on?” Crysta wanted to know.

Donna blushed, and spread her legs wider when she thought about it. That was answer enough for Crysta, who stroked Donna gently between the lips.


“I broke free of their grip and stripped as many girls as I could. Soon I found that the naked ones were helping me strip the ones who still had something on. It wasn’t long before we were all… we were all… oh, oh… don’t stop!” Donna spread her legs as wide as they would go, and arched her back, lifting her ass off the bed. Crysta stroked her luscious roommate from belly button down between her pussy lips, along her perineum to her cute little sphincter, and back again. With each gentle stroke, Donna squealed louder, and raised her sopping wet pussy higher off the bed.


Crysta stopped stroking to ask gently, “Finish your story, Donna.”

Donna said, “Oh… Oh… OK… Please don’t stop.” Donna was so earnest, her tender breasts heaving with each breath.

But Crysta was resolute. “Story first, then I touch you.”

Donna’s quivering pussy was still arched high on her pelvis, and a tear rolled down her cheek, she was suffering so. Crysta continued stroking Donna’s legs, belly, ass cheeks — everything but her tender pussy. She kept Donna on the edge of orgasm, but took care to make her suffer as long as possible.

Hearing the commotion, some boys came into the room to see what was going on. Donna saw the boys, and practically came at the thought of being humiliated in front of the boys. Crysta gestured for the boys to gather around the bed. She let them stroke her hair and breasts, but no lower. She wanted to prolong Donna’s suffering as long as possible. Donna hated the thought of cumming in front of the boys, so she was torn between modesty and wanting to cum — she was right on the edge of cumming and thought maybe she should just get it over with. The worst part was the way the boys stroked her rock-hard nipples. She closed her legs when she saw the boys looking at her swollen pink pussy, but Crysta gently opened them again, and let one of the boys stroke the tenderest part of Donna’s ass.

Having no other choice, Donna bravely continued her story. “We covered our pussies as best as we could, and bravely walked through the town. But then I remembered that these girls stripped me, and so I wasn’t going to let them cover their pussies. I made a rule — no covering your own pussy. I said if anyone’s pussy needs covering, then we’ll cover each others’ pussies. So I covered two other pussies with my hands as we walked through town, and made sure to stroke them good and wet as I did. The other girls did the same, stroking each others’ nipples and assholes as well. So by the time we made it all the way through town and onto the campus, some of us had already cum and the rest were teetering on the… teetering on… oh!” Donna hadn’t forgotten about the boys, but it no longer seemed important to avoid cumming in front of them. “Make me cum, please!” She begged. With that, one of the boys took off his pants and entered Donna. With just one stroke, they both came together, and collapsed in sweaty ecstasy.

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