Tammy’s First Day of CP Class

(Tammy is a quiet girl, very pretty, with straight light brown hair, blue eyes, pretty smile, small breasts, flat belly, extra cute butt, and thin legs. She has no close friends at the school, but she gets along with everyone. She dresses casually but neatly, in a top and bottom. For her top, she wears a t-shirt, halter or crop top, or “jeans top”, usually without any bra, and for her bottom, she wears shorts or a short skirt, or sometimes just panties. Since she turned 16, her mom has always signed the permission slip allowing teachers to force Tammy to strip in school. Although Tammy has always been a good girl, and never had to strip very far, she has consoled several of her classmates who were distraught over having to strip naked or nearly naked. Tammy blushes when she admits that her panties get a little wet with a sobbing girl in her lap as she strokes her hair and tells her things will be okay.┬áNow that Tammy is almost 18, her mom is worried that Tammy is too shy around her classmates, so she encouraged Tammy to take Donna’s CP class.)

Schedule in hand, Tammy found her new homeroom. “Room 113,” she muttered to herself as she closed her locker. CP is a special class. Her homeroom and first through fourth periods are all one class. It’s very intensive. Maybe I should take off my panties, she thought. What will my CP teacher think if I wear panties on my first day? Her heart was beating fast. Maybe later, she thought, checking the hem of her miniskirt. It was so short, she knew she would feel uneasy without her panties, so she kept walking. “Room 113, room 113, here it is..”

Boys! Why did I think there would be no boys in a CP class? Will they have to get naked, too? Or just the girls. She sat down, wondering if she was the only girl wearing panties. The other girls were so pretty! Maybe she didn’t belong. She shifted in her seat, and almost got up. I can get my schedule changed, she thought. My mom would understand. But then Donna came into the room, looking absolutely stunning in a baggy white top.

Tammy settled into her seat, and stared at Donna, awe-struck. She looked like an angel! The fabric was loose and thin, almost sheer. The sleeves were longer than the dress, and they were baggy, too. The dress had no form, no waist, no elastic under her breasts; it just hung there. Then, when Donna lifted her arms, the dress lifted, too, because the arms were attached to the dress, making her look even more like an angel.

The dress was baggy, but short. With each gesture, it lifted slightly. Tammy caught herself hoping to catch a glimpse of Donna’s pussy. Would she have a landing strip? Or is she clean shaven? When Donna turned around, she saw it only half covered her pretty butt, but still, nothing showed, because Donna kept her legs together, and bent only at the knees, like a good girl. *sigh*

Oh, shit, Donna’s telling us stuff we need to know! Something about coming to school tomorrow wearing a t-shirt. Pay attention, Tammy!

“Carla, can you come up to the front of the room please?” Carla was a short girl, with dark features — black hair, brown eyes, and a pretty tan. “Now, Carla, in a few minutes, I’ll be asking you to take off your blue jeans, is that okay?”

Carla gulped, and managed a nod, but no words came out.

“Look at me, Carla.” Donna put a finger under Carla’s chin. “I promise it will be okay, honey,” she said.

Carla nodded again, and looked at the floor.

“I picked you because your t-shirt is a perfect length. Did you know you could wear it as a dress?” Without waiting for Carla to respond, she made eye contact with some of the boys. “I bet you didn’t know that a girl’s t-shirt is almost always long enough to completely cover her front. Look at the crotch of Carla’s jeans. Do you see it?” she answered her own question: “No, it’s the perfect length. Turn around, Carla. There, class, do you see the seam of her jeans?”

“Yes,” said one of the boys. Some other boys chortled.

Donna laughed, too. “Seriously, boys, how much of it do you see? Not much, right? So when Carla takes off her jeans, well, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. For all we know, Carla might be wearing panties…”

“Are you ready, Carla?”

She nodded again. Tammy felt bad for her, and also a little wet in the panties. I shouldn’t have worn panties, she thought. Maybe I can slip out of them right here in the classroom. Everyone’s staring at poor Carla. Now’s the perfect time. She lifted her skirt, and slipped her fingers into the waistband of her panties. Mmmm, feels so good. She lowered her panties a little, then suddenly felt self-conscious when Donna spoke.

“Would you like to turn around? If you’re not wearing panties, you might feel a little more comfortable–“,

“No, it’s okay,” said Carla, finally finding her voice. She unbuckled her belt, and unbuttoned her waistband. It took her a lifetime to fumble with the zipper, but finally got her jeans unzipped. She arranged her t-shirt as neatly as she could, and then pulled her pants down. Then she almost fell over as she took off her shoes. Note to self: when removing pants in public, take off shoes first! These were the kind of jeans that had zippers on each leg, so she unzipped them, and wrestled them off, all while bending forward. Tammy craned her neck to see if Carla was wearing any underwear, but she straightened her t-shirt before standing up, so it was still a big mystery.

“Are you ready to turn around, Carla?”

She nodded, and turned around. No panties!

Just then, Tammy had a little gusher in her panties, and raised her hand. “Donna,” she said, “I just made a bit of a mess in my panties, I’m so sorry.”

“Me too,” said one of the boys.

Some people laughed, but Donna shushed them. “Listen, kids,” she said, “This is natural. If you’re wearing panties and they get wet, just take them off, it’s okay. And boys, you should wear loose, absorbent clothing, just in case. Sweat pants are good.”

Tammy felt a lot better after she got rid of her wet panties, but Carla was shaking. She didn’t look good. Tammy got out of her seat and rushed up to the front of the room just as Carla collapsed. She was such a cute little thing, Tammy was able to carry her back to her seat, but she didn’t let go. Poor Carla held onto Tammy for dear life, and whispered in her ear. Tammy sat in Carla’s seat, and let Carla sit on her lap. It was so adorable to see the two girls curled up together, neither one wearing panties. Carla sat with her legs splayed, and her t-shirt around her midriff. Tammy gently stroked Carla’s inner thigh as she sobbed quietly. “Shh,” Tammy said, “it’s okay, Carla.” The girls both got quite wet as Tammy continued stroking the extra-sexy tan girl.

Suddenly, Carla arched her back, and spread her legs extra wide, pressing her cheek into Tammy’s neck as she continued gently stroking Carla’s inner lips, right down to her vagina, which was now wide open. As she continued stroking the rim of her vagina, it started contracting rhythmically. Carla kissed Tammy and cuddled with her as she came. “I’m so sorry,” she said.

“Don’t be sorry, Carla,” said Donna. “It’s natural for some girls to get excited when they have to strip in front of other people. Can I have a show of hands, how many of you got a little excited when you saw Carla cum?”

A few kids tentatively raised their hands. Then Donna raised her own hands. Both of them. And since her sleeves were attached to her dress, well, that went up, too. And we all looked at Donna’s pussy. It was red, and wet. Tammy thought, wow, that’s so sweet of Donna not only to admit she got a little excited, but to show us as well. Some of the boys laughed, to which Tammy said, “have a little respect!” The boys shut up, and then Donna and Tammy both laughed, along with some of the boys. Carla kissed Tammy on the lips, which caught Tammy a little off guard. But she quickly regained her composure, and kissed Carla back, and it was a long and really good kiss.

Now Tammy was glad she wasn’t wearing underwear.

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