The Protest (archives)

“Are you going to join the protest?” asked Donna as she donned her sexy white knit minidress.

“What protest?” yawned Crysta, looking like she could use another couple hours of sleep.

Donna slapped her roommate’s cute butt.  “Get out of bed, sleepyhead!”

“Ow!” Crysta’s right cheek was turning red.

“I’m sorry.” As Donna massaged Crysta’s sore butt, Crysta instinctively spread her legs.

“Mmm,” Crysta said as her pussy moistened.

“Today is the day all the girls are getting together to protest the Dress Code, don’t you remember?”

“Mmm,” was all Crysta would say, as she got up on her hands and knees, with her legs spread wide apart.  Her asshole and pussy were facing the open door where students were walking back and forth in the hallway.  Some of them  waved to the girls, but none of them stopped to watch.  They were all used to seeing Crysta’s juicy pussy in the morning.

“No sex this morning,” Donna said.  “We have work to do.”

Crysta responded by arching her back, forcing her bare butt high in the air, but Donna wasn’t taking the bait.  She rubbed Crysta’s inner thighs, and her sexy round butt, but refused to stroke her dripping pussy.  She brought the poor girl right to the edge of orgasm, and let her hang there.  Maybe by playing along with Donna’s silly protest, I’ll get some, she thought.  “What work?” she asked, spreading her legs still farther.

“The plan is for all of us to cover up our sexy bodies, and parade past the inspector.  He can’t inspect all of us, you see.”

“That’s ridiculous!” Crysta scoffed.  “The whole idea of the dress code is to get us to cover our bodies, so how is it even a protest?”

“You don’t get it.”  Donna lectured her roommate as if she were a small child.  “What we’re protesting is the fact that the inspectors choose the most completely covered girls to inspect, which forces us to cover less and less of our bodies.”

“Uh huh…” Crysta said, still not getting it.

“So here we are, half way through the school year, and we’re all afraid to wear any bottoms at all, for fear of being inspected!”

“Now you’re exaggerating,” Crysta said.

“Really?  When is the last time you wore a stitch of clothing below your belly button?”

“That’s only because I like to go bottomless.  Most girls wear dresses that cover their bottoms.”

“Our bottoms are never fully covered, though.”

Crysta sighed.  “Most girls wear clothes that cover most of their butts!”

“Yes,” Donna retorted, “and these are the girls who get inspected!”

Crysta was silent for a minute, her butt still sticking up, her pussy still glistening and red.  Donna took pity on her, and gently stroked her pussy.  This sent a shudder through Crysta’s body.  “OK, I’ll join your little protest if you finish me off.”

“Join first.” Donna said, “Finish later.”

“You can’t be serious!” Crysta said.  “One good lick, and I’m done!  You can’t leave me like this!”

Donna laughed.  Not only will I leave you this way, but I’ll keep you this way, she thought.  “Here,” she said, holding out a sexy white miniskirt, no more than three inches high.  “This will cover your sexy butt!”

Crysta grudgingly got out of bed and slipped it over her wet pussy.

“And here’s the top that goes with it.”  Like the miniskirt, it was made of a soft, fuzzy white fabric.  It was a bra-type sweater with full sleeves.

“Thanks,” Crysta said as she whipped it out of Donna’s hands and put it on.

Donna smiled at the way the buttons strained against the weight of Crysta’s massive boobs.  She noticed Crysta’s pussy was still visible beneath the tiny skirt, so she pulled it down just a bit so that it was centered on her butt crack, and completely covered her pussy.  “Perfect!” she said.

“Whatever,” Crysta said, looking uncomfortable wearing so much clothing.

Donna stood face-to-face with her sexy roommate.  “Thanks,” she said, and then hugged her.  As the girls hugged, Donna stroked the cutest part of Crysta’s cheeks, which, thankfully, were not covered by her miniskirt.  Crysta melted into Donna’s arms as she came nearly to orgasm once again.  “Let’s go,” Donna whispered, peeling Crysta’s needy arms from her body.

Once they were outside, the girls saw the protest was in full swing.  Not a bare ass in sight!  Instead of walking to their first class, the girls followed the crowd of fully-clad co-eds to the place they called the “gauntlet”.  This is a place where at least one inspector stood, and often three or more were there.  It was a stairway that connected two large sections of the campus.  It was obvious why the inspectors favored this location.  Not only were many girls forced through a small area, but the stairway afforded a good way for the inspectors to look up their dresses and pre-judge their adherence to the Dress Code.

