Tammy gets measured

(This is the story of a quiet girl named Tammy, whose mom thought it would be a good idea for her to take Donna’s CP class. Tammy is very pretty, with straight light brown hair, blue eyes, a pretty smile, small breasts, flat belly, extra cute butt, and thin legs. Tammy’s high school has a dress code, which requires girls to wear a top and a bottom. This is even true for girls wearing dresses, which is sort of strange. At other high schools, girls can wear dresses without any underwear, but at Tammy’s high school, top and bottom are required, even with dresses, so girls generally wear panties or a thong as their bottom. Even without requiring underwear, most likely most girls would still wear at least panties. That’s because, like many other high schools, teachers are allowed to punish girls by making them strip down to their underwear. When she was a freshman, Tammy wore a bra and panties every day, just in case. But she was such a good girl, she was hardly ever stripped, so as time went on, she wore a bra less often. Then, one day, near the end of her freshman year, she decided to wear a crop top and micro-mini skirt without any underwear at all. It felt good to go commando on such a hot day. That is, until she giggled with one of her girlfriends in science class one too many times. The teacher made her stand up, and the class got quiet. He told her to strip down to her underwear, so she took off her top right away, and the teacher felt bad for her. I’m sorry, honey, he said. I didn’t know you weren’t wearing a bra. It’s okay, Tammy said, I’m used to being topless in the summer. This was a lie. She was shitting bricks, knowing she was about to take off her skirt, and be completely naked. But the teacher had no idea she wasn’t wearing panties. He was still so sorry he made her topless, he let her keep her skirt on. So no one found out that day that she was one of the “bad” girls who wasn’t wearing panties.)

Now, here she was in Donna’s CP class. Day two. Already, she had a kind of “homework” assignment. All the girls had the same homework. Come in to school wearing a top that comes “halfway down your butt” but no more. The objective of the homework is to show that a girl can be decent with only half her butt covered.

The day before, one of the students, named Carla, just happened to be wearing a perfect top, that covered her butt halfway. Magically, it covered her front completely. Barely, I’ll admit, but completely. The class couldn’t tell if she was wearing panties. It turns out she wasn’t, but the point is that she looked decent from the front. And from the back, too, she looked extra cute, but, well, decent.

“A girl can show a little cheek, and still be decent,” Donna told the class. And she should know. She was wearing a completely backless mini-dress that showed *all* of Donna’s cheeks, and she looked very cute in it. (She caught one of the boys looking at her butt, and asked him what he thought would happen if she happened to walk by his desk, and he reached out and touched her butt. The boy speculated that maybe she would slap his hand. One of the other boys thought maybe he would be sent to the vice principal’s office. But Donna said nope. Nothing would happen. In this class, if a girl has bare legs, you can touch them. Girls can touch them; boys can touch them. Just no reaching *under* a girl’s clothing, okay? That’s off limits. Then, a few minutes later, Donna walked up and down the aisles, stopping directly opposite that boy’s desk. She faced away from him, and bent forward to admire the loose-fitting top of the girl sitting opposite him, gently patting her soft breast. The boy looked directly at Donna’s butt, noticing that her legs were slightly apart, and so were her cheeks, allowing him to see her adorable puckered little anus. But he kept his hands to himself that day. Donna sighed.)

So now all the girls are supposed to be wearing tops that cover their butts halfway. The plan is to call the girls up to the front of the room, one at a time, and give them an opportunity to take off all their clothes except their top, which is supposed to half-cover their pretty little butt. Then — and here’s the scary part — if the boys think she’s too covered up, she has to take off her top. Then, if the girl is too shy to stay naked in CP class, she can put on one of her bottoms, but if she does that, then that’s all she’ll be allowed to wear for the rest of the day. For some girls, it’s a good bargain; being topless isn’t so bad, and if it lets her cover up her pussy, it’s a deal worth taking.

But really, it’s better not to get into that predicament in the first place, which is why Tammy spent a good hour in front of the full-length mirror in her hallway trying on t-shirts. With her mom, dad, and little brother looking on in amusement, wearing only a pair of bikini panties, she tried on one t-shirt after another. Wearing each one in turn, she checked to make sure her front was covered — no visible panties. And then she checked to make sure her butt was only half-covered — panties mostly visible from the back. Then, when she had it narrowed down to just a handful of shirts, she took a deep breath, and removed her panties. “Don’t look,” she said as she tried on one of her shirts. It covered her front just fine, but she was worried about her back. Not enough butt showing. So she tried another. It was better, but… Then the third. It *almost* covered her front, but left a tiny little bit of her pussy showing. That wasn’t ideal, but she would try to casually hold her hands in front of her, or remain seated with her hands in her lap. She turned around to check the back. Perfect. It covered her tailbone, but that’s about it. She really looked extra cute in this shirt, her mom told her. Even her little brother agreed she looked nice in it.

The next morning, Tammy put on the shirt to show her mom one last time. “Are you sure it’s okay, mom?”

“Well, honey, it’s really cute.”


“But maybe you should wear, oh, I don’t know, a pair of panties or something with it?”

Tammy laughed, “Of course, mom, what did you think I would wear just this short t-shirt to school without anything under it?”

Mom was visibly relieved. “I just… well,”

“It’s okay, mom, I’ll wear some underwear.”

When she got to school, she saw that most of the girls wore underwear, too. What a relief, she thought.

