The Government Education Inspector Teaches a Few Lessons Part 2

“Nikki has shamefully allowed herself to become aroused during this inspection. I can clearly see her pussy is wet and I can smell it on her.”
“Oh dear, that would be a disgrace to the university. We cant have girls running around with wet pussies can we? Let me check.” This time it was Mr Steele who was breathing on Nikki’s pussy. Somehow to Nikki it felt different, almost as if he was blowing on it. Then his hands were on her, groping her ass and finally rubbing her clit roughly. When he inserted a finger into her pussy she could feel how much thicker it was and less gentle.
Mr Steele pulled his finger out and held it in front of George, “Looks like you were correct George. This girl has shown that she cant be trusted to control herself.” He stuck his finger in his mouth and sucked off her juices.
George, no longer able to hide his lust, said “Since she broke the rules I get to rape her right?”
“Well she does need to punished, have you ever performed the prescribed punishment before?”
“No this will be the first time,” George said nearly jumping out of his skin with anticipation.
“I see,” said Mr Steele. “Then I think I had better take over now and demonstrate how it should be done.” He almost felt bad for the kid, he watched his smile disappear and his jaw drop. Yes, Mr Steele had let George do all the work and was now stealing the fun part.

Mr. Steele walked behind Nikki again and put his hand on her back, bending her over in front of him. As she leaned over her full ass cheeks parted enticingly and eventually her pussy came into view.
“Now George I want you to watch everything that happens here very closely, I’m doing this not only to punish Nikki but to educate you as well. As a man this is your responsibility.” said Mr Steele.

George was still angry and depressed at having come this far only to have Nikki stolen by the older man when she was ripe for the picking. His cock ached in his pants.

Mr Steele unzipped his pants and guided the head of his cock to nuzzle at Nikki’s outer lips. Usually he would have just thrust in and taken his pleasure but something about this girl made him want to take his time, the way she was resistant but in a submissive way. He teased her brushing his cock against her but not penetrating her. Then he felt something very surprising, Nikki was arching her back and trying to push herself back against him to take him inside her. He allowed just the tip to enter her and she softly moaned. She felt like velvet and Mr Steele lost some of his composure when he heard her moaning and slid into her much faster than he had intended, he just had to be all the way inside her.

Nikki was surprised that Mr Steele was being so gentle with her. From all the stories she had heard the inspectors and the boys were usually rough and mean during these punishments. Mr Steele was almost being polite about it, if you could call stripping a girl and rubbing her until she became wet and then blaming it on her and raping her “polite”. She was amazed at the way her body was reacting to him. Her ass and pussy seemed to be operating under their own brain, begging him to go deeper. She wondered what this meant about herself but she couldn’t focus on that right now with Mr Steele’s huge cock inside her. She let out another moan.

Mr Steele heard Nikki moan again a little louder this time. As he buried his cock inside her it seemed every inch he slid in made her moan again. He still had a ways to go and finally just made one fast hard thrust burying the rest of his cock inside her smooth pussy until he was balls-deep.

Nikki felt herself stretching to accommodate the enormous invasion that was taking place and when Mr Steele finally gave her all of himself and she felt his balls slap against her sensitive clit she couldn’t control herself. “Ohhhhhh Mr Steele.” she screamed.

Mr Steele felt Nikki’s pussy clamp down on his cock as she came all over his cock. She actually screamed his name. He couldn’t believe this innocent young lady seemed so resistant but her body was begging for it. He started to slide in and out of her before she could even catch her breath.

George was watching sullenly this whole time, but he began to perk up when he thought he heard Nikki moaning. This was unusual for a girl to do. Begging the boy to stop was normal or even crying, but not moaning. He watched as Nikki turned pink and blushed and her whole body tensed every time Mr Steele pushed into her. All at once he heard Nikki scream out MR Steele’s name and realized she was cumming and things had only just started. George thought Mr Steele must be very skilled.