On an ordinary day, each inspector would normally select about one girl every few minutes, and force her to strip naked, usually as she descended the stairway.  When she reached the bottom, she would typically hand her clothing to the inspector, take her citation, and be on her way.  The naked girl would always try to play it off like it was no big deal, but inside she was cursing herself for wearing clothing that covered her so fully.  If only my dress were an inch shorter, she would say to herself.

Once in a while, a girl, usually a shy freshman, would resist being inspected.  Even a little hesitation before stripping is enough to be seen as resistance.  Such girls are forcibly stripped by the inspectors, and then handcuffed to the railing at the bottom of the stairs, with one hand against each rail, blocking the stairway.  A girl in this situation will usually try to keep her legs together, but the other students, especially the boys, will use the fondling rule to force her to spread her legs, baring her asshole and her pussy to the other students.  With so many students passing her, the fondling is relentless, and her efforts to stay dry are most often fruitless.  A boy who sees the poor girl’s pussy in a state of readiness is required to satisfy her bodily needs, and in this way, most girls who resist inspection are not only tied up naked, but raped — usually more than once — in accordance with the rule that punishes girls for showing sexual excitement in public.

Needless to say, other girls and boys would often gather near the bottom of the stairway to enjoy the spectacle, which on most days amounts to a parade of near-naked girls, and once in a while something more fun, like a naked freshman girl, tied up and perhaps even raped before even the first class begins.

As the year has progressed, most girls have taken the gauntlet in stride.  Some girls walk out of their way to avoid it, but most dress in bottomless styles to avoid being inspected.  A few girls wear longer dresses, knowingly taking the risk of inspection, and ready to whip off their clothes at a moment’s notice.  For them, going to class naked once in a while is a small price to pay for wearing a decent dress all the other days.  None of them expects to be tied up and raped, although that does happen from time to time, and is just part of the price that has to be paid for dressing decently.

But some girls have started to become upset that they are daily faced with the choice of going bottomless or risking being stripped.  And these are the girls who began the rumblings of protest, awakening the latent sentiment in their classmates against the inspections.  In their hearts, the girls know the inspections are necessary to enforce the dress code, and that they shouldn’t hesitate to comply with an inspector, but it only takes a few girls crying out in pain and humiliation from repeated rapes to slowly turn the tide of public sentiment against the very inspections that for the most part ensure the decency of the student body.

Donna and Crysta chatted excitedly about the protest with the other girls who were participating.  It was exciting for them to be part of something big.  As they approached the gauntlet, they could see right away that things were very different from a usual day.  The stairway was packed with girls, because something was blocking their way.  As they got halfway down the stairs, they saw all the other girls were taking off their clothes and throwing them over the side.

“What’s happening?” Crysta asked.

“They’re inspecting everyone,” a girl replied.  She was already naked.

The girls shrugged, and took off their clothes, joining the throng of naked girls, with some boys mixed in, descending the stairway.  This wasn’t at all the way Donna had pictured the protest, but it was kind of fun to be naked together with so many other girls.  The students fondled the naked girls, of course, which was to be expected.  Donna relaxed her butt cheeks, and allowed nameless, faceless fellow students to have their way with her.  Finally, when they reached the bottom of the stairway, they saw all the girls were being forced to crawl forward, completely naked, onto the grassy courtyard adjacent to the stairway.  There must have been ten or more inspectors, barking orders to the naked girls.  “Lie on your back!” one would say.  The girl would lie on her back, and spread her legs without being told.

Soon it was clear what the inspectors wanted: every girl was required to lick another girl until she came, at which time the orgasmic girl would be made to wait on her hands and knees for a boy to come along and fuck her.  Donna crawled forward as she was ordered, and felt a tongue on her backside.  She spread her legs to give full access.  She continued until she came upon another girl, lying on her back, with her legs spread apart.  She gently stroked the girl’s tender inner thighs, and felt her shudder with anticipation.  The girl bent her knees, further spreading her pussy.  She was completely ready for sex, it was quite obvious.  “Please don’t make me cum,” the girl begged, because she knew the rape would be next.

