The Thinking About It is the Hard Part (archives)

The Thinking About It is the Hard Part

I would love to have the inner strength to be naked in public. I see other girls chatting with each other while flipping their hair, and they’re able be topless around the campus. My breasts are every bit as lovely as theirs, but somehow I’m… I don’t know, shy? I suppose that’s it.

OK, I want to do this. And now’s the time. I’ll just go topless, OK? Can I keep my shorts on, please?


There. That wasn’t hard at all. Look at me. Do I look natural? Do I look carefree? My stomach is tied in knots. This was a big mistake. Do I look OK?


Oh, my God. Someone’s coming. They’ll see my breasts. But they’ve seen other girls’ breasts. Look, there’s a topless girl over there. She’s not scared. So I’ll be fine. I just keep telling myself that. This wasn’t a good idea. Is it too late to change my mind?


What do you mean, try it out? What do you mean, act natural? What?! Take my arms down from my boobs? Then people will see that I’m topless! Yes, I know that was the whole idea. Yes, they’re natural, you idiot!


See, I’m parading my tits. Parading! Parading! Now I’m done. I’ve proven I can do it. Time for my shirt back. Now, please. What are you saying? Wait a minute. That was never part of the deal. You said all I had to do was go topless, and then I was done. You never said anything about my shorts. It’s very nice of you to let me keep my panties on. If I were wearing any, then I would be happy to do that. Oh, come on, you can’t be serious. I’ll just pull them down a little so you can see I’m not wearing any panties, OK?


OK, alright, OK. I know I’m half naked now, so just going one more shouldn’t be very hard. Let me work up to it. (deep breath). See my landing strip? OK, I’m coming in for a landing. And then I get to put my clothes on again, right. OK, I’ll strip before anyone comes and sees me. That way I can put all my clothes on again before anyone catches me naked. Good plan. Here goes!


That’s nice of you to say you’re proud of me. You’re right. When I’m topless, it’s not hard for me to take off my shorts, because I feel no one is really looking below my waist; they’re all staring at my tits. So who would even notice my shorts are missing?

Now I did my part. You do yours: give me back my clothes. I want to get dressed now.

What’s that? My butt? Yes, I suppose you’re right. My butt hole is covered up by my cheeks anyway, so the only think people really see is a pair of nice round cheeks. I have to laugh when I see girls at the beach wearing a thong. Do they think that tiny thong strap really covers their cute little assholes? It just goes right through the center of their puckers, leaving nothing to the imagination. OK, I’ll do it. Just keep your shirt on.


See? Nothing to it. Just a pair of cheeks. Like I said, what you see now is nothing more than I show all the boys in my thong at the beach. OK, now I lived up to all my bargains.


Now, please, pretty please live up to the promise you made. Give me back my clothes. Please? No, that’s not fair. No, not on the fire. Put that out! I don’t care if my clothes aren’t safe, I want ’em back. No, I suppose you’re right. Sigh. If I had been wearing my clothes and got too close to the fire, I would have been horribly disfigured by the flames. You’re right, I suppose. You did me a favor by burning my clothes. And the hard part is over. I stripped. Now I can join the other girls on campus who, for whatever reason, aren’t wearing any clothes today. Thank you very much! No I mean it. You really did me a favor.


Yes. You please to join us naked girls on campus. Once you go the naked, it is easy to go the naked again. The boys they have seen you already in the naked, so seeing you again in the naked is no different, yes?

I think that was why the Dean got us all the naked at Orientation. Once you are the naked, no different when inspector got you the naked, or instructor got you the naked, or spirit day got you the naked.

I’m happy I sent my clothes home to mother country. I do not worry about Dress Code, and the boys they see no more than they saw at Orientation – no different. Yes?

Comment By Zanna At 10/20/2007 5:40 PM

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