Mr Steele thrust in and out of Nikki’s soaking wet pussy making sure with every thrust his balls smacked against her clit driving her into a frenzy. She was panting and moaning loudly now, not bothering to even try to control herself. He reached up and under her and started to fondle her tits. He pinched her nipples and massaged her breasts and continued his assault on her sweet pussy. She was moaning like a whore and he knew what to do next.
“You dirty girl, you sound like you are enjoying this. Don’t you know this a punishment? You filthy little slut, going around campus teasing all the boys, purposely distracting them from their studies. I know you want this. Putting that wet little pussy of yours out in the open for all the boys to see, you were just waiting for someone to give you what you needed. How does it feel you little slut?” Mr Steele yelled at Nikki, punctuating every word with a hard powerful thrust into her.

George couldn’t believe what was happening now. Mr Steele was yelling at Nikki for enjoying her punishment. She just kept moaning. He thought he would explode in his pants.

By now Rocco and Dean had both finished with Tracy and were also watching the master at work. They had never seen anything like this in their lives.

Mr Steele continued fucking Nikki harder and faster, rubbing her insides with his cock and her clit with his balls, while groping her tits. He felt her tense up against and gave a super deep thrust as she came a second time.

Nikki couldn’t believe what Mr Steele was doing to her body, it was stimulation overload for her. She had just come for the second time and she knew she would again if he didn’t stop soon. But she didn’t want him to stop. She wanted to stay like this forever. What was happening to her?

George, Rocco, Dean and even Tracy were all amazed by the show they were seeing, All 3 boys had raging hard-ons and Tracy was getting aroused too.

Mr Steele just kept on pumping into Nikki like a man half his age. He thought to himself that Nikki’s pussy was like the damn fountain of youth. He slammed into her tight young body with complete abandon. After her second orgasm he knew he could make her cum at least twice more before he came. With a few well timed thrusts he had her shuttering all over with her 3rd orgasm. Without slowing down he started thrusting faster and harder into her until she came immediately again for the fourth time. With that he stopped holding himself back and lost complete control. He let his orgasm overtake him completely. Spasm after spasm of hot cum shot out of him into Nikki’s poor abused pussy.

Nikki was totally exhausted after being forced to cum 4 times and was almost relived when she felt the tell tale stiffening of the man behind her as he came inside her. She was surprised to feel that there was some sadness mixed with the relief that things were over now.

Mr Steele pulled his cock out of Nikki and put it away. Turning around he saw his audience.
“Well George, I hope you were paying attention” he knew the boy had never paid attention to anything more in his entire life.
“Oh yes Sir. I’ll know exactly what to do next time.” his anger at not having his shot today had vanished.
“What do you mean next time? It looks to me like this little slut still hasn’t learned her lesson, look at her pussy. The brazen little whore is still dripping her juices all over the place. She hasn’t learned enough yet. I think maybe you should reinforce the lesson right now.”

Tracy saw how worn out Nikki was and tried to interfere on her behalf, “Oh no Mr Steele she’s a good girl and she’s learned her lesson.”
Nikki was of two minds. She was tired and wanted to go shower and rest, but the thought of George punishing her was getting her excited again.
“Young lady shut your mouth.” Mr Steele barked at Tracy. He walked over to her and grabbed her flimsy skirt. He lifted the front of it and said “Rocco, Dean did you inspect his girl thoroughly while I was helping George?”
“OH yes we did Sir,” said Rocco. “She was punished by both of us”.
“Well it seems this girl hasn’t learned her lesson yet either… “ still holding her skirt up he pointed to her pussy. “Does that pussy look wet to you boys?”
Both Rocco and Dean looked and saw Tracy was wet again. They smiled at each other and then at Mr Steele.
“Young lady you have a lot of nerve trying to defend this other slut and saying she’s a good girl when you are such a little tramp yourself that you wouldn’t know a good girl if she came up here and submitted to an inspection right now voluntarily. Boys you know what to do”.