“I’ll try my best,” said Donna, a tongue still relentlessly licking her, from her asshole to her pussy, as she crawled over the spread-eagle girl.  Donna continued stroking the girl’s skin, studiously avoiding her throbbing pussy.  She stroked her trembling belly, and her beautiful, firm breasts with such erect nipples begging to be sucked.  Donna sucked them, and felt the girl shudder.  She brought her knees almost to her chest, exposing her tight little asshole below her juicy pussy.  Donna returned to that area, still avoiding the girl’s pussy, but couldn’t resist licking her asshole.  “Sorry,” Donna said as her nose brushed against the girl’s wet lips.  As she licked, the girl screamed out, in long vowels that resembled words, but were not really words at all.  Donna continued licking her asshole, and stroking her soft inner thighs, but it was no use.  The girl was cumming big time.  Maybe the inspectors wouldn’t notice, she thought.  And, can you be quiet, and maybe you’ll get away with cumming?  But the inspectors did notice.  The girl was made to get up on her hands and knees, and await her fate with one of the boys who was taking off his pants in anticipation of just such an event.  Donna watched in horror as one or two pumps was all it took.  After he fucked her, the boy took the girl by the hand, and helped her stand up, cum dripping down those tender thighs of hers.  She was free to go.

Next, Donna was forced onto her back, her legs spread wide.  Now it’s my turn to try to resist cumming, she thought.  I’ll see how long I can hold out.

“Crysta!” She smiled broadly as she realized who had been licking her asshole all the time she had been crawling forward.  And now it was Crysta who was ordered to try to make Donna cum.  This was good and bad — good because she loved it when Crysta made her cum, but bad because she could never resist Crysta for very long.  Also, she knew Crysta had it in for Donna, in revenge for this morning, when Donna refused to finish her off.

Crysta crawled over and around her helpless roommate, letting her long hair brush Donna’s tight belly, and her small, firm breasts.  She turned around, adopting a 69 configuration, letting her pussy juices drip into Donna’s open mouth.  She pulled Donna’s legs up to her chest, reaching under Donna’s butt, and lifting it up, exposing her beautiful asshole, which she began licking and sucking.  Crysta wiggled her chin back and forth between her wet lips as she licked, enjoying every one of Donna’s shudders.  With her strong fingers, Crysta kneaded her sexy roommate’s cute butt and tender inner thighs.  She pulled back, letting her wet hair drag along Donna’s goose-pimply skin,  all the way up her sexy chest, until, once again, Donna’s open mouth was in view.  She kissed it with all her soul, and swept Donna up in her arms, rolling her over on top of Crysta.  Donna’s legs were still spread wide, over Crysta’s now as she lay on top of Crysta.  As the girls continued to kiss, Crysta stroked Donna’s back, wet and grassy, down to her butt, which was relaxed and ready for the final plunge.

“Mmm,” Donna said as the girls continued kissing.  Crysta’s hands were all over Donna’s butt, thighs, and between her legs.  “Mmm!” Donna repeated, shaking her whole body with each touch.  The two girls both closed their eyes as they came together, and then finally went limp in each others’ arms.

It took two inspectors to pry the girls apart.  “I was dreading this part,” said Crysta as she knelt next to her sexy roommate.  Soon a boy was on each of the girls, pumping away.  The girls relaxed, and let the boys have their way, because they knew this was the easiest way to receive their punishment.  When they were done, the boys helped the naked girls to their feet, pulled up their pants, and were on their way.

“Are you OK, Crysta?” Donna put a hand under Crysta’s chin, to meet her eyes.  Crysta turned her pretty green eyes to look into Donna’s adorable face, and smiled.

“Now I am,” Crysta said, putting her arm around Donna’s waist.  “Now I am,” she repeated, as the naked roommates walked to their class, oblivious to the sea of girls behind them being raped, one by one.  The girls stroked each others’ bare bottoms, and felt the simple joy of being naked together.


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Great story!

Comment By Kire At 2/16/2009 9:24 AM

I agree. Mr. Hertz, I know that you aren’t getting paid for this or anything, but I really hope more stories will be on their way.

Comment By Keith At 2/16/2009 11:02 AM

As much as I love the story, I have to point out, this proves the reason for the rules is not to encourage girls to cover at all.

Comment By bobfred At 4/9/2010 12:03 PM

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