One by one, the girls were called to the front of the room, where they faced away from the class, and pulled down their underwear to the cheers of the boys, who were loving the show. Tammy felt bad for the girls whose tops were too long, and they had to take them off. Still facing away from the boys, they huddled together, completely naked. Tammy was the last girl to be called. By this time, about half the girls were stark naked, and the other half were wearing just their tops. I have no idea what Jennifer was thinking; her top barely came down to her waist. The other girls’ butts were anywhere from a quarter to a third covered, looking really adorable.

Tammy strode to the front of the room, and stood next to Jennifer. She quickly took off her panties, and stood up straight.

“That’s terrific,” said Donna, walking in front of the girls. “All you girls look very cute.” As she spoke, she nodded at the naked girls, and lifted the front of some of the girls’ t-shirts — why? –just to admire her pussy? It was all very funny. “Spread out a little, girls, and keep your hands at your sides.”

“Now, boys,” said Donna, “I want you to come up here, and look at all the girls, and then, as a group, I want you to pick out the girl you think looks the cutest. You can pick one of the naked girls, if you like, or one of the girls wearing an adorable little t-shirt. When you’re deciding, you can touch the girls if you like, but no feeling under their clothing. The naked ones, you can feel anywhere you like, but the ones wearing t-shirts, just feel their legs, right up to the top, if you like. You can feel the lower part of their cheeks, and even between them, if you like, but you may not feel their bellies or breasts.”

A few of the more adventurous boys left their seats, and ambled up to the front of the room, and began fondling the girls. It was a surreal experience, not being allowed to swat their probing hands away. Some of the girls came right away, while others tried to hold out a little longer. The naked girls had the hardest time, because they were most attractive to the boys, who gathered around them two or three deep, feeling their breasts and buttocks, even gently probing a girls anus while she tried to stand still, her hands by her side. Finally, when one of the cuter boys was touching her, Tammy came, and surprised the boy by wrapping her hands around him, and kissing him!

When the boys were done, there wasn’t a dry pussy in the room, not even Donna’s. Everyone expected the boys to pick Jennifer as the cutest, because, well, she was adorable in her tiny little t-shirt that didn’t even cover her belly button! Her pussy was completely shaved, and so pretty. But shockingly, the boys picked Tammy. One of the boys said her top was exactly the perfect length — long enough to be decent, and short enough to be sexy. Really, really sexy, said one boy.

“Great!” said Donna. “So Tammy,you are the winner, and so I have some good news and some bad news.”

“Oh, no, what,” said Tammy.

Donna laughed. “No, it’s all good fun. Even the bad news isn’t that bad. Remember when I hinted that you would be allowed to put your clothes back on. Well, I lied. If you’re naked now, you’ll stay naked for the rest of the day, and if you’re bottomless — Jennifer — then you’ll have to go to your afternoon classes, well, bottomless, I’m afraid.”

All the girls groaned. And the boys were too stunned to cheer.

“But you haven’t heard the good news yet. As the winner, Tammy will be allowed to choose, let’s see, six girls, and let them put on a pair of panties. Tammy can pick herself, if she likes, and five other girls. Or she can pick out six of the seven naked girls, and let them put on panties.”

“Oh, please pick me,” said the naked girls, begging Tammy mercilessly. During all the commotion, Donna whispered something in Tammy’s ear, and Tammy nodded.

“Girls, girls,” said Tammy. “I don’t think it’s fair that some of us are allowed to keep our t-shirts on, just because they were a little shorter than some other ones. So I urge all of you to join with me in voluntarily stripping, in solidarity with our naked sisters. Then, after we’re all naked, then I’ll pick the six girls who each get to put on their panties.”

Tammy took off her top first, and the boys could see her cuteness didn’t wane. In fact, naked she looked even cuter, her adorable little breasts defying gravity, and her nipples hard with excitement as she spoke. One by one, the other girls reluctantly took off their tops.

Then Tammy turned to Donna. “You too, Donna. It wouldn’t be fair if you were the only girl in the classroom still wearing clothes, would it?”

Donna laughed, but Tammy was serious. “Okay, fine,” she said, as she unfastened the two straps holding up her backless dress. Donna was experienced at being naked in public, so she didn’t try to cover her breasts or pussy. The boys could see for the first time how truly beautiful Donna’s pussy was — completely hairless and smooth, with gently curving lips. The stripping had excited Donna, too, so her inner lips were visible, all moist and pink. The boy who had been too shy to touch her earlier in the day now felt emboldened. He put his arms around her thigh and hugged her, and then, having pinned her in place, started licking her vulva. Donna spread her legs to give the boy access, allowing him to tilt his head back, and get his tongue up into her vagina while he spread her cheeks with both hands, and kneaded them forcefully.

The classroom fell silent as Donna screamed. It took everyone a few seconds to realize she was cumming. When she was done, the boys started clapping, and then the girls. The whole classroom erupted into joyous applause and cheering.

When Donna came to her senses, she said the whole class won the contest, and all the girls except Tammy would be allowed to put their panties back on. But no tops. And Tammy stays naked the rest of the day. She did that for you. It was a private deal between me and Tammy.

“What about you, Donna”

“I’ll remain naked, too. It’s the least I can do for you girls. You all stripped in solidarity, and I’m so proud of you, I love you all!”


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