The Hard Choice (archives)

My girlfriends and I went to Willards, a bar on College Avenue, topless, as usual. Only the nerdy girls ever wear a top to Willards. At first, we felt funny going out in public wearing just our bottoms, but after we saw all the other girls who were topless, we felt right at home.

The thing was, we didn’t remember that Tuesday was Bottomless Drink Night at Willards. The gimmick was that we could have free drinks — bottomless — if we, too got bottomless. I asked the bouncer, “Do I need to get completely bottomless?”.

He laughed, “No, don’t worry,” Stroking my erect nipples he went on, “Just strip down to your panties, and everything will be fine.”

I felt a lot better, because just the thought of getting bottomless — that is, stark naked — in public was starting to make my pussy water, and I sure didn’t want anyone to see it in that condition.


So I took off my shorts, and I helped my two girlfriends strip. Betty, on the left, whined a little, but then she took off her pants. Cindy, on the right, though, was putting a real damper on the evening. “Come on, hurry up,” I said, but she just woudn’t take off her sweatpants.

“You go on without me,” she said.

“Don’t be silly,” I said. I stroked her soft breasts, and gave her a warm, slow kiss to make her feel more comfortable as she eased her pants down. “You’ve come here topless lots of times. Now all you have to do is strip down to your panties, and we can all go inside and have a good time.” I continued soothing her as she exposed more and more of her front.


And then I saw the expression on her face, and I realized what the trouble was — she had no panties. If Cindy didn’t strip, then none of us could get free drinks. I felt bad for her, but, hey, it wasn’t my fault she forgot her panties. I thought she should just swallow her pride, and strip.

“Can you girls take off your panties, so I won’t be the only naked girl in the whole place?” she begged.

Betty and I shook our heads, and held onto our panties for dear life. We were both pretty excited, not only by being nearly naked, but because we were secretly enjoying watching Cindy squirm over having to get naked. Then Cindy offered us a deal: “If you girls lower your panties, just a little, then I’ll let you take off my pants.”


As you can see, Betty lowered her panties, uncovering her ass, and just barely covering her pussy. I lowered the back of my panties, but I couldn’t bring myself to lower the front — my pussy was throbbing with excitement by this time, and I didn’t want anyone to see that.


Gradually, we eased Cindy’s pants down, and we reassured her that we would all be nearly naked anyway. I noticed that Betty had pushed her panties down so far they weren’t even covering her pussy, which was pretty wet, by the way — she was getting the same thrill I was getting over watching Cindy squirm.


With my panties at half mast, and Cindy completely naked, I was thinking these panties are more trouble than they’re worth, but then I started to realize that Betty and I were getting more attention from boys with our panties half on as we would if we were naked. The boys just couldn’t keep their hands off us. We giggled and bounced our tits in their faces every time they stroked our firm cheeks, or checked our moisture level — they love that. Before long, Betty and I were wearing our panties around our knees. The only trouble was they kept falling around our ankles. Whenever that happened to Cindy, I would “help” her on with her panties, and stop to lick her pussy in the process. She attracted a lot of attention by faking (was she really faking) orgasms every time I did that. By the end of the evening, all three of us came several times, including the times that adventurous boys who were willing to fuck us in public. It turned out that Cindy wasn’t the only naked girl. Betty and I lost our panties, and quite a few other girls saw our example, and took off their clothes, too. It ended up being a really fun evening.


Fortunately, you girls were off campus at the time. Do you know the serious violation you had wearing panties beneath your bottoms? Cindy was the only one not in violation. Of course by wearig full pants, we’d have suspected her to be hiding panties underneath. But once we learned she was not, our inspectors would have turned their attention to Betty and you.

Remember just because you are going off campus, you still have to walk across campus, and the Dress Code applies.

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