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Story ideas from the readers…

Since several readers seem to think they are not writers, here’s your chance to turn your idea for a story into a story.

Add a comment below. Describe the situation you have in mind. Keep to within the existing universe (previous storylines). What do you want to read? Give us your ideas, and perhaps one of the authors here will flesh it out, and perhaps even find some images to bring more to the theme. Authors get ideas from everywhere in life, so might as well post right here, too.

Generally, I have three dozen ideas floating through my head at one time. It is only when one of those ideas totally dominates the others that it gets written. When the story is so strong I must release it into words, that is what you read from me. I do not share my ideas. They often take on a totally different role once the characters speak to me and guide me through their experiences. I also might write several different versions of the same theme until the last writing gives me peace. Then I post.

So, while your comment may not be turned into a story right away, it is likely to cause some gears to turn and evolve into a different story. Who knows, as you start to type out your idea, it may very well turn into your story.

If you wish to keep it anonymous, do so. If you wish not to post your idea on-line, email me at base212assm@gmail.com?subject=CCC-idears
I’ll figure out a way to share it with the other authors.

So, post your ideas in the comments, and let’s see if anything happens.

Do not tell us you want more stories with his balls slapping her fat ass.
Let’s leave the “Steel hard 8 inch cocks ramming in and out of her tender young virgin pussy” for other sites.
Do not tell us that the girls must be made to wear facials each morning.
Golden showers or scat ideas are not ideas at all.
Do not tell us that it is an all day and night orgy. It is a college of higher education.
A respectable one at that. Students are there to learn. They do graduate with degrees.
We can stretch the suspension of disbelief a bit further, but not too far.
Aliens with four foot green penises all over their bodies able to bring ten girls to simultaneous climaxes is an idea too far.

The girls are not sex slaves.
Be original. Have a twist.

Most of all, do not be disappointed if your idea goes without anyone writing the story. We have our own ideas, too.