With that Rocco and Dean took Tracy aside and MR Steele walked back over to Nikki and George.
George already had his pants around his ankles and was easing his cock inside of Nikki’s puffy swollen pussy. From the other direction Mr Steele heard Tracy yelp and turned just in time to see Rocco tearing her skirt from her body and throwing the shredded garment on the ground.
Almost as soon as she felt George’s cock brush against her Nikki started moaning again. George couldn’t believe it, he hadn’t even gotten his cock inside her yet and she was moaning. Even after she had cum 4 times she still wanted more and George was going to give it to her. Not being gentle like Mr Steele had been, George rammed his cock all the way inside her roughly making her coo and moan louder. Nikki felt George enter her fully and was interested to notice the differences between his cock and Mr Steele’s. George’s cock was definitely bigger, both longer and thicker, but Mr Steele’s cock was veiny and full of ridges that delighted her. She was amazed that George’s cock was stretching her wider than she already was from Mr Steele.
George, while not as skilled or experienced as Mr Steele, had youth and enthusiasm on his side. He jack-hammered into the poor girl like an animal. He had watched closely and was able to make his balls, which were also bigger and fuller than Mr Steele’s, smack against Nikki’s clit every time he thrust. Because he was going so fast this meant that Nikki’s clit was constantly being smacked and she exploded all over George’s cock. He kept on going and forced her into a second orgasm immediately. George was pretty pleased with himself giving Nikki back to back orgasms, but he wanted to beat Mr Steele’s 4.
Mr Steele could figure out what George was up to and although he admired the young man’s attitude he couldn’t let himself be outdone. “George…” Mr Steele interrupted.
“Yes….. pant pant….. Sir?” George said catching his breath and stopping his thrusts.
“Don’t forget this is a punishment, you must chastise this girl for her behavior.”
“Of course.” George said.
He began thrusting again and calling Nikki names like slut and whore and telling how bad a girl she was for forcing him to punish her. Mr Steele looked over to Tracy who had just finished taking Dean’s load all over her pretty face. MR Steele walked over and asked how things were going. Apparently Tracy had taken Rocco first and then Dean. He excused the 2 boys and thanked them for their service on behalf of the university.
“But you, young lady, I have something else in mind for you. You are not excused yet. Come with me.”
Mr Steele brought Tracy over to where Nikki was still being treated to the fucking of her young life by George. Mr Steele whispered in her ear and then stood back to watch.

George could feel that Nikki was on the verge of her third orgasm with him when he got distracted.
Tracy had walked over to George and knelt down behind him. She ran her hands over his butt cheeks and was fascinated to see how they flexed with every thrust. Her touch had surprised George who stopped in mid thrust. When Tracy saw that George had stopped she also noticed that his butt cheeks had relaxed. She looked over her shoulder at Mr Steele and he nodded to her. With George’s butt cheeks relaxed she took the opportunity to part them and she leaned in and ran her tongue over his asshole. George was completely taken by surprise and felt a surge run to through his entire body all the way to the tip of his cock which was still buried inside Nikki. Nikki was wondering why the thrusting had stopped and pushed her ass back onto George’s cock. George was receiving more pleasure from both ends then he had ever believed possible. He started thrusting into Nikki again while Tracy kept rimming his ass. It didn’t take long before he lost his control and came deep in Nikki’s pussy.

Mr Steele grinned knowing that his position was still intact. Of course he had played dirty. But he had seen something in the boy and so as George was coming down from his high and pulling up his trousers he dismissed the girls and told them he would be keeping an eye on both of them. Tracy left quickly, but Nikki took her time getting dressed and looking at both men as she slowly walked away.
Mr Steele complimented George on the punishment he had doled out to Nikki and suggested that he join him in his office later that week for a meeting. George accepted and Mr Steele dismissed him. As Mr Steele walked across campus he could hear Nikki’s voice echoing in his mind…
“Ohhhhhhhh Mr Steele…. Mr Steele…. Mr Steele….”!

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  1. Bill

    I think the girls would quickly learn their lesson better and quicker if they were to be punished multiple times just to make sure. I mean isn’t she asking for it if she’s moaning like that. I’m surprised that Dean and Rocco didn’t punish her, I mean cumming that many times, its indecent. She should be punished until she stops being so indecent.


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